Hi Guys
Long time no chat. Hope everyone is well ! My last CRP blood level reading came up at 30.7, where over 4.5 is out of range. Major long standing flare up.I am about to swallow my first 6 pills,intending on giving it about 1 month to do its thing. If no improvement, I'm going to start a few courses of doxycycline,as I do notice an improvement with pain. I am non HLB27 spondylitic,with symptome that most closely mimic and probably indeed indicate longstanding AS through infection. Can't get back to work,until this inflammation decreases to the point that I can actually concentrate without grimacing. Any success stories with this combination and is 1 month a fair trial ? Love and Peace Brian ( I'm thinking that this forum will get the fastest and most comprehensive answers that I need.THX
Yours in the Battle
Brian in Vanc

Remicade IV- /6 weeks
Arthrotec- 50/200mcg
Oxycodone- 40-60 mgs/day
Tegretol- 400mgs 2x/day
Amitriptyline- 150mgs@bed
Lipitor- 10mgs/day
HRT Therapy