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#517841 - 11/25/17 12:37 PM Numbness
AnitaC Offline

Registered: 09/30/17
Posts: 25
Loc: Oregon
I have terrible cell/internet service so looking up archived info seems to always fail. I have a general question about numbness.....I’m currently waiting to see a spinal doctor due to ruptured disk. Lots of pain etc. however, the numbness seems to be spreading up my thighs now and I’m not getting any response from doctors. I know the holiday interrupts appointments but I don’t know what to do? I’ve been told to stop physical therapy, get right in but now nothing. It’s been almost two weeks since the referral.
Thank you in advance.

#517842 - 11/25/17 10:12 PM Re: Numbness [Re: AnitaC]
ValsMum Offline

Registered: 07/05/10
Posts: 1183
When did it start ?Did your dr tell you it is a symptom of the ruptured disk?
Did you injury yourself or start a new medication, or get a vaccine?
Have you talked to your doctor about MS or Guillian Barre ?I will say a prayer it goes away. Take care .
Diet change has improved my RA. I feel best eating raw veggies and some fruits and avoiding grains, sugars, nightshades, beans and dairy. Sed rate dropped from 65 to 19, but it took over a year.

#517844 - 11/26/17 06:56 AM Re: Numbness [Re: AnitaC]

I have suffered from numbness the whole length of my right leg and buttock for many years. Eventually they found that this was due to a damaged nerve that travels down the leg from the spinal cord. It seems that surgery by a neurosurgeon is the only complete answer. Assuming you can find a surgeon who is willing to do the surgery as it can be risky. Best of luck with it and let us know if you find a surgeon who is willing to do the work so I can tbe next in the cue.

#517850 - 11/26/17 11:13 PM Re: Numbness [Re: AnitaC]
AnitaC Offline

Registered: 09/30/17
Posts: 25
Loc: Oregon
Thank you ValsMum and Frederick, I appreciate the response. I’ve had a long journey with fibromyalgia, possible RA, Rosacea, Excema(?) to be given spondylopathy(?). Then in August I fell on my hip pretty hard. It was a few days at most that it bothered me, then it was over. Or so I thought. So a few weeks ago I got authorization for an MRI and had that done and was told “ruptured disk”. I got a referral right away but the spinal doctor is not making appointments yet. Idk. Anyway, as it gets worse, I get a little afraid of nerve damage etc.

#517851 - 11/27/17 07:41 PM Re: Numbness [Re: AnitaC]
AnitaC Offline

Registered: 09/30/17
Posts: 25
Loc: Oregon
I just found out the spinal surgeon I’ve been waiting to get an appointment with doesn’t take my insurance. No one bothered to tell me.....Grrrr.


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