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#517424 - 07/17/17 04:15 AM No sugar , No starch, say what?
Amiron Offline

Registered: 06/25/17
Posts: 2
Loc: Finland
I’d like to apologize for not writing in fluent English but thank you for keep reading my AS journey and appreciate your input.
I was diagnosed with AS in 2006 and in 2009 I was treated with heavy doses Salazuprin, Texan, omeprazole, prednisone. Arcoxia
They helped a lot initially until side effects became unbearable.
I’ve been experimenting with LSD/NSD but always found difficult to follow.
About 4 months ago I decided to manage my situation with diet. After finding out about amylose, amylopectin, and apple cider vinegar. I started a diet vegetarian-paleo-LSD with diluted apple cider vinegar before/after heavy meals.

Noticing that eating a lot of Thai sweet rice(glutinous rice)
causes slow transition sometimes up to 4 days to have BM.
yet I kept up with this new diet. After one month I have a burning pain in my tummy which only now I know they were lesions forming in my intestines. causing severe IBS/Crohn’s disease only after a few weeks. (IBS type A)
Shortly after developing IBS I started to get bloodshot eyes upon waking up switching from one eye to another. sigh* iritis

Just like that’s not enough I feel my heart pounding out of my chest after eating fatty foods like coconut meat, sesame seeds, avocado. I guess my pancreas is somehow involved.

Tired of everything I decide to start apple fasting which improved an overall health lot Although on the second day of fasting I had three apples (no starch, tested) then boom iritis flare(same effect noticed morning after a night out drinking beers) now I certain sugar is causing it.

Right now I am on 4th day of Apple fast for first 2 days following with 2 days only water.

*** my question is how do sugars from fruits leak from gut causing iritis?
Starch = bone pain (hip, neck, spine)
Difficulty digesting Fat (coconut meat)
No dairy (casein+lactose=IBS)
Sugar (in fruits or refined)= bloodshot eyes next morning, itchy eye balls.
No red meat or Poultry (moral reasons)
No vinegar(worsening IBS)
I am about to break my fast in one day and really frustrated what to eat before i can start healing my gut with probiotics

#517428 - 07/17/17 10:22 AM Re: No sugar , No starch, say what? [Re: Amiron]
DragonSlayer Offline
AS Czar

Registered: 09/05/01
Posts: 5986
Loc: Reno or SFLU Philippines
WELCOME, Amiron:

Regret Your experiences with iritis especially and tough introduction to diet.

I don't understand sugars related to iritis except indirectly: Sugars feed C. albicans that causes increased gut permeability; candidiasis.

I do understand gut lesions caused by NSAIDs and the increase in iritis activity as a direct result.

My last iritis episode was about 16 years ago; diet and antibiotics eliminated this particularly nasty aspect of AS and fear of iritis kept me on the straight-and-narrow NSD path.

Your list did not include "nightshades," eggs, tofu, etc; EVERYTHING we eat has some negative issue. But I ask: Is it "moral" for us to suffer? I was a vegetarian for 22 years (two of those vegan) and it was difficult for me to begin eating meats again, but my vegetarian diet was the worst-case for AS and, along with NSAIDs, greatly accelerated my permanent skeletal damage.

I relied upon eggs a lot. Tofu is good, also. Salmon is the best and it has anti-inflammatory properties.

Probiotics alone will not heal the gut; this requires a lot of supplements like vitC, niacin and niacinamide, vitE, vitD, lysine, and glutamine. And especially in Your situation, I would begin taking the EVOliveOil immediately and along with borage seed oil.

We sometimes have trouble digesting fats, so taking betaine HCl with enzymes will help with this.

Dairy, in general, is not that good for us, but a tiny amount of "live active cultures" yoghurt (2oz/day) can provide a lot of gut healing if it is like Stonyfield Farms or Brown Cow brands (no inulin no modified food starch, etc).

There is a section on iritis in my dropbox link "Important AS Resources;" see what You think.

Important AS Resources

Professor Ebringer: On Diet and AS;

RED ARROW --> Philippines

#517429 - 07/17/17 02:58 PM Re: No sugar , No starch, say what? [Re: Amiron]
Amiron Offline

Registered: 06/25/17
Posts: 2
Loc: Finland
Hi John,
I was secretly hoping that you will answer my questions. I 've been reading a lot of your replies and it helped me a lot thank you for taking the time and answering.
You are right I noticed I 'll get a rash on my R wrist after touching tomato plant and sometimes tomato. I 'll stay away from nightshades for now.
I am sorry to hear about your skeleton damage. One thing I 've learned about my disease is that as much as it's sucks it has been teaching big life lessons through a path of suffering.
I can make my own raw milk kefir and have a few table spoon every day and see how it goes.
I think I 'll have mostly:
Tofu, eggs, leafy greens (spinach), berries, mushroom, soaked almonds, tahini, sprouts chia, flax seeds and Mung beans, turmeric, ginger
I ll try to get my hands on the supplements and add them as soon as i can.

Do you think after how long of being this strict diet I can start introducing a little bit of brown rice, fruit sugar? or sort of how long does it take that intestines lesions IBS heal?

#517430 - 07/17/17 03:47 PM Re: No sugar , No starch, say what? [Re: Amiron]
Rayd Offline

Registered: 03/13/16
Posts: 39
Loc: Germany or Austria
Hi Amiron,

Your symptoms sound very familiar to me. I fought with iritis, enthesitis and terrible back pain from decembre 2015 to the end 2016 and it is slowly going better with ups and downs.

Anyway, I had the nose full of trying to much out and got from strict to very strict. I made a big step forward with eating just some vegetables (a lot of broccoli, pak choi, zucchini, little kohlrabi, spinach, salad), fish (especially salmon and trout) and some chicken. Salt and Olive oil, coconut oil for cooking. Coffee and water. From time to time I eat some coconut milk.
I do this just for a week and it is much better now.
But I have to mention, that I added some weeks before some supplements: zink, glutamin, iron, magnesium, borretschoil and fish oil.

So, I don't know, if the improvement comes from diet or the supplements or all together. I try to stand the diet like this for one or two more weeks and then I will see.

I treated candida but I think I have still problems with carbohydrates at all. I am not sure and I will try some fruits if my condition feels stabilized.

Actually this diet is a combination of the low starch diet and a nutrition which is recommended for AS-patients to keep the arachidonic acid level low. I am not really convinced by that because it doesn't treat the root of the problem.

Besides: sorry for my lousy english :-)

All the best!

#517431 - 07/17/17 11:16 PM Re: No sugar , No starch, say what? [Re: Rayd]
jay_bharat Offline

Registered: 12/08/08
Posts: 637
Loc: INDIA, Tamil Nadu
Hi rayd,

I treated candida but I think I have still problems with carbohydrates at all.

Can you explain how did you treat candida.



#517433 - 07/18/17 11:56 AM Re: No sugar , No starch, say what? [Re: jay_bharat]
Rayd Offline

Registered: 03/13/16
Posts: 39
Loc: Germany or Austria
Hi Jay,

first i tried it with oregano oil and coconut oil for a while – without improvement. So I took nystatin for two weeks. It is a common med against candida. It helps against candida in your mouth and in your guts. But I think it hadn't any effect either. So I am not sure, that candida was/is my problem.
Sorry, probably this wasn't very helpful.


#517436 - 07/20/17 12:34 AM Re: No sugar , No starch, say what? [Re: Rayd]
jay_bharat Offline

Registered: 12/08/08
Posts: 637
Loc: INDIA, Tamil Nadu
Hi Rayd,

Thanks for sharing.



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