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#517119 - 05/15/17 09:26 PM Re: AS Targeting New Areas (limbs)- Humira Not Helping [Re: jackson]
Kahuna Offline

Registered: 11/25/16
Posts: 23
Loc: Alberta

I started Humira a month ago and it is life changing. I feel like I did 10 years ago. As soon as my pain and inflamation went away I got back to doing yoga daily and have regained most of my mobility back. I has troubles turning my neck, bending reaching pretty much everythi g was getting harder and I was always in pain. I looked at where I was headed and it was a no brainer for me. I saw the choice of slowly being cripple in pain and a chance and being able to play with my son the way we used to.

I have not noticed any real side effects but holy tolido amigo, within a day I started feeling the pain and inflamation go. I am bounci g on the trampoline with my kid, running, doing yoga and feel greatful for this. I realize it may not last for ever but I am going to enjoy this as long as it does. I still maintain a fairly strict low starch diet and do yoga religiously as I plan to keep this mobility as long as I can.

#517175 - 05/28/17 08:46 AM Re: AS Targeting New Areas (limbs)- Humira Not Helping [Re: jackson]
mig Offline

Registered: 04/27/02
Posts: 12450
Loc: ON, Canada
Hi Jackson,

I do have tinnitus, however mine started before I started on Remicade. I have not heard of it being listed as a possible side effect of Remicade or Humira, but I suppose it is possible.

I was on Sulfasalazine for 15+ yrs which is said to have tinnitus as a side effects, so possibly that's the cause in my case, or perhaps it is simply age-related. crazy2 My Mom suffered from tinnitus too that was quite bad.

I'm not sure what to suggest but I would mention this to your Rheumatologist.

#517176 - 05/28/17 08:47 AM Re: AS Targeting New Areas (limbs)- Humira Not Helping [Re: Frederick]
mig Offline

Registered: 04/27/02
Posts: 12450
Loc: ON, Canada
Thanks Frederick! smile

Gosh, 55 yrs with AS is a long journey - so glad to hear that you've found some relief on Enbrel!

#517177 - 05/28/17 08:51 AM Re: AS Targeting New Areas (limbs)- Humira Not Helping [Re: Kahuna]
mig Offline

Registered: 04/27/02
Posts: 12450
Loc: ON, Canada
Hi Kahuna,

It sounds like you are experiencing fantastic results on Humira - long may it continue!!

It was life-changing for me too, when I started Remicade and similarly, my pain rapidly started vanishing on day 4. I remember how shocking it seemed to not be in pain after all those years. It still amazes me!

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