Hi there,

I have some questions about this topic because it is wandering like ghost through this forum.

Are we with AS more affected by the yeast candida albicans or not? I read on this site:
"Patients suffering from AS, during active phases of the disease, as defined by elevations in acute phase reactants, have specific antibodies to Klebsiella pneumoniae, but not to other bacteria, such as:
or the yeast Candida albicans."

But in some threads it is discussed as a trigger. So I understood. But how can it be a trigger, in what way? Maybe somebody knows more!?

The background i, that I am dealing with a flare since the end of 2015 with irits, enthesitis and backpain at the beginning. Now it is much better but I am avoiding carbs as good as it gets and I treat myself with Nystatin for candida because I suspect that I have issues with it because I react to carbs (I think). I read, that iritis could be connected to candida but I didn't find something about candida and AS.

So, I would like to read about your experiences and your knowledge with candida.

Thank you very much!