Education - Education - Education -

First we educate the patient - Oops - Hmmmm. Good idea, to educate the educators, training the trainers - What a good idea -
Extended report (full article)
EULAR recommendations for patient education for people with inflammatory arthritis

Ah yes, here we go - educate the rheumatologits - speciality training programmes - synchronisation... -
Concise report (abstract only - full = pay to view)
Differences and similarities in rheumatology specialty training programmes across European countries

OK. Grass root - start at the beginning - scratch head - yet to find anyone over here who even *begins to fill out the demands of this medical educational `programme`, personally know two in the UK and know that there are more, plus a few in Canada and in America who would fill out the demands of this medical training programme, otherwise, apart from the few, we get high levels of self-aggrandisement, especially at the `higher` levels...very poor show, lack of good groundwork training -
Training Requirements for the Specialty of
Rheumatology (EU training requirement)
European Standards of Postgraduate Medical Specialist Training


Good if they could get their act together - educate themselves, keep up-to-date, work *for and *with the patient. Instead we get this constant battling. Tch. Yae. Educate by all means, but make it all round education, starting with those who would `educate` us.
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