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#508752 - 01/18/15 11:20 AM Baker's cyst removal vs. TKR
kickasdude Offline

Registered: 01/18/15
Posts: 1
Mom is 74, has a cyst ~20mm, feels no pain, no trouble walking, but can't go down stairs. MRI shows degenerative conditions, and torn meniscus. Ortho says she needs a total knee replacement. What about fixing the tear first, or drainage and cortisone. Any ideas/input, thanks?

#508790 - 01/20/15 03:22 AM Re: Baker's cyst removal vs. TKR [Re: kickasdude]
elmerfudd Offline

Registered: 09/11/11
Posts: 526
Loc: north central indiana
I would go with the doctors opinion of a total replacement. She seems to have alot going on there and needs surgery anyway. Better to do it right the first time.

by the way, I like your screen name, it gave me a chuckle.

#508810 - 01/20/15 05:20 PM Re: Baker's cyst removal vs. TKR [Re: kickasdude]
MollyC1i Offline

Registered: 01/21/04
Posts: 9749
Loc: Brittany, France (since Nov 08...
Degenerative knee condition with torn meniscus -

Degenerative knee condition with torn meniscus and Baker's cyst -

There is your research criteria - one with and the other without the Baker's cyst. Suggest delving into the subjects and then go for a second opinion. A TKR could well be totally unnecessary ! A far simpler approach could well deal with the problem - without putting your mother through a TKR. A second opinion is advised. yes

A bit more for you :

Knee Osteoarthritis and Associated Periarticular ... - Similar to Knee Osteoarthritis and Associated Periarticular ...
2 Mar 2012 ... The cause of knee pain in patients with OA remains unclear. ... lesions occur around the knee joint, including popliteal Baker cyst (BC) ... meniscus degeneration, bone edema and knee effusion. .... Large Baker's cyst in a 59-year old woman; A) Coronal PDw fatsat image shows ..... J Sci Med Sport 10:74-.
Proximal Gastrocnemius Tendon Pathology - Radsource
Clinical history: A 58 year old woman presents for MRI with right knee and leg pain and ... 2: Chronic degenerative medial gastrocnemius tendinosis, with partial tearing of ... from more common lesions such as meniscal tears or collateral ligament strains. .... A dissecting Baker's cyst11 may present with tender fullness at the ...

And more - this time with age and sex added to the criteria -

Ultrasonographic Findings in a Large Series of Patients with ...;year...4;...
In nearly 90% of the positive studies, degenerative/mechanical abnormalities were ... was reported in 1974 with the differentiation of a Baker's cyst (BC) from thrombophlebitis. ... appropriate treatment and monitoring response and disease progression. .... Figure 3: 67-year-old female who had right knee pain with difficulty in ...
Compression syndromes of the popliteal neurovascular bundle ... - Similar to Compression syndromes of the popliteal neurovascular bundle ...
Because Baker cyst is by definition a chronic disorder, long-term follow-up is ... meniscal tears, or rarely, gout.2 and 3 The presence of a popliteal cyst varies by the ... to 89 years old who were referred for symptoms consistent with knee pathology.7 .... A 63-year-old woman presented at the clinic with pain and swelling on the ...
Determination of the Factors Influencing Rupture ...
On the MR images, the characteristics of the Baker's cysts, meniscal tears, and the quantity of joint effusions were evaluated. On plain radiographs, the grade of osteoarthritis of the affected knee ... articular disorders such as degenerative osteoarthritis ... 74 years) had ruptured BCs. .... cyst in a 60-year-old woman.

Ensure your mother has a full and correct work up...!!

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