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#506446 - 09/15/14 04:23 PM Newbie looking for advice please
Sass Offline

Registered: 09/15/14
Posts: 2
Loc: Bedfordshire uk
Hi, Im Sass and I have only just been diagnosed with A S. Since finding out about it, it would appear ive been suffering with it for at least 10 to 15 years. But because I have an extensive medical history, I never pushed for answers. I am an ex cancer patient, I had lymphoma for 14 years, got the all clear in 05 & then a month later suffered chemo induced heart failure, I now have an internal cardiac devise to cope with that. anyway, the reason I told you all that is it means I cant have anti-inflammatory's, so I have decided to try a low starch diet to see if it will help. I was just wondering if anyone has any advise on what I should put on my "must have" shopping list? and any practical advice for someone who has never tried any kind of " special" diet other than weight watchers or slimming world? lol

Thank you in advance,


#506447 - 09/15/14 06:25 PM Re: Newbie looking for advice please [Re: Sass]
Kleb_Slayer Offline

Registered: 02/13/11
Posts: 237
Loc: BC, Canada
Sorry to hear of all that you have, and are, going through, dealing with your health.

Sounds like a good thing to try, a no starch diet, as an anti-inflammatory diet will also benefit anyone with a history of cancer. Many cancers are linked with long-term inflammation.

My advice would be to keep a clean kitchen/pantry. Get rid of all processed food "products," fill fridge/freezer with cooked/frozen meat/protein, so you have food on hand.

I tend to shop more often, because of all the leafy green veggies I eat.

I'll roast a whole chicken, grill up a salmon, so I have meat protein available for the week. I'll make up portion-sized (large!) boxes of salads for the next two days so I can "grab and go" both breakfast and lunch (I eat a mega salad even for breakfast, with a good dose of protein, same thing for lunch typically).

My go-to veggies are lettuces, spinach, broccoli, radishes, long English cucumber, kohlrabi (google it), choi-family vegetables, kale, chard, herbs.

I keep bottles and bottles of EVOO on hand. Buy them when on special. Use a lot of oil on all the salads. I get large containers of coconut oil from Costco.

A large glass of green juice can often replace dinner. I prefer to eat a large breakfast and lunch. I feel best if I don't eat after 6pm. (Some people prefer to skip breakfast, that wouldn't work for me.)

People typically complain of always feeling hungry when ridding themselves of starch. I'd say you'd then need to increase you portion sizes, eat smaller meals more frequently if that suits you better, potentially add more protein, and definitely add more good fat to your meals.

Most of all, don't keep things you want to avoid ingesting in the house, if possible wink
B27+, 2nd Rheumy: 'inflammatory backpain'.
IBS + SI/lumbar/thoracic/cervical/knee/elbow stiffness & pain.
Managing inflammation very well with diet since Jan 2011. Slow but consistent reduction in symptoms year by year.
Took LDN (4.5mg) between 2013 & 2015.

#506448 - 09/15/14 08:00 PM Re: Newbie looking for advice please [Re: Sass]
wordbeter Offline

Registered: 08/26/14
Posts: 50
Loc: Australia
I'll assume you have seen these top level links:

The No Starch Diet Basic Food Guide
The starch content of foods

I'm very new to NSD and the forum as well (about a month), but all of Kleb_Slayer's advice sounds good (even the things I haven't tried yet).
But I'll add:
Brussels sprouts (I love them - they really taste good and make me feel all good inside.)
Chia seeds - very nutritious

I'll also add these lessons I've learned:

  • Many foods that you wouldn't expect have starch added, for example some types of ham.
  • Avoid dairy in the beginning. Add it only after you've seen results with the diet, and you will learn whether you need to avoid it
  • Avoid sugar and sweet things in general

A snack that cheers me up is chia seeds in coconut milk or coconut cream, with cacao powder and raisins. These raisins, and citrus fruit are the only sweet things I eat for now.

Also: take a look at bettyrawker's blogs - she is very inventive:

Lastly, if I need info on a specific food, I use the Google site search to search this forum. (For example: almonds)

#506461 - 09/16/14 06:17 AM Re: Newbie looking for advice please [Re: Sass]
Wombatman Offline

Registered: 06/03/12
Posts: 5
Loc: Sydney, Australia
Hi Sass,

The best advice I can give is follow most of the suggestions you read on this site, but listen to your body and find what works best for you. kleb_Slayer made a lot of good suggestions, but a couple of those foods would cause me to flair quite badly (radish and kohlrabi in particular.) Conversely, I can eat eggs and goat dairy all day without ill effects but many others can't. There is no panacea for this ailment unfortunately!

The most powerful tools I have found for fighting inflammation are Cod Liver Oil and Pro-Biotics (kefir, kombucha, sauerkraut), so I would recommend employing as many of these as possible. K_S also made another excellent recommendation in saying part of your day should be spent fasting. I have found that not eating until 2:00, only eating vegetables and good fat until 6:00 and eating 2 large meals between 6:00 and 10:00 works best for me.

Good luck!

#506490 - 09/17/14 02:28 AM Re: Newbie looking for advice please [Re: Sass]
Sass Offline

Registered: 09/15/14
Posts: 2
Loc: Bedfordshire uk
Thanks Guys, Well as an adult who has spent most of her life on and off weight watchers or slimming world, I have been wary about throwing myself into another "diet" full on. I dont want to put myself in a position where I end up resenting having to do it and therefore dig my heels in and walk away from it. So far, all ive done is not eaten any artificial sweetner, bread, rice, pasta, potato, banana and parsnips and already the pain has gone down to almost nothing :-) That has spurred me on to really stick with this, Im a very positive person, ive had to be :-) but a couple of weeks ago I got so low I couldnt stop crying as I was in so much pain, my pain relief wasnt working anymore and my mobility was very poor and I felt like I was losing me. This past couple of days I feel like I have won the lottery, I feel so happy and almost back to my old self, so I would be stupid not to continue with this.

I just need to try to make it feel as "normal" as possible so that it doesnt become " to much hassle". I dont mind cooking, ive never really eaten ready meals etc. Ive always prefered to cook from scratch.

I hadnt read those links wordbeter, but I will do now, thank you :-) I started to get confused, still am a little. someone said try gluten free, then paleo, then the london as diet. Then I got even more confused when looking for recipe ideas when potatoes would pop up or something else that I thought was "banned". so decided to stick with london AS, but from what I can see, its very similar to paleo? and therefore im best to use paleo recipes? LOL as the advert says, ;-)

Anyway, thank you for all your advice :-) its been very helpful


#506492 - 09/17/14 06:26 AM Re: Newbie looking for advice please [Re: Sass]
wordbeter Offline

Registered: 08/26/14
Posts: 50
Loc: Australia
Thank goodness the NSD/LSD isn't a limited calorie diet. I think it is not very different from the Paleo diet, and you can eat your fill, and still have a stable weight.

#507236 - 10/22/14 04:07 AM Re: Newbie looking for advice please [Re: Sass]
Grumpyally Offline

Registered: 01/24/12
Posts: 419
Loc: UK

You will find the weight will fall off you having cut out the biggies starchwise such as grains potatoes etc. I lost 5kg in three weeks and my weight was ok to start with.

When looking for recipes there are many similar 'diets' that cut out most starches Paleo allows bananas sweet potatoes and some starchy veg. Gaps/SCD are also in a similar vein. However when looking for inspiration I often Google using one of those to come up with ideas eg paleo pizza usually I will find one that is ok or only needs slight tweaking. You can also look at raw food sites they are good for recipes too. Betty Rawkers sites have already been mentioned and there is the recipe section on here.

If you want a treat every now and then. Beware of going too heavy on nut based recipes as too many nuts can cause inflammation. It is easily done as a lot of alternative baked goods use almond flour. If you are ok with coconut I would get some coconut flour. It appears to be expensive but you generally only use 1/4 cup per recipe but much more liquid/eggs again if you are ok with eggs.

In the UK you can get coconut flour from Holland and Barrett, Amazon sells it now too at a good price if you are doing their subscribe and save already and have enough items for the extra discount. Coconut oil I get from Holland and Barrett when they have an offer on or Amazon (it is very expensive but I do get Tiana, Bionas is cheaper but more grainy). I have seen almond and coconut flour in a big Tescos too. More supermarkets have started doing coconut oil too (its solid at room temp).

I hope this helps
NSD almost all the way
No dairy hard cheeses occasionally and homemade ghee
Still trying to work out what makes me tick and what makes me drop

'Chew your drinks and drink your foods'
'Let your knife & fork do the work of your teeth and let your teeth do the work of your stomach'
Mahatma Gandhi

#509936 - 03/19/15 08:51 PM Re: Newbie looking for advice please [Re: Sass]
Foodie1000 Offline

Registered: 05/17/11
Posts: 40
Loc: southwest United States
I like ground turkey breast (usually packs that also have rosemary extract in addition to ground turkey breast in ingredient list taste best..). hmm... celery for juicing... green granny smith apples.... sweet white sorghum flour for baking, even though a lot of recipes call for it to be cut with other flours, I don't do that. It's just dense, really good. Fresh farm eggs, dreyer's outshine strawberry rhubarb fruit bars, ...... alexia sweet potato fries sometimes... glutino apple pastry pop tart things with nonfat plain greek yogurt.... dannon plain yogurt.... get creative with all your foods and combos.... i like stainless steel and real cast iron cookware. I like extra virgin coconut oil cold pressed, organic red palm fruit oil, extra virgin olive oil..... once in awhile i get gluten free breads and use half or fourth or one slice per meal... i get udis gluten free bagels, my fave are the regular, poppy seed?and whole grain are okay. another brand i can't remember has a nice gluten free rye caraway bread, and canyon house bakery? has a gluten free rosemary foccacia i like to make pizza with... slice it so it doubles in size...just no tomato sauce for me. olive oil then layer of plain baked chicken breast alternating with raw milk white cheddar cheese and veggie layers. (I'm picky on veggies cuz a lot of veggies don't agree with me, will get back to you on that..). Hope this gives you more ideas!

#509937 - 03/19/15 09:20 PM Re: Newbie looking for advice please [Re: Sass]
lulu12 Offline

Registered: 07/07/13
Posts: 376
Cora,Udis products are full of starch as are most "gluten free" product. Rosemary is starchy as well. Sweet potato fries, yikes mega starch.

#509942 - 03/20/15 10:50 AM Re: Newbie looking for advice please [Re: Sass]
Foodie1000 Offline

Registered: 05/17/11
Posts: 40
Loc: southwest United States
Hi Lulu12. Those are not every day or every week foods. Yes, I agree with you, but at this point sometimes it works just fine for me as long as I eat small portions, eat slow, and spread the meal out over a longer period of time. I had gotten too weak not getting enough carbs. I always try to pair things with high protein too.

#509946 - 03/20/15 07:14 PM Re: Newbie looking for advice please [Re: Sass]
lulu12 Offline

Registered: 07/07/13
Posts: 376
Jules I hear ya. I actually should have addressed my post to you instead of Cora. The thing is when someone is new to LSD/NSD I think we need to be careful about what we are recommending. I was so confused in the beginning as to what I should be eating. If I went and ate some of those things on your list I would have ended up in a severe flare. I think its great to share what you are eating but I think you need to also state these foods contain starch.

#510361 - 04/15/15 04:12 PM Re: Newbie looking for advice please [Re: Sass]
Stewart Offline

Registered: 04/15/15
Posts: 9
Loc: UK
Hi, I am also a newbie to this site. I was diagnosed with AS when I was 30, I believe I have had it much longer. I am now 53. Having read a lot about AS when I was first diagnosed I just settled into the routine of good day, bad day, unbearable day and got by on my Anti inflammatory tablets (Indomisn). 20 Years in my condition has got worse and the current medication is being withdrawn 'too dangerous', which is fair enough. RT has given me Naproxen, which is useless, leaving me unable to walk. I have now ben offered TNF blocker 'Adalimumab' as a trial to see if this provides any benefits so that I can adjust to use the Naproxen. Ok, enough about my background the real question I have is on diet, having never modified mine I thought it worth a go. So I believe I have a low starch diet, however would like a second / third... opinion and some advice. I love bread, pasta, potatoes, cakes, etc.. I have just changed over to having a self made mix of Flaxseed, pumpkin seeds, Almond flakes, golden linseed and desicated coconut, with skimmed milk for breakfast + a few raisins, followed by an apple and a few grapes. For lunch it is plain salad, lettuce, carrots, sweet-corn, tomatoes and plain chicken or prawns, fresh orange juice and a pundit of grapes. For tea, scarmmbled eggs and ham. Some hard cheese and apple, later tyhe same as breakfast. In addition tea, coffee (no sugar) and diluted juice. I intend to swap the lunches between salmon, tuna, prawns and chicken. For evening meals I will include Steak, omlettes, lamb and chick with fresh vegtables. - Snacks will only be Brazil nuts or fruit.

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