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#501137 - 03/04/14 08:57 AM Re: Juice fasting [Re: bettyrawker]
Dotyisle Offline

Registered: 03/07/02
Posts: 9383
Loc: Rosario, Argentina
Hello Betty,

Do you have a protocol somewhere for your juice fast? I have done 1 day and 3 day apple fasts... but considered juice fasts in the past. Big reason I do not is because really expensive here in Argentina.

Just curious if you have a link to your juice fast... I am thinking about it again.


AS may win some battles, but I will win the war.

KONK - Keep ON Kicking

#501141 - 03/04/14 11:39 AM Re: Juice fasting [Re: Dotyisle]
bettyrawker Offline

Registered: 03/12/12
Posts: 751
Loc: Oregon
Hi Dotyisle!

I really need to put one together, all I have is the blog I wrote up 2 years ago right after I did the fast. Link to full write up is here:

I would love to eventually put together an easier guide to follow though! What I wrote above does include a pretty good idea though of what I drank....

Some of the best things to juice: apples (can be the old "soft" ones) celery (amazing alkalizer), cucumbers, lemon, lime, handful of fresh herbs like basil, mint, cilantro, beets, grapes, all greens & lettuces (chard, kale, spinach, romaine, dandelion). It is a great way to use up older produce lying around too. I use a $10 nut milk bag w/ my blender to strain my juices now rather then getting out my $260 juicer. So much easier to clean up & much faster, instructions here:

And here I am 2 years later and I will stay that usually 2 outta 3 meals a day for me are still smoothies and juices. I LOVE them! I drink most of my meals (nut milks, fruits, veggies, greens, cacao, matcha, herbs) throughout the day, then prepare a larger meal in the evening when my husband comes home, and I will alter it a bit to have at least part of whatever I make starch free for me too! Often times a raw side salad, or even a stew, grilled fish, or I just snack on veggies and vegan macadamia "cheese".

I found so much health and happiness in blending and juicing my fresh foods, which makes them "pre-digested" and easily assimilated by the body. I don't feel restricted in the slighted either, these are the foods I crave!

And I do often have a stash of raw chocolates in the freezer, or a batch of starch free muffins or brownies if I need a quick bit, but mostly a smoothie girl.


I'm now a KICK AS (and Kick IBD) success story!! After going low starch Paleo to heal my gut, I can now eat nearly all starches, grains & foods without inflammation, flare-ups, or pain. I used a modified SCD diet approach (minus dairy! plus cacao ♥). Cheers to healing & thriving again! I blog at

#501145 - 03/04/14 12:34 PM Re: Juice fasting [Re: Bax1]
BCGoose73 Offline

Registered: 09/30/13
Posts: 8
Thanks for clarifying and for the blender tip! The juicing itself is quite the exercise. I will report at the end of the week smile

#501164 - 03/05/14 01:19 PM Re: Juice fasting [Re: bettyrawker]
Dotyisle Offline

Registered: 03/07/02
Posts: 9383
Loc: Rosario, Argentina
Thanks Betty

I like the blender idea... had seen you post that before as well.


AS may win some battles, but I will win the war.

KONK - Keep ON Kicking

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