I have my crp reading done every month. My experience is probably less helpful for you because I was also on meds? My crp reading went from 39 to 15 after a couple of months on humira, then down to 13 when I added meloxicam, then down to 11 after eating low starch. Never quite managed to get into the "normal" zone of under 7.

I don't know what the numbers would have done if I had gone from nothing to low starch before starting the humira etc, but my "felt" inflammation goes up if I eat something starchy or miss a dose of humira, so I think I personally need both at this stage.

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AS, IBS, reflux oesophagitis and dysphagia, PCOS/insulin resistance, asthma...
Currently managing my AS with humira, methotrexate, low starch diet and exercises. Also taking omeprazole, metformin etc.