I read about your ear problems, and wanted to comment...I lost almost all my ear-based balance ~12 years ago (was already deaf in 1 ear), and my dizziness specialist @ Hopkins diagnosed AIED based on an HSP-70 (heat shock protein) test. He prescribed steroids, and I recovered some balance--because it was the *second* dizziness specialist, it took me a long time to get to him and get properly diagnosed.

IT should also be noted that the HSP-70 test is not particularly accurate, and the main diagnostic criterion is responsiveness to steroids.

AIED is very rare among the general population, and, like AS ;-), is subject to dismissal by doctors who are trained to think "horses, not zebra." Fortunately many neurootologists (the fancy name for dizziness doctors) are tuned in to AIED...

If you look at my post history here, you can find some of my previous posts on this topic.

Hope you get better.

Edited to add: Now that I look at the account creation date for my account, I realize that the bulk of these posts may actually be at the predecessor board (I think there's a link to it somewhere on the front page), but I've also periodically posted about this since then.

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