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#463640 - 02/26/12 06:54 AM If there was no starch?
Skywalker Offline

Registered: 04/02/11
Posts: 105
Loc: Cambridge ,Ontario, Canada
I would like opinions on a yes or no question.

If there was no starch on earth, would some people still develop Ankylosing Spondylitis?

#463641 - 02/26/12 07:33 AM Re: If there was no starch? [Re: Skywalker]
The_Inflammator Offline

Registered: 06/27/11
Posts: 155
Loc: Northern Virginia
Maybe if there were no CARBS. Seems a lot of people react to way more than just starch.

I don't know what the world would be like if we all got all of our energy from fats. It would severely limit the size of a sustainable population.

Edited by The_Inflammator (02/26/12 07:36 AM)

#463646 - 02/26/12 08:55 AM Re: If there was no starch? [Re: Skywalker]
cemc Offline

Registered: 01/25/10
Posts: 2105
Loc: UK
There are actually very few diseases around that just have one single easily identifiable cause, and AS isn't one of those. Also, while a NSD has wonderful results for some people, it doesn't make any noticeable difference in others, so I think the answer is that AS would still exist in a world of no-carbs (though highly likely at a much lower incidence).

#463655 - 02/26/12 10:28 AM Re: If there was no starch? [Re: Skywalker]
DragonSlayer Offline
AS Czar

Registered: 09/05/01
Posts: 6127
Loc: Reno or SFLU Philippines
Hi, Skywalker:

Yes, because some people were just fated to develop AS.

There was an episode of South Park in which a rather different way (direction even) of consuming foods was discovered.

Do this with any carbohydrate and AS, in a susceptible person, will eventually emerge.

And if it were not an over abundance of flour-rich foods like pastas, it could instead be something like fried milk products that would provide the food for our nemesis bacterium.

If we were all PERFECT, we would not get AS, but even only a "little bit perfect" would do--if we could enter into adulthood with our intestinal linings intact, we would not develop AS despite extreme contamination and adulteration by starches.

Gird up Thy loins: Seek Ye then that PERFECTION which shall equip Thee against this EVIL.

Important AS Resources

Professor Ebringer: On Diet and AS;

RED ARROW --> Philippines

#463696 - 02/27/12 01:55 AM Re: If there was no starch? [Re: Skywalker]
Teatime Offline

Registered: 02/25/12
Posts: 18
So, starches are linked to AS? I haven't seen anything about that yet in my online searches.

But, if that's the case, then I guess I'm just going to have to suffer the effects. I have Crohn's Disease and I'm not able to eat a lot of fresh vegetables, nuts, anything with seeds, and I've got to limit dairy.

I also have heart problems and have to take a blood thinner. So, I've got to stay away from a whole host of foods and beverages that thin the blood or are linked to heart disease. Because of my heart arrhythmia, I'm also not allowed caffeine.

Just about the only things left are lean meats, fish, poultry, yogurt, canned fruit, and whole grains and rice. If someone tries to take away my rice and whole grain pasta, I will freak out.

I cook all of my meals from scratch and eat super-healthy. I buy organic produce, flours and grains, and wild-caught fish, and I research beneficial herbs and spices to use in my cooking. If that's not enough, oh well.

#463697 - 02/27/12 02:00 AM Re: If there was no starch? [Re: Skywalker]
Alinus Offline

Registered: 01/09/10
Posts: 839
Loc: Romania, Suceava

I have UC and AS - and I manage my condition with no startch diet. I also know it's good for CD.
34. Some rheumys say AS stage 1-2 some others say USpA
Also UC - rectocolitis.

UC curently in remission since feb 2011.
AS/USpA remission march-aug 2011. Flare - sept-nov 2011 (antibiotics). Remission now...

Modified NSD/SCD. Cook your own !
Mesalazine-Salofalk 500 mg/day

And the list of my medication has become verry short after some years on this diet smile

#463701 - 02/27/12 02:37 AM Re: If there was no starch? [Re: Alinus]
Teatime Offline

Registered: 02/25/12
Posts: 18
I'm glad you're doing well, Alinus.

For myself, I have far too many dietary restrictions already. One I forgot to mention is low protein because I've had bouts of proteinurea and nephritis. It gets depressing. Just shoot me now if more are insisted upon. I can't even go out to eat with friends a lot of the time, unless they've chosen a restaurant with a large and versatile menu.

Quality of life is important to me. I've adapted to my new normal fairly well but removing bread, rice, pasta, etc. from my diet would make things overly difficult, more depressing, and socially isolating.

#463718 - 02/27/12 07:27 AM Re: If there was no starch? [Re: Skywalker]
cemc Offline

Registered: 01/25/10
Posts: 2105
Loc: UK
Teatime, I can't do the kind of strict no starch diet that most folk end up with, but low starch works for me. I can't have too much fibrous veges and raw is no-no. I end up with really well cooked veg (overcooked almost) including potatoes and don't worry if some of them are slightly starchy, and that mostly replaces the grain based starchy carb stuff for me. If you can't eat raw nuts, then almond flour is much easier digestible. limiting protein is probably the hardest part of NSD though - I do find I need a lot more protein now.

#463728 - 02/27/12 08:33 AM Re: If there was no starch? [Re: Skywalker]
Teatime Offline

Registered: 02/25/12
Posts: 18
I substitute potatoes with parsnips quite often. I do a parsnip and carrot mash as a side dish and even make parsnip gnocchi. The gnocchi is seriously good -- more flavorful than potato gnocchi.

If some people find benefit from modifying their diet then that's great! I'm certainly not going to question their success or efforts. But I don't think it should be pushed on everyone.

#463731 - 02/27/12 09:01 AM Re: If there was no starch? [Re: Skywalker]
lar84 Offline

Registered: 08/26/11
Posts: 265
Loc: Virginia
No one is pushing any diet on anybody...Perhaps though, this thread should be placed in the Diet section to avoid any confusion for those that would rather not read about starch.
Lauren S.

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