The KA Book Project

Dear KA Members:

We at KickAS have been asked by Professor Ebringer and others, to compile some of our results into a book. We are asking members for their success stories, and Ebringer has agreed to contribute several chapters on AS mechanism and treatments. All proceeds from this book will be used to continue to fund the KickAS website, and help pay for seminars or webinars as appropriate, and/or supplement KA functions or parties, to whatever extent agreed upon by then-current Administrations.

We have a professional designer, our Chief Administrator mig, to do cover art—Thank You for offering, mig.

The NSD Success Stories are a wonderful starting point, so if you have posted there and wish to edit the information, or otherwise allow your story to be included, please email us at with your entire individual contribution.

Please indicate whether you would prefer your KA identity, an assigned one, or other name associated with your story. It would, of course, be pretty obvious

Other stories are welcome, also, whether exercise, sunlight, meditation, or conventional medicines have been particularly useful to you, either in conjunction with some level of dietary modification or not.

And if our contributors can each think of two things about this disease that we want other people with AS to know, and include this, it will constitute a very useful section.

We are writing this for our fellow sufferers, and following generations of people with AS and related diseases. Also, in the hopes of providing some encouragement for others living with chronic disease and chronic pain.

The KickAS Organization Administration retains ownership and editorial discretion over the ultimate contents of the book.

If you would like your voice heard, while making a lasting donation to KickAS, we appreciate your contribution, and look forward to hearing from you.

Be Well,
KA Admin

Professor Ebringer:

Recently released book "Ankylosing Spondylitis and Klebsiella"

“Ankylosing spondylitis and Klebsiella”

By Alan Ebringer B.Sc, MD, FRCP, FRACP, FRCPath.
Professor of Immunology, King’s College London and Hon. Consultant Rheumatologist, Middlesex Hospital.

Springer Pub. ISBN number: 978-1-4471- 4299-7 .

(1) Ankylosing spondylitis as a scientific problem.
(2) History of the origin of ankylosing spondylitis.
(3) Discovery of HLA-B27 in ankylosing spodylitis.
(4) Molecular mimicry between HLA-B27 and Klebsiella
investigated with rabbit antisera.
(5) Molecular mimicry between HLA-B27 and
Klebsiella investigated with tissue typing sera.
(6) Muscle changes in ankylosing spondylitis.
(7) Raised serum IgA in ankylosing spondilytis.
(8) Faecal cultures in ankylosing spondylitis and uvetis.
(9) Biochemical parameters and Klebsiella in AS.
(10) Binding of Klebsiella antisera to HLA-B27 cells.
(11) IgA antibodies to Klebsiella in AS.
(12) Antibodies to Klebsiella measured by immunoblotting.
(13) Antibodies to Klebsiella measured by agglutination and ELISA.
(14) Dutch and German AS patients have antibodies to Klebsiella.
(15) Antibodies to Klebsiella in AS patients from Spain, Finland and
(16) Molecular similarity between Klebsiella pullulanase enzyme,
HLA-B27 and collagens I and IV.
(17) Antibodies to Klebsiella and HLA-B27 peptides in AS
patients from Japan.
(18) AS sera are cytotoxic to cells bearing HLA-B27 sequences.
(19) Pathogenesis of ankylosing spondylitis and Klebsiella
(20) Ankylosing spondylitis and the “low starch diet”.
(21) The problem of Crohn’s disease and Klebsiella.
(22) Ankylosing spondylitis and “Popper sequences”.

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