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#376209 - 02/09/10 01:06 PM Re: Iritis?!? No, c'mon, really? Shocking! [Re: mig]
Dow Offline

Registered: 03/11/08
Posts: 3231
Loc: Valley Cottage, NY
Originally Posted By: mig
So I have a theory on this that may seem dumb but I'm tossing it out anyway. Your hobbies of sports, poker and xbox gaming seem to have something in common and I wonder if it's an adrenaline response that could be triggering your repeating attacks??? I had an inkling that my fight-flight response was out of whack and somehow linked to my too frequent attacks... and a top iritis specialist here has spoken about how iritis and stress are definitely linked. And what is stress really, but an adrenaline rush... good or bad I don't think it matters. Anyhow, this is probably not something you are happy to consider but maybe worth a thought?

My one very serious experience with iritis was preceded with a night of playing video games, I asked the doctors if there could have been a question, their answer was a definitive no, but I've always wondered...

I do think about that kind of thing a lot these days, a link between stress and pain, specifically how it could apply to me, and my chronic pelvic muscle pain. Of course, that area has a very close physical proximity to the SI joint and sacrum pain, which makes it a zillion times harder to know what could be a trigger and what could be a symptom, but nonetheless, that doesn't stop me from coming up with a zillion different theories.

So why do people like me seem to enjoy things that would be considered hi-stress, such as making the earth safe from aliens (on our video game controllers) and watching exciting action movies? I even like to do both, watch car chase movies, WHILE exercising on my elliptical trainer! I also wonder why I generally drink a giant Starbucks every day, when with my muscle tightness, wouldn't it make more sense to be drinking tea, spending afternoons arranging the pebbles in my Japanese Zen garden, while listening to gentle meditation music?

Dunno the answer to that, but I think it has something to do with the way I sometimes feel that I'm not ready to go to bed and relax until after I have first REALLY woken up and gotten all the senses triggered and functional, in a way that going to the supermarket to get some eggs just isn't going to do. And face it, the way I've been moving these past years, no one is going to be hiring me to be the next James Bond, so doubtful I am going to be having those kind of adventures for real. And the fact that these aren't REAL stress situations, they are still "safe" from some of the unintended side effects of shooting with a lazer gun ACTUAL space zombies, well, that is a plus, too


PS: Hey, wasn't anyone impressed with the movie of our new very expensive mega-entertainment room? doh

#376210 - 02/09/10 01:11 PM Re: Iritis?!? No, c'mon, really? Shocking! [Re: ]
wolverinefan Offline

Registered: 10/04/01
Posts: 2571
Loc: Motown
Thanks, Kevin. As often as I get iritis, I get one very lucky break when I do get it--as bad as it gets, I almost NEVER have any pain with it. I get very blurry vision, black floaters, and strobing, but zero pain. The very first bout I had back when I was 18 hurt like heck, and one or two incidents since then have hurt, but the rest have been painless. From reading all the reports from others, I know how incredibly painful it is for most people, and I know how lucky I am that I dodge that particular pain.

He who has a 'why' to live can bear with almost any 'how'.
--Friedrich Nietzsche

Sounds like everything takes time, discipline, and patience, and those are seven things I don't have.
--Jon Dore

#376214 - 02/09/10 01:47 PM Re: Iritis?!? No, c'mon, really? Shocking! [Re: wolverinefan]
Donette Offline

Registered: 04/03/09
Posts: 1576
Loc: Idaho, USA
Dow, LOVE the home theatre!!!!

Do you know who would love it even more??? Polly Pocket!
Thanks for the chuckle. I NEEDED a bit of laughter today!


Brad, I've been reading a lot on mega-vitamin doses lately... esp. vitamin c. at Doctor Yourself

I really enjoy reading this website. Here are a couple eye related things:

Quote#1 "There is now ample evidence that lutein, a cousin of beta carotene, is essential for maintenance of the human visual system. Lutein requirements increase dramatically among blue-eyed individuals who have far less of this antioxidant pigment at the back of their eyes than brown-eyed individuals and are at a 2000% increased risk of developing loss of central vision (macular degeneration) in their lifetime. Lutein is not currently considered an essential nutrient. It is unlikely that the at-risk population will consume the 3-5 weekly servings of spinach or kale (equivalent to 6 milligrams of daily lutein), required to prevent ocular disease. [Journal Am Medical Assn 272: 1413-20, 1994] Lutein food supplements appear to be practical and economical."

Quote #2 "There is concern that maximal upper limits may not accommodate the nutritional needs of specific organs in the body. Nutritional authorities have given too much attention to achieving minimal and maximal blood levels of nutrients, which may not be an adequate measure of nutrients in specific tissues. For example, it has been stated that the blood circulation becomes saturated with vitamin C at about 240 milligrams. Even when saturation has been achieved in the blood plasma, the provision of 2000 milligrams of vitamin C further increases the levels of vitamin C in the aqueous fluid of the human eye by 35 percent. Higher levels of vitamin C are required in the aqueous fluid of the eye than in the blood circulation because the human eye is transparent and is prone to harm by products of oxidation (hydrogen peroxide) emanating from exposure to solar ultraviolet radiation. Much higher levels of vitamin C are required to prevent cataracts than to prevent scurvy. The daily amount of vitamin C required to prevent cataracts is in the range of 300-2000 milligrams (the equivalent of 6-30 oranges), which exceeds the best dietary consumption (about 200-250 milligrams from consumption of five servings of fruits and vegetables). The National Academy of Sciences (NAS) now considers 2000 milligrams of vitamin C as "toxic." [See my addendum regarding the issuance of new recommendations for antioxidants by the NAS below.] The human eye has greater need for vitamin C, lutein, vitamin E, glutathione and vitamin A, than most other tissues in the body."

Hope this info helps.

Thanks for your good example in dealing with AS. It does feel better to not stress about what we cannot control. Thx for the reminder.


#376235 - 02/09/10 03:00 PM Re: Iritis?!? No, c'mon, really? Shocking! [Re: Donette]
roogy Offline

Registered: 02/15/09
Posts: 213
Loc: London, UK
Sorry to hear about the flare Brad! Iritis is no fun at all - I'm in the midst of my most serious flare since 2005, with some suspected involvement in both eyes (that's a first!) - hoping that I won't need to go the injection route tomorrow when I see the specialist again. I saw him last week, but it's not really settling...

So, excellent timing on the 'que sera, sera' attitude, and definitely something to aim for! Hope the flare settles soon!


#376239 - 02/09/10 03:49 PM Re: Iritis?!? No, c'mon, really? Shocking! [Re: Dow]
mig Offline

Registered: 04/27/02
Posts: 12461
Loc: ON, Canada
Oops! Sorry Dow, by the time I'd written my post I forgot to mention it... laugh2 you do find the silliest things!

My cursor is misbehaving so will keep this short but I can't answer your question anyway. Why do we like what we like? I dunno! I have to stay away from video games because they will rob me of every available moment, if I let myself play and I'm big on coffee too. tongue3

As for the chronic pelvic muscle pain, I suppose there are a few possibilities. Are you sure it is muscular? It's sometimes difficult to tell where pain is really stemming from. Inflammation of the large hip joints (where leg meets pelvis) is often 'referred' to the groin area. SI inflammation can be local, cause pain in the buttocks, refer to hip joints and further down via the sciatic nerve too. Inflammation of the symphysis pubis can be a razor sharp pain felt low in the pelvis and can drop you to the ground in a flash. When actual bone is inflamed it can tick off the surrounding muscles, just to be confusing. Where we *sense* pain is not always where the root of it is... so that's my long way of saying it's anybody's guess. Sometimes it's obvious and sometimes it just isn't, but 9 times outta 10, it's the blasted AS to blame.


#376241 - 02/09/10 03:54 PM Re: Iritis?!? No, c'mon, really? Shocking! [Re: protrainer]
mig Offline

Registered: 04/27/02
Posts: 12461
Loc: ON, Canada
Hey PT, now you have me curious... are you north of Simcoe? I've been wondering whether my New Years snowman is still hanging in there. smile I hope so!

#376242 - 02/09/10 03:54 PM Re: Iritis?!? No, c'mon, really? Shocking! [Re: Donette]
Dow Offline

Registered: 03/11/08
Posts: 3231
Loc: Valley Cottage, NY
thanks, Donette!

Polly Pocket would fit in perfect there! And save on popcorn too! tongue2

#376253 - 02/09/10 04:20 PM Re: Iritis?!? No, c'mon, really? Shocking! [Re: wolverinefan]
Possi Offline

Registered: 11/13/02
Posts: 6922
Loc: Oklahoma where the wind comes...
Brad, I am so sorry. I am also so happy for you about the TV. I can't tell my hubby that. He would jump on it really quick as much as he has TV fever. If he thought it would help me, he would be unloading it now. :o)

Have you taken oral meds to keep the iritis under control? I had iritis constantly until I started the Imuran and it just nipped it in the bud and I haven't had it in several years. I am off the Imuran and it will be interesting to see if it comes back when I finish tapering the Pred.

I had my first cataract surgery at least 15 years ago from so many steroids. The other one has to be done this year. I just hate to do it now because I just went in to the FL-41 lens with new script just a few months ago. I really hate to have to buy another lens. By the way the FL-41 lens have been such a blessing. I have not had to have Botox injections now for over a year. It is the first time ever I have gone longer than 3-4 months and anywhere from 20 - 40 injections to get them open.

Hope this passes quickly. Mine has been so bad in the past that they would say no tv, no reading, no outside, blinds pulled, etc. I am glad you can watch that new tv.






#376264 - 02/09/10 05:15 PM Re: Iritis?!? No, c'mon, really? Shocking! [Re: wolverinefan]
JamesB Offline

Registered: 07/17/03
Posts: 2954
Loc: Northwest Ohio
Hi Brad,
I'm sorry to hear about the iritis. I hope the new television continues to be nicer on your eyes. Thanks for the advice on the big screens. I have only seen two iritis flares so far so I don't have any words of wisdom to share.

The new snowfall is getting pretty deep over here now which is around 80 miles southwest of you. I took a picture of the snow storm to show to friends. Since my friends are also here, I'll show it here too. It was taken on 11:00AM, 2/11/10 (the first half of the storm). Thankfully we rarely ever see lake effect snow where I live.

Take care,

#376300 - 02/10/10 02:44 AM Re: Iritis?!? No, c'mon, really? Shocking! [Re: JamesB]
MollyC1i Offline

Registered: 01/21/04
Posts: 9833
Loc: Brittany, France (since Nov 08...
Hi Brad - sorry to hear about the iritis flare. Hope y're doin better. Congrats on new TV. Those huge screens are ace. My smaller one will have to do for me though!

Dow - couldn't see y're new entertainment room, pic won't open for me... Oh well.

Joyce - NO Botox injections for a year! Great news that. Hadn't realised that it was a year since you last posted about the Botox... Time sure does fly.

Take care you guys - lots of (((HUGS)))
MollyC1i - Riding OutAS

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