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#334542 - 06/09/09 10:27 AM Re: Has anyone had Pedicle subtraction Osteotomy ? [Re: ineptwill]
mig Offline

Registered: 04/27/02
Posts: 12465
Loc: ON, Canada
Winsome you are Alan. Can't say that I noticed much in the way of shyness or reticence tho! lol

I am happy that you're finally sharing your whole story - it begs to be written and published here for the benefit of all kickers!

I'll look forward to reading your story as well Kevin!

You guys, your endurance, grit, optimism and tenacity are definitely an inspiration!

#334543 - 06/09/09 02:41 PM Re: Has anyone had Pedicle subtraction Osteotomy ? [Re: mig]
ineptwill Offline

Registered: 03/31/02
Posts: 5188
I will try to respond to the posts here (my obvious hero worshipping fan club) then tell more. Kevein you must put yours up......oh yes I see sorry you did it separate the before and after pictures of me. Well the before was 2 years before surgery. At the time of surgery I was a full head lower than shown and moving rapidly into contact, eye to navel........well actually I like navels but prefer the err, well how can I say this the umm glittery errr............well I will leave it to your imagination.

Farinelli yes 8 inches in the sense of height, not quite so much if measured around the bend so to speak. I bet Kevin is the same.

I believe fusion with me was an almost immediate but was difficult then, as now to pinpoint all that was happening. I chat lots with Mig as you all know and she knows my full history (she tells me though, nothing of her running around with loose men spending millions cos she is wealthy and.............oh sorry I am wandering off. I often chat with Mig and I think we both agree that the disease is almost sort of pre ordained (debatable I know) but I feel as Mig does that we would have fused and deformed regardless. I know I certainly did.

Mig yayay, yes I am full of grit and next time I expect a better meal cooked by you x

Wendy I will start episode 2 in a new post, will bump my total up and I can overtake Suee 22.......yay

#334544 - 06/09/09 02:56 PM Re: Has anyone had Pedicle subtraction Osteotomy ? [Re: ineptwill]
mig Offline

Registered: 04/27/02
Posts: 12465
Loc: ON, Canada
Huh! Right, that's it then Alan, that's the last time I'm ever cooking for you, so there! Next time, we'll just order-in (and let the poor delivery man deal with the black bears..!) lol

yep, pre ordained is a good way to put it, there was no running away and hiding from the AS monster.

#334545 - 06/09/09 03:02 PM Re: Has anyone had Pedicle subtraction Osteotomy ? [Re: ineptwill]
ineptwill Offline

Registered: 03/31/02
Posts: 5188

Err life in the Police, my dream job got to be difficult. I began to think that the pain would never end, that it would always be there. And yet, in my heart I sort of knew it would be ok. How wrong can you be! I was severely beaten by 4 men in a cinema one night, knocked backwards through a row of cinema seating (the old fashioned kind) i took the back of one seat off with my spine...........mind you my face hurt so much that I did't notice the back (often wondered if this event might have been the trigger but know really that i had pain before it so that sort of sqashed the trauma theory) I worked in a boisterous city centre and was involved in a few fracas, me usually coming off worse, they didnt seem to like me taking their knives off them........well you dont need a knife when all you are eating is soup do you..

I didnt leave the police because of AS (as I often tell people because it is convenient) that is a whole new story perhaps for another day.

Anyway I had to leave the job that I had cossetted since early school days, was in unexplained pain all the time, it was unbearable. I got a job in a circus as a lion tam..............oh no sorry selling orange juice and popcorn...........actually, that was when I was still at school and when I met Mary Bacynski, my first love my first kiss......then her boyfriend came in.............well that is yet another story.......

I spent time at the City Hospital in Nottingham (the one where Jeanna worked for a while) I was in real trouble, incapable of doing anything, getting up at night turning on the gas fire with my back as close to it as possible without searing the skin, in a desperate endeavour to get some relief.....was prescribed Phenylbutazone which I took for years, they did no good other than to cause other problems (to private to mention here but if you are lucky I will tell you in pm but wear a girdle when I do). I was in the care of Sam James their rheumatologist, there is a ward named after him now. I went through 4 years of agony on a moment by moment basis, Sam eventually told me after the fearsome pressing he got from one of my wives that I had a rare disease called Anky.........etc. that it would burn itself out after 20 years and all would be well.

Keep Mobile he said (yes that was right) and so it went on for some years but it didnt burn out, it didnt get better, only worse and worse and worse...I have sobbed with it, (only in front of girls though) I have endured that moment which all ASers hve, that singular moment the horrifying moment when your optimistic mind finally realises...

This isnt going away, this will always be here, all the days of my life to come will be horribly despoiled by this thing. A horrifying day and yet a great day.........great because I knew then that it was time for me to retake my life and live it as I could, to get girlriends, drink a bit (bit is english for gallons!!)So I went to work on construction sites, here the damage was exacerbated, i had a divorce or two, burned my wrist on an iron and boasted ever after that the scae was from the time that I was attacked and heroically brought the knifeman to his knees or alternativelythat I had a desperate cancer and that it was so chilling a thing that I had tried to end it all.......mind you I usually saved that one for the girls, wow they fell for it lots of

AS now began in earnest, the damage started to appear, the remorselessness of awful pain was almost gaggingly, lung restrictingly felling........but more of the good old days tomorrow........

#334546 - 06/09/09 03:14 PM Re: Has anyone had Pedicle subtraction Osteotomy ? [Re: ineptwill]

I relate to a lot of what your saying only i was a naughty biker
You have a much better way of putting things.Nice to hear some one else going through same sort of things well in a way
at same time.

#334547 - 06/09/09 03:21 PM Re: Has anyone had Pedicle subtraction Osteotomy ? [Re: ]

I didnt mean it was nice you were going through it . I mean it wasnt only me at that time. Balls I said you were better with words sorry. Kevin

#334548 - 06/09/09 03:24 PM Re: Has anyone had Pedicle subtraction Osteotomy ? [Re: ]
ineptwill Offline

Registered: 03/31/02
Posts: 5188
Ahh a bit of a rocker were you butrning up those sussex beaches. Want to see pics of you Kevin. Mig will help you to get them up.......only of course if you are willing. It just seems to me that you and I have followed a similar road........the M1

#334549 - 06/09/09 03:27 PM Re: Has anyone had Pedicle subtraction Osteotomy ? [Re: ineptwill]

I cant seem to get them up if you know what i mean i need some help this is one my wife cant help with if you know what i mean

#334550 - 06/09/09 03:30 PM Re: Has anyone had Pedicle subtraction Osteotomy ? [Re: ]
ineptwill Offline

Registered: 03/31/02
Posts: 5188
lol yes I

#334551 - 06/09/09 03:33 PM Re: Has anyone had Pedicle subtraction Osteotomy ? [Re: ]
mig Offline

Registered: 04/27/02
Posts: 12465
Loc: ON, Canada
Hey Kevin,... if you want, email me your pics as an attachment, here: and as Alan said, I'd be happy to re-size and pop them into your story post on the main forum.

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