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#330272 - 03/10/09 11:32 PM Remicade Infusion When Sick?
knyghtmist Offline

Registered: 03/04/04
Posts: 35
Hi guys, I have a Remicade infusion tomorrow and I have a wicked head cold. Should I reschedule?


#330273 - 03/11/09 12:03 AM Re: Remicade Infusion When Sick? [Re: knyghtmist]
tiredofpain Offline

Registered: 06/14/08
Posts: 1482
Loc: Canada
I would think the clinic will take the choice out of your hands. At my clinic, they would never give me Remicade while I was sick and would simply tell me to come back when I'm over it. Given the issues with biologics and compromised immune systems, I cannot imagine anyone letting you get an infusion if you are suffering from a "wicked head cold".

Your doctor will let you know what s/he thinks you should do though.


#330274 - 03/11/09 09:31 PM Re: Remicade Infusion When Sick? [Re: knyghtmist]
mtnmom Offline

Registered: 03/01/09
Posts: 25
Loc: Utah Draper
Yes you need too reschedule. Once I had an infusion & the nurse was telling me that a lady was in the day before & had a bad cold & cough. (You should not be around people having infusions if your sick.)There infusion could be for something serious. The nurse was sooo upset because not only was it bad for the other patients getting there infusion it was bad for the Lady having Remicade too. It could make YOU a lot worse. The lady lied to the nurse that she was not ill. She started coughing once they started the infusion. The Dr. said they had to finish it. Do they call you the day before your infusion & ask if you are sick or have any bruising or open sores? It's really important that you talk to your nurse before you have it. You don't want to get sicker. I'm sorry I don't mean to scare you. But I would hate to ignore this issue and let you get worse. Please find out before you have it!!!! The nurse will let you know. Good Luck...

#330275 - 03/11/09 10:02 PM Re: Remicade Infusion When Sick? [Re: knyghtmist]
Gregory Offline

Registered: 08/15/08
Posts: 54
Loc: Denver, CO
I'm on Remi also, I would be very surprised if they would want you to have an infusion or be around other patients when you have a cold virus. My Primary Doc doesn't even let me sit in his waiting room, I get VIP treatment-straight to the exam room to avoid being exposed to other patients with colds or flu. I agree, best to call first.

#330276 - 03/16/09 03:31 PM Re: Remicade Infusion When Sick? [Re: knyghtmist]
phillyhg Offline

Registered: 03/10/09
Posts: 4
Loc: NJ
I was told to never, ever under any circumstances get my infusions when I am sick.

#330277 - 03/16/09 03:59 PM Re: Remicade Infusion When Sick? [Re: phillyhg]
NanaTrae Offline

Registered: 09/27/07
Posts: 263
When I was on Remicade, at the time of the infusion the nurse would take my vitals just before starting the infusion. One time when I had just gotten back from a flight I felt fine but my temp was just a bit elevated. The infusion was canceled and I was put on meds just incase I contracted something in flight. I felt fine!!!

Since it lowers your immune system, you can't have you infusion. I would be pretty much out of your hands, even if you went to "TRY" and get it!

Hope you feel better soon!!

God Bless,


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