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#101430 - 03/05/03 10:05 PM NSD QuickStart and tips
DragonSlayer Offline
AS Czar

Registered: 09/05/01
Posts: 6135
Loc: Reno or SFLU Philippines
NSD Quick-Start<br><br>When you buy a new appliance, you want to turn it on and get it running fast. Same with NSD -- I remember just wanting to do it (NSD), and read later. Yes, the “other stuff” is very important, but you can start NSD and do it reasonably well (and safely) for a week, while reading all the other links as you have time.<br><br>We will attempt to give you the absolute basics of NSD here. Most people have a pretty good idea within a week if NSD will help them and if they are interested in continuing with the diet. (Note we didn’t say you’d be cured in a week, or even pain-free, although most people notice a significant reduction in pain within a few days to a week. This is just to get you started today.)<br><br>OK, let’s see how quick and easy we can make this:<br><br>1 - The premise is that there is a bacteria living in our systems that triggers a bad immune response and causes us pain. When we don’t feed this bacteria (Kp, or Klebsiella pneumoniae), he can’t make us miserable. Starch being his food, we eliminate all starch from the diet. <br><br>2 - What contains starch? All of the grains, such as wheat (that means all flour products, such as pasta, bread, pastries, breakfast cereals, bagels, tortillas, muffins, etc), rye, and oats. Rice and potatoes have starch, as do corn (including taco shells, popcorn, and cornstarch), and peas, beans. A few nuts are starchy: peanuts, pecans, and cashews (the rest are fine). Bananas are about the only starchy fruit, but be sure your other fruit is entirely ripe (unripe fruit can contain starch - test it if unsure (see # 5 below). <br><br>3 - What can you eat? For the first week, we won’t worry about the finer points of the diet. So consider it safe to eat proteins (fish, beef, chicken, etc), fruits and veggies not mentioned above as starchy, oils, nuts (except as mentioned), eggs, olives, and hard cheeses on a very limited basis (if at all).<br><br>4 - Why no dairy at first? Many of us have had problems with the lactose in the dairy products -- the Kp will eat the sugar in milk and soft cheeses. Some have felt that NSD didn’t help them, only to find out later (when they eliminated dairy) that the NSD works fine for them, but the dairy in the diet was giving false results. So for the first week, to get an accurate idea if the diet will help you, it’s better to give up dairy products. (Don’t worry, no one ever developed osteoporosis in just a week without dairy products. If it turns out that you cannot tolerate dairy products, there are other ways to get your calcium.) <br><br>5 - Test food with iodine if you aren’t sure. Buy a bottle of iodine (about $2 at a drugstore), and put a drop on the food. If it stays orange (iodine) colored, it’s not starchy -- if it turns dark bluish-black, or black, it has starch.<br><br>6 - Finally, starch is hidden everywhere. It’s in mayonnaise, yogurts, dressings, imitation crab sticks, it’s used to thicken soups and sauces . . . the best advice is to make your own food at home this week, from whole (one ingredient) foods, and when that’s impossible, read every label, and test if labels aren’t available (restaurants, etc).<br><br>7 - Unfortunately, a little tiny bit of starch can ruin the results of the diet, so you may not want to start until you can do it 100% for that week. Otherwise you may get poor results and believe NSD didn't help you. (Many have experienced a flare over something as small as one bite from a cookie! A little starch really does go a long way!)<br><br>OK, now you’re doing the no starch diet. As you go through the week, and hopefully see improvement, you’ll need to begin learning the finer points of the plan -- supplements, fasting, cleansing regimens, natural antibiotics, anti-inflammatory herbs and supplements, etc.<br><br>Further reading links:<br>Dr. Giraud Campbell’s regimen: <br>The AS Dietary Primer:<br>LSD London AS Diet:<br>Professor Ebringer: .<br><br>Cayce 3 Day Apple: ...thAppleDiet.htm<br><br><br>Spoon and clock regimen:<br><br>Take supplements. If you are worried about what good starches left out, a Bcomplex should be taken, however for most vitamins we should take 3-5X RDAs (does not apply to oil soluble ones, the RDA should be followed on these except vitE; more of this should be taken if in a flare). Minerals are of equal importance, and that includes the trace elements usually available in liquid form as colloidal minerals (like TJ Clark’s).<br><br>EFAs are also quite important, but should not be taken with minerals because they might interfere with absorption of both vitamins and minerals.<br><br>A good idea is to take calcium and magnesium at least an hour before retiring (about 1g and 250mg respectively). Immediately before retiring, 1-2 tablespoonfuls of extra virgin olive oil, some cod liver oil, flaxseed oil, vit E, DMAE (superior to cod liver oil, but more expensive; it is salmon oil), and evening primrose or borage seed oil can be taken. These oils coat the intestinal tract during the night and should help lower inflammation and seal over lesions so that bacteria is excluded. The total volume of this may be over eight grams; but whatever is suited to your own constitution is best for persistence.<br><br>Upon arising drink some juice with the colloidal minerals, liquid vitamins (Miracle 2000 is a good brand), and some Knox or kosher gelatin (supplies glucosamine). Generally, take calcium and minerals like boron, selenium, and zinc on a stomach about to receive food (acid), and take folic acid and other vitamins during meals.<br><br>Don’t go crazy or obsessive with these. Give it a rest sometimes. Cayce suggested everything in cycles like 3 weeks on and 1 week off; that is certainly reasonable.<br><br><br>Some additional food examples:<br><big>DOCUMENT UNDER CONSTRUCTION; inputs are greatly appreciated.</big><br><br>Some general guidelines to consider, perhaps to moderate the very meat-filled regimen offered by Dr. Campbell (see links above).<br><br>Breakfast:<br><br>soft scrambled eggs (in butter)<br>or<br>omelet, usually with ortega chili, *onion, and *cheeses<br>or<br>fruit, especially pineapple, pears, fruit cocktail<br>or<br>various nuts and fruits, but especially honeydew melon, cantaloupe, blueberries<br><br>juices esp cranberry with strawberry, lemonade, pineapple, V8 (tomato mixes)<br><br><br>Snacks throughout the day:<br><br>raw almonds, with raisins (savor this; it is the utmost correct food of all)<br>fresh, canned, or glace pineapple, dried apricot<br>walnuts, filberts, pistachios, <br>*yoghurt (no modified food starch, live active cultures)<br>*cheese, especially string (mozzarella)<br>chocolates without (much) caramel or any peanuts; Hershey bar<br>fruits like grapes, kiwi, <br>olives<br><br>For starch withdrawals: Unsweetened concord grape juice—about 4 ounces twice daily.<br><br><br>Lunch:<br><br>The perfect time for the perfunctory crisp green salad, but at least once during the day one serving of raw lettuce or celery or cucumber or carrots must be taken.<br>or<br>fruit salad, fresh raw fruits esp pineapple<br>or<br>lychee<br>or pears, fruit cocktail, peaches, etc<br>or (when small dinner is to be eaten)<br>chili rellenos casserole or for dinner on occasion<br>or<br>sparingly chopped up raw **cauliflower with some hot Indian pickle<br>or<br>carrot and raisin salad<br>or<br>(rarely; up to twice per month) non-breaded eggplant parmisan. Cooked eggplant is starchy, but I can tolerate it is some moderation<br><br><br>Dinner:<br><br>*okra with onions, tomatoes<br>or<br>beansprouts (mung), with tofu or egg<br>or<br>cooked spinach with *tofu, egg, or feta and fenugreek<br>or<br>fruits, esp lychee<br>or <br>salads incl (sometimes) cottage cheese<br>or<br>broccoli with myzithra (hard Greek cheese similar to pecorino or parmisan with flavour)<br>or<br>my own egg foo yung: scrambled egg pancake with beansprouts, diced onions, garlic, etc<br>or<br>special borscht full of vegetable chunks with dollop of sour cream on top<br>or<br>bitter melon: My wife fixes this with eggs and onions. It is supposed to be good for us…<br>or <br>asparagus with tomatoes, and various cheeses<br>or<br>zucchini with spaghetti sauce (many are non-starchy).<br><br><br>*Some of our NSD “researchers” react to dairy, so eliminate this during suspect times (incipient flare…). Others have problems specific to yoghurt and “probiotics;” the good bacteria that should come with the yoghurt. Still others have trouble with onions and at least one person reacts to okra, which should not be eaten in great quantities if active diverticulitis or active Crohn’s Disease. Another has a reaction to tofu.<br><br><br>The Edgar Cayce admonitions:<br><br>As to meats: 1)Fish (ocean is best; no shellfish), fowl, and lamb. Beef rarely, but his method of preparation will take all the fun out of eating this; a clarified broth!<br><br>No fried foods. I have had my worst reactions to fried rice, papad, and chips (French frys).<br><br>Many more vegetables that grow above ground than below. No refined sugars and starches.<br><br>Cleansing regimens are important, especially the 3 day apple diet. Cayce suggests that “eliminations” are a key component of arthritis in general and especially AS-like diseases. Campbell urges frequent colon irrigation.<br><br>No carbonated waters: I try, but fail and sometimes drink Coca Cola. There was never a reason given, but I think it has to do with the intestinal lesions that might open if the tract is blown up like a balloon. Enteric coated PopRocks should definitely be forbidden…<br><br>Both Campbell and Cayce (placed in same category as starch!) proscribed chocolate, but I have allowed it for myself without very much trouble, but only after I had healed up my intestines by following diet and taking supplements for several months.

Edited by DragonSlayer (03/15/13 07:22 PM)
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Important AS Resources

Professor Ebringer: On Diet and AS;

RED ARROW --> Philippines

#101431 - 04/28/03 02:15 AM Re: NSD QuickStart and tips [Re: DragonSlayer]
dega Offline

Registered: 04/24/03
Posts: 4
Loc: Nebraska
I'm new at this, but I noticed that the Cayce 3 day apple diet link doesn't work on this post. Do you happen to have a copy of the page or a different link by chance?

#101432 - 04/28/03 02:50 AM Re: NSD QuickStart and tips [Re: dega]
bilko Offline

Registered: 09/05/01
Posts: 2363
Loc: London
just tried the link and it worked ....

sublata causa tollitur effectus as we say
'Then you should say what you mean,' the March Hare went on. 'I do,' Alice hastily replied; 'at least - at least I mean what I say - that's the same thing , you know.' 'Not the same thing a bit!' said the Hatter.

#101433 - 04/28/03 12:32 PM Re: NSD QuickStart and tips [Re: dega]
Jas_mine Offline

Registered: 02/14/03
Posts: 299
Hi Dega

The link worked for me as well...... But just in case... Here we go.


Edgar Cayce Australia Apple Diet
[ Home ] [ Up ]


Cayce recommended the apple diet for a wide variety of ailments too lengthy to enumerate, but in all cases where toxaemia or toxicity could be a cause or contributing factor to such problems as headache, debilitation, neuritis, arthritis, constipation, incoordination of assimilation and elimination, subluxations, anaemia, stroke, pinworms and so on.

What Apply Variety should be used?
'...Those that pertain to those activities of the Jonathan variety of the apple, or the jenneting; the Black Arkansas, the Oregon Red, (which are the ones you have here), the Sheepnose, the Delicious, the Arkansas Russet; any of those that are of the jenneting variety.' Reading 0294-18

'...and we will cleanse ALL toxic forces from any system!' Reading 0820-00
'...NO raw apples; or if raw apples are taken, take them and NOTHING else - three days of raw apples only, and then olive oil, and we will cleanse ALL toxic forces from any
system! Raw apples are not well unless they are of the jenneting variety.
[GD's note: Dictionary of obsolete words gives re. jenneting: "A jenneting pear - an early pear resembling the jenneting apple." NOTE: Jenneting: A variety of early apple, so named for being ripe about St. John's Day, June 24th.] Reading 0820-00

NOTE - The quantity of Olive Oil used on the third day varied with individuals to as little as a few teaspoons full.

'...the regular Apple Diet would be WELL for the body - but DON'T TRY TO WORK LIKE A HORSE WHEN YOU ARE ON THE APPLE DIET! or else we will find it will be more detrimental than helpful!' Reading 0307-01

' 23. We would cleanse the alimentary canal as related to the effect of the gastric flow through the stomach and throughout the duodenum. This may be done through the cleansing by the method of the APPLE DIET - RAW Apples; requiring about three days. Eat nothing but raw apples, you see, for three days - each meal for three days. Then at bedtime on the evening of the third day, take half a cup
(teacup) of Pure Olive Oil.

24. Then leave off this diet, but it may be repeated once a month for two or three months; three days each month, you see, and then left off.' Reading 1622-00

4. 'We would use first the apple diet to purify the system; that is, for three days eat nothing but apples of the Jonathan variety if possible. This includes the Delicious, which is a
variety of the Jonathan. The Jonathan is usually grown farther north than the Delicious, but these are of the same variety, but eat some. You may drink coffee if you desire, but do not put milk or cream in it, especially while you are taking the apples.

5. At the end of the third day, the next morning take about two ablespoonsful of Olive Oil.' Reading 0780-01

23. (Q) Why did the Apple Diet fail and was it harmful?
(A) As we find, this would not have failed if there had not been the needs for undue changes during those periods. It is often necessary for this to be repeated more than once, to become really effective. Reading 1158-03


Best wishes

#101434 - 04/28/03 01:37 PM Re: NSD QuickStart and tips [Re: DragonSlayer]
dega Offline

Registered: 04/24/03
Posts: 4
Loc: Nebraska
well that's strange. it works for me now. i feel silly. my monitor is fogging up now that i can hardly see my typing because of my blushing. :) thanks.

#101435 - 06/01/03 12:37 PM Re: NSD QuickStart and tips [Re: DragonSlayer]
Ravn Offline

Registered: 09/07/01
Posts: 148
Loc: Seattle, WA
A fried rice reaction could have happened because they put soy sauce on it. Soy sauce has wheat in it. A no no for me as I have found I am allergic to wheat. I found that out when I cheated on the NSD diet. Most of the fast food teriyaki and any chinese food is going to have soy sauce and most likely corn starch.



#101436 - 06/15/04 01:32 PM Re: NSD QuickStart and tips [Re: Ravn]
Inanna Offline

Registered: 11/15/01
Posts: 18089
Loc: UK
Just a note on soy sauce and wheat. Check the ingredients of the soy sauce, as the only ones that use wheat as a thickener are the cheap ones. The more expensive ones generally don't have it.



"I haven't failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that don't work."- Thomas Edison

A life lived in fear is a life half lived.
"Strictly Ballroom"


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