A silver bullet for an unwanted guest ? A.S

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A silver bullet for an unwanted guest ? A.S - 04/26/18 03:18 AM

My first effort at a thread - forgive my errors
Those kind enough to read me may find my musings erratic . There is a logic and I ask you to stay with it and try and follow what might seem like Tennysons Babbling brook.
You have I would hope followed my previous posts in some detail . Including some postings on Rife. current pulsing , electromagnetic pulsing .. Its seems a long story but the veracity is difficult to test. I am but one guinea pig.
The indications are to me at least that if there's to be a silver bullet found that will work for us all the answers going to be modulated light. There is a light emitting globe arriving soon that I hope to begin pulsing myself with . Its called a 'Phanotron' It is the Method Rife used himself to deliver MORs (mortal oscillatory frequencies)

Now I don't claim it's cheap but I'm going to suggest an alternative which had I of read about it - I would have tried first.
Regarding the Rife tube and frequency delivery I ask you to stay with me whilst I unite three seemingly separate incidences occurring at different times on different forums That have in common Ankylosing Spondylitis associated with outstanding recovery.
The first is a Rife driven machine pulsing a Phanotron to deal with spine calcification. Its an advance on what I'm doing now with high voltage - hence a tube is on the way.

regard then this extract ( although I'm obliged to link to the web page itself too)

An Email List member asked, "I am very interested in spine calcification better known as Ankylosying Spondylitis. "
Jan. 10, 2001: Guess it's time to write this report:
A Therapist in Germany has reported to me privately of two individuals responding well in treatments with the EM+. 328 Hz (and 326 Hz) are the key frequencies, it appears- I'd given him the 328 Hz several months ago.
One lady 32, the other 40, had been totally imobilized- 0% range of motion in their spine, 22 vertebrae fused solid with the calcification.
Working with the EM+ allows direct application of the plasma tube to specific target areas, such as the spine, with the result of much greater amplitude of induced resonance than can be achieved deep within the body, appearantly moreso than with any 'radiant mode only' method of inducing resonance.
Previous reports from researchers working with Prostate Cancer volunteers in the US report using EKG electrode gell to further enhance the conduction of components of the spiral plasma hand piece's resonant signal more directly into selected target areas, such as tumor sites, etc. Another commonly available option for this use is KY Jelly.
As best I can remember the phone conversation, in about the second treatment session, he could litterally hear 'pops' or 'snaps' in the area of the spine being treated, as the excess calcification began to break down. Further sessions have resulted in the excess calcification literally disolving and 'liquefying', according to his report.
The Medical Collge nearby has been doing the testing, and reports that both subjects have now regained form 70% to 75% of the normal range of motion in their spines. They also at the same time still claim that this is impossible, that this condition is non-reversable according to their understanding.... yet they are doing the tests and scans and can not argue with the results being achieved.

from this web page http://www.stenulson.net/althealth/emanecdt.htm Impressive I think you'll agree - If you believe.

Whats now required is evidence that 'light' in this frequency spectrum can alter and effect the condition of our unwelcome quest.
I again take the liberty of posting from another forum regarding AS - This time (spooky2) - The spooky being a Rife machine

Post by Antonio Pinto » Wed Mar 25, 2015 6:54 pm
For my wife, who had long suffered from ankylosing spondylitis, the preferred device for her pain relief (used along the spine) was a certain 'Vityas quantum therapy device Cold Laser', which still can be found on eBay for a little more than 100 euros. What contributed to her healing was a combination of various methods and protocols, including a specific diet. So, i just want to say that this device (apparently unpromising, judging by the low price) really worked to relieve her excruciating pain. Of course, the device manual covers a lot of ground, but i'll not make any claims regarding the cure of this or that.

I didn't followed the Vityas manual in all the operational details, but if it may contribute to some extra ideas regarding light therapy, wavelengths, application time, etc., here is the link to the english manual (my 2007 version):


(from this thread https://www.spooky2.com/forums/viewtopic...onylitis#p26309 )

I don't endorse of suggest any of this to you , I'm not a medical practitioner - I'm joining the patches together to make a quilt for you to look at.

Light in a spectrum seems quite important - I'll get very much cheaper and more effective with that in a moment.
Rife used the modulated light at these high frequencies to deliver the required frequency to the problem area . For example 326 Hz to remove the calcification you have just read about from the German clinic .

However there is evidence that light in the specific relevant narrow band can control and regress A.S
The Drugs industry is huge and is in turn an off shoot of 'big oil' Rockefeller founded the AMA , The BMA (and all the other MA's) They in turn dictate what Doctors can and can't do . How ever well meaning . some countries are a little more 'flexible' than others . Germany comes to mind as you have just read.
Mexico , Turkey and China come to mind . However you'd better believe the Drugs 'industry' and its unwilling puppets are not going to promote anything that costs buttons . I cant promote anything - that would be illegal . still I would ask you to read this third patch - very carefully, If the figures are true they are astonishing . for a thing thats the price of one meal out somewhere.
I had to read this . once then twice and a third time because the effects seem beyond comprehension I suggest you do the same.


So probably your Dr, hospital , clinic will have nothing to do with you , or this treatment . As in Germany they would rather try and deny whats occurring in front of them - 'Its chronic end of story'
Folks - Its a lamp ! The good people in Mexico give us the spectrum - 425nm - 650nm - Its not hard to find . despite the medical profession denying frequencies do anything at all , They have the temerity to use them as and when it suits. to heal bones for instance. of cure jaundice in young Babies.
The tubes at the required frequency are made . They are cheap but you may have trouble buying one
but its not impossible .
Here is the tube that matches the spectrum used in the Mexico clinical trial .


How much ?? I looked it up on ebay , Item 112872800220 - 4 .99 Euro admittedly a bit of postage as its coming from Germany but as I can't buy in the UK I don't care.
The rest is simple - its a 2 ft - 20 Watt florescent light just like any other , buy one and change the tube . or buy the bits . Ballast ebay item 162991568493
any half competent electrician can put that together for you in a few hours if your not happy doing it your self.
of course far be it for me to suggest you do any such thing ! - Its not allowed ! I just assume your big boys and girls and can paddle your own boats and make your own decisions. I have lifted the lid off a big can of worms here. I look forward to your views

My very kindest regards to you all Duncan whistle
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Re: A silver bullet for an unwanted guest ? A.S - 04/26/18 11:24 AM

So My little bedrooms like frankinstines Lab - If my old Ma was to come back there would be trouble! broken old computer and desk dragged out of the shed ! signal generators and function generators
bits of spooky Rife gear.

And just to add insult to injury have a look at my new bed partner - She'll even give you a flash I dare say . I've had better in my bed - ah but right now It might be just whats required.

Thats delivering the all important 326 HZ - Inside those pulses
well - we'll see ! My little trial with it seems -so far so good
Kind regards Duncan
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Re: A silver bullet for an unwanted guest ? A.S - 04/26/18 02:16 PM

Greetings Duncan

You are doing a good service to All of us here at KickAS.... I say so because I never before heard of devices which could reverse calsification. From my experiences I believe any thing is possible. I do especially beleive in the power of light. The reason I am saying so is because if you google the statistics of where AS is prevalent.

You will see that the statisics show that A.S is more common in colder countries than in warmer countries i.e countries where there is less SUNSHINE.

So the Sun and light does make a difference in this disease. Appart from just giving you vitamin D.

With the right frequency I also believe it is possible to vibrate calcium and remove calcification in early stages, not sure about complete fusion.

Your room looks like my room when I was building my Guitar Valve(tube) amp.

I will be following with great interest.

Keep up the good work...

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Re: A silver bullet for an unwanted guest ? A.S - 04/27/18 01:25 AM

I so wish I could write for you - Its all suddenly gone away , I can't ,not yet at least. I dont really know how to apply the tube to myself. and I'm not certain of the computer settings . The German example used two major frequencies and I have learn to program the second one.I start to understand why these clinical studies have placebo's and blinds , I so much want it to be - I could so easily imagine. (so could you)
Keeping that in mind I'll be as objective as I can. I normally sleep curled up a little facing all that (temporary I hope) electrical mess .
The high voltage cables feeding the plasma tube I fed under the pillows so the tube was behind me.
Initially quite a way behind me- flashing away doing its 326Hz thing.
Here we get to the human impatience thing - AS has had years if not many generations developing and adapting . Its living (we might not like that idea but it is !) . I want to see and expect action in a few hours ? just how silly is that ?
here's the paradox of one nitwit alone (me). anyway I started moving the tube closer - and closer until we were ' intimate' - me and the flasher .
Now I could feel something - That big ball gets warm , not hot but tepid perhaps thats what I was feeling . still what followed was 'odd' unpleasant and something I haven't really had before - The tops of both of my feet began to ache and punish me . almost a cramp in the tops of the feet (if you can imagine that) - I flexed my feet and gradually that unpleasantness retreated. you also know as an a pal and fellow AS sufferer that twang can go the other way .
I generally have a constant nagging pain about the hips these days when trying to sleep , That seemed reduced. I decided right or wrong to get intimate with 'Plasmy' right up against the base of my spine - If it were a builders '[*bleep*] crack' the center of this ball was right there!
now something started happening , Odd it may sound but suddenly things got comfortably warm . The nagging pain about the hips replaced with comfort . The biggest and unexpected effect was breath - I found I was suddenly taking great big gulps of air and relishing each one. fancy enjoying breathing - odd
As far as any objectivity is concerned I thought the morning would tell , I could compare it to other mornings after all.
Well it's turned out to be one of the better 'pick yourself out of the bed and walk' experiences but nothing 'extra special' you see here's that annoying word again - not - conclusive.
what is conclusive is its doing something I havent experienced before, I take that as a good sign.
when I move my arms - my backs cracking and popping - I hope thats a good sign too .
I don't want to get people excited when all might be my imagination - Its a thin long line and I don't have the nous to make any sort of medical assessment.
In a nut shell then - Its doing something , Its making changes , Its going to be my sleeping partner for a while until I know good or bad . - In due course I'll add the 'Mexico' lamp to the equation. I'll screw it to the wall you see at the left hand side of the bed .
I don't know if thats good or bad folks - Its just how it is . Oh I forgot to mention the early evening didn't start good anyway , I had to go out , now I don't know who thought up 'speed bumps' but It wasn't a A.S sufferer . One got me , trying to drive with that [*bleep*] twanging your string - oh great! and here's the next one! . . - folks I'm investigating not promising , so far I'm more than happy to continue . I'm thinking of writing to John white and ask for that frequency range used in Germany to be written and included in his programing -
blessings ! I'm going to see if I can mow a lawn now , Now there's a challenge for me (if you like!)
Kindest regards to you all Duncan
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Re: A silver bullet for an unwanted guest ? A.S - 04/27/18 06:28 AM

I now write 'indelicate' because I dont know why , or pretend to understand . my [*bleep*] (urine) has gone from dark yellowish which its been for some time - to clear. - I'm not sure what that means , my interest in urine is very fleeting - (including my own) however it might mean something to those who know about - urine, and . Its a change & so I note it - hope your not having dinner - regards D
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Re: A silver bullet for an unwanted guest ? A.S - 04/28/18 04:51 AM

As some A.S. medication can cause kidney/liver problems you are right to mention any change in the color of your urine. It is however probably nothing to worry about but something you should mention next time you see a doctor.
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Re: A silver bullet for an unwanted guest ? A.S - 04/29/18 12:58 AM

Hi Frederick - The change has IMHO been for the good. I'm trying very hard not to be over optimistic either with myself or anyone reading me . But - and thats a big BUT - things are changing quite fast for me . and I think for the better . as I wrote - I'm no Doctor . The pain situation has altered. what was that excruciating intense grab at the pain center (how ever that works) which seems in absolute control and could go - up through the gears , or subside, seemingly on a whim . has stopped .
Now whats replaced it isn't roses either Fred . Its a dull ache . Not intense , not piercing, not powerful (if you know what I mean) but never the less - There.
Over the years I've become a reluctant respecter of A.S - even though I didn't know its name. It ebbs and flows , Its quiet and it flairs up , Its a torment pure and simple!
At the moment Fred I'm starting to whisper very quietly to myself, I might ,Just might , have stumbled on one of keys that can unlock this condition .
Let me show you a very unimportant bit of overgrown scrub land that used to be ' a little garden'in an english Noth west town. - You'll see it's not a thing of beauty . but to me very significant .
I never ever thought in my dreams I'd cut this grass again . So Its not a great sight - It was a great effort for me so it might (again just might) be one of the most important bits of neglected garden your ever going to look at .

I managed to do that . Now I know pride comes before a fall , and that hack job doesn't look anything special - however I'm so proud of it . one of Adam's gardens couldn't look better! .
Things are getting better . (so far touch wood) in fact touch anything that might help !
Also - one of those very powerful things is starting to form - An idea . The easiest person to delude is myself - I can stand that ! still I wouldn't want to delude you reading me, so all I can say with certainty is - things are changing
My kindest regards to everyone reading me ( just say a little prayer that I might be right ) you know the twists and turns of AS as well me! - Duncan
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Re: A silver bullet for an unwanted guest ? A.S - 04/30/18 12:58 AM

I am as most reading me know following an anti biotic program initially set out by Gabriel Martin in his book . I am staying faithful to that .
however that aside I have stopped all other Med's, I have some friends who have come to stay for the weekend , They like to walk .
Like wee willy winkey all around the town - upstairs and down .
To cut this short I couldn't keep up . - still I managed to 'get in the frame' Not much I know by a healthy persons standards but I was pleased to at least be 'part of' for a change .. If you are reading me you'll probably be far more interested in any progress and it's progress I'm starting to be loath to report on. I'm the best candidate but also the worst judge .
I want it to be - and I might be making it so (If that makes sense) still so far each day just a little better than the one before .
Getting out of bed in the morning and that first bit of moving - (you know where I'm at) still isn't easy its still an ordeal . But it's nothing like the ordeal it was two weeks ago or even two or three days ago.
I'm half waiting for that 'bite - the spasm that digs deep , It isn't there , perhaps if I provoked it ? but who's going to do that ?
I still dare not say - here's the silver bullet ! however do stay with me and hope as I do , because so far the barometer say's 'set fine'. now The idea - Ah yes the idea !
You have read of the Rife frequency being used in Germany and the stunning results , The same frequency I'm applying to myself.
You have also read I hope of the Mexico results with certain light wavelengths . - Mix the two in a simple cheap project anyone can build and try -- Now thats an idea -- Isn't it?
Certainly not really ready to go with this just yet but the idea is - use the medical tubes , but drive them with something like this

at 326hz of course and not necessarily with a battery . OK so its specific and aimed right at the heart of A.S . It needs a few willing participants and quite a bit of organization . honest reporting and patience but given the idea and theory is anyone else up for giving it a try ? When my tube arrives I'll start design work anyway although I welcome any contribution with open arms
Best wishes Duncan
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Re: A silver bullet for an unwanted guest ? A.S - 05/01/18 01:56 AM

again - It seems just a little bit easier this morning . usually I have to sit for half an hour or so before attempting the stroll to the kitchen . and the left turn into a hall way is a painful test.
This morning 10 mins sitting and the turn was easier. still stiff and a bit of grunting involved - but easier
I also abandoned any pretext of holding to a diet yesterday . toast,butter, scrambled egg , sausage for breakfast and lamb chops for tea.
There might be a price to pay for such action , but if there is its not come calling yet. for those following this proposed light project I now consider driving the tube 'modulation not with a 555 timer I have rather Just sent off for five of this ebay item
273107868051 I sumise - It can drive a high power MOSFET directly and give an adjustable and visable frequency adjustment.
I can't sell this thing with any claimes at all - The truth is I don't want to sell anything! If the benifit I'm experiancing is real and true I'd like other folks to know it too. Initially I'm going to try and make five of these things . and give four away to fellow sufferes on condition they accuratly report back here on this forum.
There's probably legal implications , I might have to send it as a partially built 'kit' - anyway whatever it takes.
I guess its easier if I can find folks here in the UK . The tube might present customs trouble. however initially anyone world wide who would like to PM me and help test - feel free
as always my kindest , and I hope your just a little better too
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Re: A silver bullet for an unwanted guest ? A.S - 05/02/18 11:58 PM

I did write such a long thing yesterday and decided not to publish . conjecture , false hopes , I don't want . I certainly don't want to broadcast such.
Parts of this operation are something of a gruesome history , pains and aches visit that I have known over the years say 'how -do' , and pass on. - odd - I remember you . was a hit record once (long ago)
So Far so good ! The Tube I shouldn't Be allowed has arrived - Its big and fat like tubes used to be !
I have other pressing issues to do, now I can move again, but rest assured I'll be on the Mexico project too, very soon - My kindest regards Duncan
PS - It crosses my mind that I need some sort of objective test I might use on myself to determine if what I feel is happening 'in truth' - I have no nurses or doctors , that are prepaired to help , - Marks on a wall ? what ? - suggestions that make sense to me (and everyone else) please. - D
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Re: A silver bullet for an unwanted guest ? A.S - 05/03/18 01:34 AM

I beleive This bit of glass is going to prove very important to you - fellow A.S sufferer's ! , we'll see

Its quite hard for a somewhat dylexic and autisitic person to write at you . still so it is,- I have A.S too ! What a lucky man I am !

Blessings - Duncan
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Re: A silver bullet for an unwanted guest ? A.S - 05/04/18 01:45 AM

So yesterday was my birthday - I did all the things you shouldn't do , drank lots of wine , and later beer in the pub. ate Oh bless my soul BBQ Smokey spare ribs in a sticky sauce with a huge portion of chips - did a little work on an electric bike in the morning . As for promoting 'good health' yesterday had no redeeming features. - A hog at his trough ,pure and simple . did I get away with it ?
I did not! I don't suppose I deserved to . The phoenix was a bit slower and more painful rising from the ashes this morning.
A little bit longer sitting down . Just for the record - It was worth it ! however also for the record my unwanted ,uninvited friend is still about seemingly just waiting for some 'over indulgence' Having said that I'm still a lot lot better than I was just a few weeks ago .
I have made a mental note to myself - 'stop being a total pig' especially with things nearly all myA.S peers record as 'not good' , I also for my sins forgot to run the Rife de- calcification frequency through the night . Ah well I got just what I deserve. The Irish folks have an expression when greeting you "The top of the morning to you" - I've just had the other end !
I promise - I'll do better ! (honest)Its important I behave isn't it? To err is human
kindest regards Duncan
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Re: A silver bullet for an unwanted guest ? A.S - 05/05/18 12:10 AM

Good news - I don't seem to have done any damage what so ever to the planned regime . This morning better again. - back on track . Yesterday I took a short walk . On the way to the pub I mentioned , There is a river that runs through Kendal, The river Kent. There is a footpath alongside the river with a patch of land known as Gooseholme. here's a little part of that walk with the church in the background .

Now I'm only to well aware that in this day and age your not supposed to watch, comment , or have anything to do with children . Ah but . a little girl perhaps seven or eight years old was running about in front of me coming in the opposite direction . Parents and proud grandparents in tow.
Now and again she somersaulted on the grass for the pure joy of being able to. showing off I guess, She then skipped a little ahead and formed ' a crab' I'm sure you remember kiddies at school who could do that . I never ever could .
I watched incredulous . That arch , a bend I could only dream of , done with consummate ease and just for the fun and exhilaration of doing it.little fractional movements of hands and feet to bend the bow just a little bit more.
I watched so very closely, not a perversion (at least I don't think so) I rejoiced at this child's flexibility and pure enjoyment at testing it . and I wished . I wished for all of us . - This morning 'better' also lamps and ballasts are registered and on their way. - Blessings people life is very precious even if it sometimes doesn't seem so .
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Re: A silver bullet for an unwanted guest ? A.S - 05/05/18 11:06 PM

Hippy day Duncan!

Lucky Man is a nostalgic tune!

My birthday was last month and I indulged. I paid the price too! And it took a week to recover (mostly). I did the same at X-mas.

That little girl... I did my yoga first thing out of bed, but after taking 10 grams of bovine colostrum (the only dairy in my diet) along with EDTA. I try to do yoga every hour to keep all types of circulation going and the morning mortar from setting into a solid.

May the Force be with you!
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Re: A silver bullet for an unwanted guest ? A.S - 05/06/18 02:42 AM

Hi Robin nice to hear from you. I'm running a Rife machine as you know - That Plasma ball is running close to my spine . I'm still no gazelle you understand ! I doubt I'll ever be able to do what I watched that little girl do . Still each day is just a little better.
I can't tell you what a difference it makes to have ' a method' present itself of getting out of bed and up without it being a horror story.
The difference between a dull ache and a uncontrollable symphony of pain is huge.
I'm blasting de- calcification frequencies at my spine every which way I can .
you mention preventing the mortar hardening . An apt, very apt description . ponder this .. We humans are scientifically recorded and measured as being 80% (ish) water . On a sub molecular level that rises steeply . The point I make is (despite what your senses present) we are each little more than - a bag of water . as an aside and a bit ghoulish - beds and folks on the cusp of death have been weighed before and after (so to speak) . whatever your god . the difference is measured at a mere - 23 grammes .
I suspect (and am probing) the possibility that what you visualize as 'mortar' might equally easily be turned back to water . incorporated, filtered and excreted by an amazing system - our bodies .
I am also starting to make a 'liver function' connection to the calcium build up.
The electrics are on their way to move up a gear .
Robin I'm glad you risked and enjoyed special days .
I'm sorry you suffered a while for just trying to enjoy a little of life.
Robin its a dark tunnel , there is and end to it . Those of us who reach that end will be so, oh so very strong. - Superman and green lantern ain't got nothing on me ! - Remember Jimmy Page? he could play one or two cords badly (couldn't he?) with a 'cappo' and a bit of help .
Was it Jimmy page who wrote that little guitar book - 'play in a day'?
I jest of course. There's a tune being played on our bones , I'm listening as hard as I can and reacting .
This little bit of hokum rises to the top -- next . Honest brokers ? honest report ? clinically correct?
I'll see , soon enough - and so will you.
Its something of the same Robin, high frequencies being modulated . - The mortar can't set , It turns back to - water . (allegedly)
If what I experience is true , IF IF - and its not all a cruel illusion . I swear - at my own cost , I'll make it available. blessings everyone . Duncan
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Re: A silver bullet for an unwanted guest ? A.S - 05/07/18 12:31 AM

again things seem fractionally better. although I was running a different frequency set at my aches and pains . There is surprisingly a frequency set specific to Ankylosing Spondylitis . Its in a set of frequencies named CAFL - http://www.electroherbalism.com/Bioelectronics/FrequenciesandAnecdotes/CAFL.htm
you'll see the suggestion is run 326 Hz far longer after build up, You'll perhaps remember thats de- calcification and really all I've been pointing at my spine .
I ran the whole frequency set last night. Or should I say I tried to . A computer generates the control and frequencies . That in turn drives the frequency generators , modulated High voltage is generated that in turn drives the plasma .
As simply as I can put it - The computer lost the plot somewhere overnight and stayed locked on one step (3000 hz) No harm done ! ( at least I don't think so). In fact quite the reverse , as I stretch and move there are pops and cracks - I guess I'm starting to get used to it a little bit but its still a bit alarming when you turn at some point and a loud noise like a pistol crack seems to be generated somewhere in the middle of the brain.
I don't know if thats good or bad to be honest . I'm running on instinct and feel, if I feel better , I'll feed it.
If I feel worse I'll starve it.
Sure there's hiccups . what did you expect ? however Things are still changing for the better.
kind regards Duncan
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Re: A silver bullet for an unwanted guest ? A.S - 05/08/18 02:59 PM

I thought I'd take a snap of the Phototherapy tube and its eerie bluish light , you see the Phanotron bulb in front of it . Its all about frequencies I surmise !

The Rife machine is running de -calcification frequencies through the night via the Phanotron . whilst the Phototherapy tube is used for short periods as outlined in this remarkable clinical trial on an A.S sufferer. - I'm not sure of hazards with this tube (if any) - so slowly, slowly.
I have yet to investigate modulating the light source with the all important de- calcification frequency (if it can be done)
grin blue blue my world is blue !

Hard to judge anything from this light spectrum yet - you'll see the Mexico test ran 48 half hour sessions at the rate of three a week. Kind regards Duncan

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Re: A silver bullet for an unwanted guest ? A.S - 05/09/18 01:39 AM

another day another dollar - as I sit briefly in the early morning its a time I can use to write to you good people. Its also a time to alter the Rife machine from its night time duty of de - calcification to the specific frequency's aimed at AS . I confess I don't much like running those I feel nauseous and quite ill.
As I wrote yesterday the lamp seemed to me to be a long term affair - after 45 mins use I would suggest this cheap (relatively) drug free and I guess pretty harmless alternative merits much more investigations.
Anyway at least let me try and describe the sensations to you . There seems to be something akin to sunburn about the effects it has. You may lie outside on an overcast day in Africa -- you will be fried ! sunburn on steroids ! - you'll suffer .
A cure (such as there is a cure for sunburn) was to rub the whole area with tomato's (or at least the juice) I guess you think I'm joking - I'm not . It was described to me as - " It draws the heat" what kinda description that might be - I don't know but this bit of wacky folk lore worked, an odd burning sensation .
This lamp brought it to mind. - So you lie in that blue glow and really don't feel anything very much .
comfortable perhaps , relaxed, you may sense somethings going on but quite un-troubling (I did) alas I did when I was being quickly cooked under African skies too !
So after half an hour or forty five mins you turn the lamp off . No change - waste of time ?
Oh dear no .. you don't have to wait long, Its faster than sunburn, A sensation it isn't sunburn (thats simply as near as I can get) But its inside , not uncomfortable but it is like sunburn and the tomato's some sort of heat.
It was a new sensation to me and so I relished it . some sort of heat right in the center of those lumber points that have always given me so much trouble.
Is it helping ? Lets put it this way I'm certainly not going to stop. I suspect if I went to sleep in front of this lamp it could do terrible damage but I'm not going to and I don't know about the damage bit..
Do I again feel better this morning ?an unequivocal yes.
Now I'm not a part of a clinical trial, I don't really want to be . I don't like the idea of being anyones placebo or blind.
Like you I have my hopes and ambitions, I'm not anyones 'test piece' Like you I have read and researched . I know the official line, I know the food and gene connections. I don't entirely believe them but like you I can and do ultimately make my own choices.
I'm am my own guinea pig . I'm doing my own research (on me) , buying building and testing my own equipment at my own expense. I seem to be getting better quite quickly. Is it the course of anti biotic I indulged in ?
Is it the Rife frequencies I'm running ? Might the Mexico lamp project influence ?
I don't know for sure myself and I'm no body else's test bed (apart from as far as I choose to be) I'd love to lead everyone to salvation and cure but all said and done,I'm coming out of a dark cave the only way I know how. - whilst trying to help and being helped .
I think I'd like to write a little bit on food. It was a huge salvation at one point. A "flair up" that seemed to go on and on . As I hadn't yet been diagnosed with A.S I didn't know diet was even an option., never mind a possible cause. Only when I presented myself at A&E with a possible spine fracture was the diagnosis made. The diagnosis we would all I'm sure prefer to be a fracture. Ankylosing Spondylitis !
Now I researched - wow did I ? - I quickly made the diet connection - Padderson , the amazing Cherie Allardice, Dr , McDougall Et Al !! There was conflicting information but, I had to try it after all what choice did I have ?
I didn't really know what to eat - or not so I stopped eating altogether . That worked it got me out of pain quickly but starving isn't a long term solution is it ? (well it is, but eternal's rather to long! )
There is an answer there in 'food' and there's no denying it . Its just not the answer I'm looking for as ' a preference' - Its sure as hell a much better preference than pain .
you read a few posts back I pigged out and paid the price -Again I make the point the connections there I can't deny it . Just like you folks I started trying bits and pieces to see what I could and couldn't eat . All the supplements too ! just as you will have done - Cod liver oil , D3 , B complex , Devil's claw
an Uncle Tom Cobley and all - "an Uncle Tom Cobley and all"
After all I would do, I share the same condition - I'll clutch at the same straws, Aye the devils a hard task master folks !
So you can see I'm experimenting, testing , some might prefer "fiddling and messing about" with myself probing A.S, If I can't then who can pray ?
Along with the light , the frequencies , the anti biotic thing I'm also starting to eat everything again slowly but surly.
Now please understand I sense, 'I'm aware' that if I go and make a pig of myself - I'll suffer, I just know I will.
The awareness has altered slightly what and how I eat, compared to how I ate previous.
nothing is omitted but the quantities and proportion's are altered . a few chips , not a plate full . a stir fry a little chicken, not half a bird. more bean spouts more veggies . cooked in olive oil not vegetable oil, noodles ? why yes but only a few. Nothing denied just altered you understand. A month ago I couldn't (dare not) sword fence like this with food a component that had me bowed .
I know it doesn't mean anything much to most folks who simply eat donuts sausage rolls , pies and anything else that takes their fancy.
Its a big deal for me . I'm doing something here thats turning the clock backwards . I don't know how long I can keep poking the pig with a sharp stick until it turns on me - but so far, so good ! - please keep your fingers crossed - if you can do toes too! that might help - Blessings - Duncan

Posted by: Robin_H

Re: A silver bullet for an unwanted guest ? A.S - 05/09/18 06:09 AM

Hello Duncan:

I am aware that you have two light generating devices. Am I mistaken? Do you have more?

You have the Phillips TL20W/52 which was marketed for babies born with jaundice and amazingly it worked for babies and that there was no need for invasive medicines.

Did you post a link to the details of the Phanotron? I.e. what EM frequencies it can produce, light intensity and other specs?

Sorry, but I haven't had the stamina to skim the documents that you linked us to. Aside from breaking down calcification I would like to know if there was a set of frequencies that are specific for killing the Klebselia and other bacteria associated with AS? Mind you, it may work for some people and not others because the spinal inflammation can be caused by many other infections.

What are the typical frequency ranges that the purple florescent Rife bulb is operated at and the Phanotron too?

I saw a Dr Holly Ahern, a microbiologist and mother to a Lyme Disease survivor, talk about her laboratory experiments with using Rife on various bacteria that she had access to and was amazed to discover that at specific frequencies it did work and so decided that she must use it on her daughter; they were audio frequencies. I assume that she meant that the EMR was modulated (pulsed/AM) at audio frequencies.

Now, is the carrier EMR at audio frequencies or is a carrier's amplitude modulated at audio frequenceis? It seems to be the latter. And if it is the latter then does the spectrum of the carrier matter?

Also, is it possible that the popping sounds in a persons back while the Rife machine is running is bubbles forming from frictional heating? I know that ultrasound can warm tissue.

BTW Duncan, one day I accidentally took a gulp of diluted bleach and it eliminated my symptoms for a day, I think that was about 2015. I really would like to try H2O2 on my gut, but perhaps knocking them all out just isn't the right solution for keeping us healthy. I've read claims that H2O2 only targets pathogens but I think that it is a poorly reasoned claim and I have never seen (nor have I looked for) evidence. I am confident that H2O2 is not prejudice.

I have tried colostrum for about a week with the idea that the IgG in it will be pathogen specific and leave the good bacteria alone; that stands to reason. Also there are other important components like PRPs in colostrum, however I am getting the impression that almost all manufacturers extract it to sell as an anti-allergy product. I plan to update a different thread about my research and effects of colostrum later. There is low lactose colostrum. I think the brand is Sovereign Labs and another one that impressed me with its openness with details of its contents was Jarrow. All other mention very little and in email responses with them so far seem to indicate that their product is of low quality.

Originally Posted By Duncan
Its also a time to alter the Rife machine from its night time duty of de - calcification to the specific frequency's aimed at AS . I confess I don't much like running those I feel nauseous and quite ill.

Does that mean that you targeted the bacteria and are experiencing a herxheimer reaction? I wonder if Lyme Disease (LD) patients report the same. I do know that it's been claimed that if a Lyme patient gets a massage or sauna before a LD test that they are more likely to test positive since the bacteria is hypothesized to leave the tissues and enter the blood stream where the humoral immune system can launch a response which we feel due to the cytokine cascade.

May the Force be with you.
Posted by: Duncan

Re: A silver bullet for an unwanted guest ? A.S - 05/09/18 12:12 PM

Bless Robin I have tried and better tried to reply - I will in due course .
Posted by: Robin_H

Re: A silver bullet for an unwanted guest ? A.S - 05/09/18 08:51 PM

Take your time Duncan:

When I read your posts it sounds like I am reading about someone with a similar personality to mine: a sudden burst of energy, make lots of changes, then blows the experiments because of messing with too many variables at the same time, then blows himself up and spends three days recovering. Too much enthusiasm and perhaps a lack of patience.

I did two overlapping experiments -- one based on "AS controlled" was eating only fruit and juicing vegetables, and even adding rice; too many changes at once! The second began about two weeks after the first and that was putting two doses of colostrum into the diet. By the end of the three weeks in the middle of the evenings I started to think death was coming soon. I think the big nono was the fruit. I stopped it all and went back to what has been working best for me.

Moral of the story: one thing at a time and go slow. I sort of understand why the pharmaceutical companies normally take a long time to get a new drug out because of all the steps needed. Us patients have no patience.

But what we are doing here is part of big data called Crowd Sourcing; an aspect of the democratization of medicine/science . We just need more structure (database and experimental design) and scientists with deep knowledge participating
Posted by: Duncan

Re: A silver bullet for an unwanted guest ? A.S - 05/10/18 02:08 AM

Hi Robin - yes there are frequencies logged specific to Klebselia - In fact as I survey the lists the problem rather is - far to many different frequencies from different researchers . I assume many of those are harmonics .
All of this technology is Based on the work of Royal Raymond Rife and the principles of sympathetic or coordinative resonance.
I'm Strongly in favour of the de - calcification frequency because it appears in many lists is tried and tested and remains unchanged 326 Hz. - Its a low frequency and quite easy to keep pure . Thats why I keep relying on it. Even though It may seem that I have a reckless approach thats not the case. Its true that I have abandoned the prescribed medicine , It masks feeling and effect and pains , I have realized I have to feel my way forward , just as you might test and try what you can eat (or not) .
I might dispute the 'each of us is different' observation Robin - if you'll excuse. at least in this context
There are I suggest different degree's of viciousness but its the same breed of dog . you quote the specific frequency set I run for A.S - It runs for just over an hour (66 mins) (In fact its running as I write). there are 26 specific frequency changes some quite drastic.
It does make me feel nauseous quickly - herxheimer reaction ? I too can only put a question mark there.
The frequency range of the tube ! with different gases and frequencies a tube can be made to emit anything pretty much including 'black light' reading the Mexico clinic report the spectrum of the lamp is given . I simply matched that spectrum as closely as I could to a commercial tube . It is perhaps coincidence that tube also does Jaundice duty on babies but I think not.
Here are the spec's on that tube . at the bottom of the webpage you'll see a graph of the light frequency spectrum, It is what I used to Spec the lamp alongside the Mexico report - The power ratio's I ignored.In truth its probably that tube in that lamp in Mexico but I can't cross my heart on that.


Just my view you understand - But as I progress it is that , The tube is very effective , its quicker and produces more reaction than the Phantotron . If you want to be out of pain quickly and be able to move about the tube does that ( at least it does for me) Its just like a big fire blanket if you like.
Just as the mexico clinic records - very cost effective . effective being the most important bit.
What it doesn't and can't do Robin is pin point anything specific . It can't for instance specifically aim at calcification and reverse the effects . ergo increase mobility beyond a certian point. .
Thats medically recorded as being impossible and so takes something special, very special
Here the Phantotron comes into its own . It is helium filled as Rife's own Phantotron was, Its light spectrum is much the same as the tube again that might be coincidence - but I think not.
What is different and important is the light can be 'modulated' In simple terms the 326hz already well established to break down calcification can get to the coal face. I don't simply point these things at myself in a random fashion Robin there is some medical grounding to what I do.
In the case of this amazing de- calcification it originates from this report from a clinic in Germany
using the same equipment (ish) and the same frequency. - I extract the section of interest - and paste it for you

An Email List member asked, "I am very interested in spine calcification better known as Ankylosying Spondylitis. "
Jan. 10, 2001: Guess it's time to write this report:
A Therapist in Germany has reported to me privately of two individuals responding well in treatments with the EM+. 328 Hz (and 326 Hz) are the key frequencies, it appears- I'd given him the 328 Hz several months ago.
One lady 32, the other 40, had been totally immobilized- 0% range of motion in their spine, 22 vertebrae fused solid with the calcification.
Working with the EM+ allows direct application of the plasma tube to specific target areas, such as the spine, with the result of much greater amplitude of induced resonance than can be achieved deep within the body, apparently more so than with any 'radiant mode only' method of inducing resonance.
Previous reports from researchers working with Prostate Cancer volunteers in the US report using EKG electrode gel to further enhance the conduction of components of the spiral plasma hand piece's resonant signal more directly into selected target areas, such as tumor sites, etc. Another commonly available option for this use is KY Jelly.
As best I can remember the phone conversation, in about the second treatment session, he could literally hear 'pops' or 'snaps' in the area of the spine being treated, as the excess calcification began to break down. Further sessions have resulted in the excess calcification literally dissolving and 'liquefying', according to his report.
The Medical College nearby has been doing the testing, and reports that both subjects have now regained form 70% to 75% of the normal range of motion in their spines. They also at the same time still claim that this is impossible, that this condition is non-reversible according to their understanding.... yet they are doing the tests and scans and can not argue with the results being achieved.

as a matter of politeness I note It is from this web site - http://www.stenulson.net/althealth/emanecdt.htm

next Robin you show an interest in the specs of the Phantotron . Some of my Rife equipment is 'home brew' being an electrician and a Radio Ham I can build - if I have to . however The massive population of China where I see you live has started to embrace Rife , The frequencies and building the equipment .
It adds a huge data base and cheap (relatively) source of equipment.
This drive was instigated by a New Zealand guy called John white.
Here is John and some of the team who traveled from china to lecture on the subject in this case in Ireland.Echo Lee , thats a brave determined girl.

you'll get the gist and intent of their work very fast Robin and its from them I bought this Phantotron
they in turn spec'd on Rifes original manufacture . I hope I haven't bombed you with to much information Robin ! Its still working for me .
My kindest regards Duncan
PS - I wasn't feeling burnt out - I simply couldn't seem to get my words in order. you asked much in short order - I do agree some sort of mass testing needs implimenting to benefit all - that needs some thought .
Posted by: Duncan

Re: A silver bullet for an unwanted guest ? A.S - 05/12/18 01:13 AM

well as far as I can tell there's improvement - I say as far as I can tell because another fate overtook me .
The saga of the electric bike.- The frame of this bike is just a little to large for your's truly . Its also of the variety once referred to as 'a mans bike' In other words you have to swing your leg over the saddle one way or another. 99 times out of a hundred it works , all is fine . although aware at the crucial point it could go wrong ! - yesterday It did . The maneuver was pretty good - just the same as always . however the jeans I was wearing had slipped just a little bit ,probably because I'm eating a little less and better.
The crutch caught the seat --- Clatter - what a bloody clatter too and a fine public display !
Straight into a Park bench , the back of . Its a nice warm day and so unfortunately there's plenty of 'public' about.
The don't help the [*bleep*] start taking pictures and filming me !
OK so I've got a fractured rib to join the jamboree now. - Bloody whoopee !
The fall itself was like a belt with a sledge hammer . I was about 10 mins sitting on that park seat watched by the sniggering great unwashed before I could move at all . somehow I got back on that bloody bike and out of there .
Well this morning my Ribs hurt , that restricts movement . Its now hard to judge because there's an X factor ! you'll probably see my fall from grace on youtube in due course , enjoy ! I assure you -- I didn't !
Kindest regards Duncan
PS I noted the number of posts in this section just before writing -66666 - just about right! probably touched that bloody bike with one of his horns or a cloven hoof !
Posted by: Duncan

Re: A silver bullet for an unwanted guest ? A.S - 05/13/18 03:14 AM

Much better day - sure I hurt myself . It caused No flair up ! Its to be expected my spine is changing .
I can mow lawns - ride bikes - bend and flex . If I fall (and I will ) so be it ! again - I'm better than I was .
peace and health to you - Duncan
Posted by: Robin_H

Re: A silver bullet for an unwanted guest ? A.S - 05/17/18 02:03 AM

So far I'm reducing inflammation by using diet. Reducing inflammation reduces neuropathy and slows calcification. Obviously if the calcification can be reversed then the neuropathy can improve. I would opt for trying Rife before surgery.
Posted by: Duncan

Re: A silver bullet for an unwanted guest ? A.S - 05/17/18 04:26 AM

Hi Robin - Frequencies are working for me ! I'm out of pain and moving better. I would suggest surgery only as a last resort . As I'm using both a Rife specific machine and the Philips TL 20W/52 SLV/25 tube at the same time.
Its impossible for me to say which is having most impact .
Its certainly cheaper and easier to go for the 20 Watt florescent tube . It will fit in any standard 2 Foot 18w T8 fluorescent tube fitting - In short - Its a light bulb how hard is that?
We view this calcification as solid bone , It isn't, although it bloody feels like it ! ask a surgeon and you'll be told they scoop the stuff out almost like ice cream. There are it seems hundreds if not thousands of nerve endings involved too almost like hairs.
Here then is another part of the equation IMHO - fluid ! The text books tell us our bodies are circa 80% water . At a sub molecular level much higher , one of those odd facts we tend to ignore.
add frequencies , add more fluid , add some gentle exercise,
The calcium has formed against our wishes to liquify it ,flush it away and excrete it - should be the ambition.
I'm finding its not an overnight operation its a little like turning back a year or so in time, every week . Pains and sensations visit I remember from years past, visit stay a short time and go their merry way.
I can now eat whatever I wish but do so with moderation. I am out of pain and moving better. The medications are long gone apart from vitamins which I take more from habit I think.
I Am starting to think of returning to normal work duties.
From being painfully moved around the hospital in a wheel chair a few months ago with those seemingly never ending excruciating 'spasm's ' I'm sure your only to aware of ! the change on reflection is a remarkable blessing.
Movement is still restricted first thing in the morning until I have forced thirty paces or so.
I walked some 6 miles along the sea front yesterday , sure I was slow I certainly didn't overtake anyone and I had to sit a few times,(I had no sticks) does it matter to anyone else if I sit a while ?
Doing these little things I couldn't do a short time ago and some I could only do years ago is huge to me !
Lets be honest to get out of pain is huge never mind anything else, to have that intense bottomless spasm waiting in the wings to attack is bloody awful . oddly now and again If I catch the wrong movement the spasm sensation is there but without the pain . Its still a little frighting I find myself bracing to engage the pain a pain - that isn't there. I guess that will pass to in time too.
Like Robin I suggest your carefully read case histories and make balanced decisions . Take control of what is happening and being done to you. - Here's a clinical trial of the tube -


About half way down this webpage you'll find a report from a German clinic using a Rife based machine in 2001 headed - update from Germany


you may be thinking - If such simple therapy works , everyone would be doing it ! That isn't how the medical 'Industry' works. If it doesn't make maximum profit you won't see it ! There's not much profit in a 'light bulb' for instance.
Watch the fight of Harry Hoxey as a simple example. Simple Cancer cures that eclipsed the efforts of pharmaceuticals. They did at the time 'and it seems still do' . They are also 'not generally available'


I can't suggest you do this or that or t'other - there's laws to prevent me doing so.
What I can strongly suggest is you take control of what is done to you and why. carefully weigh up the risk of a half hour with a light bulb every few days (for instance) against being cut about.
Also be aware I'm happy to help anyone along the path I'm walking providing it's their decision . I'm only a PM away - My kindest regards Duncan
Posted by: Duncan

Re: A silver bullet for an unwanted guest ? A.S - 05/18/18 01:43 AM

As Nights and mornings go - not particularly good. Having said that its all relative! It seems to me there's a balance that has to be found. If you read the case histories I've presented you'll see they run for specific times and a certain number of sessions .
Why not for instance leave the lamp on all the time ?
Why not simply get the job done as quickly as possible ? who judges that timing and why?
I'm not 100 % certain but it seems to me, If you stretch the the timing you feel bloody awful! (thats all I know anyway) its not the piercing pain that accompanies a flair up , not that intense torment that takes your breath away rather a constant dull ache, reminiscent of what was called 'stitch' when running.
Its enough to ensure 'no sleep' and its becoming clear sleep is also very important if your recovering from A.S. (probably anything else too I guess)
Some if not all of us have some degree of kyphosis and what appearers to be happening is thats slowly reversing. Muscles are coming back into play that have been dormant a long time. I'm pretty much forced upright often against my will as these long wasted muscles demand to flex. Sure it aches and isn't pleasant but when compared to the alternative , what then ?
Over even the short time I've been writing on this forum the change has been phenomenal, Still I feel I need to slow down !
Things continue to change. I'm pretty sure for the better. although at this particular 'instant' in time it doesn't feel like it. There are reactions to these frequencies . I'm going to take my foot off the gas peddle a little bit.
Best regards Duncan
Posted by: Duncan

Re: A silver bullet for an unwanted guest ? A.S - 05/19/18 12:58 AM

Ah so much better blessed sleep makes such a difference This ache I describe isn't new . I recall it from twenty years ago (ish) It feels as if someone has kicked me hard on the right hand side about eight inches under the right armpit . wasn't there a song ? "It takes my breath away" . As I wrote previous it is very much a trip back in time but even more unpleasant than the original ride.
twenty years ago I didn't stop to consider the cause . I simply assumed I'd bashed myself , stretched something getting into an attic perhaps, I took Ibuprofen - It did what its done for most of us ! The symptom disappeared. If your on this forum you know now as I do - its not a cure.
I have a box in front of me now (because I couldn't spell Ibuproen) I know I can make it go away I also know I'll lose touch and feel in the fog if I do it that way .
Not I ! your servant I . - my opponent has declared, - I will fight! Our bodies themselves are a stunning miracle there is simply a quirk introduced thats thrown things out of balance. My nose is running like a tap again this morning . A sure sign my systems up and fighting - something !
So how might I sum this up ? I'm struggling and in pain , relief could be almost instant with ibuprofen or naproxen. I choose not ! No no no ! and thats no fun as you might imagine. You too have sucked that lemon !
Still now I can feel it. move with it . ultimately control it! Say what you will Ankylosing Spondylitis is a worthy opponent, a master of disguise.
View it if you like as a cuckoo in the nest 'that is you' .
show the parent bird theres a parasite ! - your nose will run too!
The pain is no less real than it was twenty years ago . The desire to take Ibuprofen more so . such as my readers (reader) is I'll re-introduce lamp and Rife this day !
Its me thats weak (I hate pain) not the technology. I swear Rife was a 'good egg' 'theres roses'
Big oil , pharmaceuticals , corporations, I don't smell roses ! The box with Ibuprofen writ large is in front of me,- I don't smell roses. I smell corruption !! again, as we all must as best we can , I'm going to get about my business. - as usual I bless you this morning and send kind regards Duncan
Posted by: Duncan

Re: A silver bullet for an unwanted guest ? A.S - 05/20/18 01:58 AM

I wish - oh how I wish this was 'instant' press the button ' all stiffness and pain go away' It isn't ! Its fast very fast but a long way from instant.
I'm getting up quicker ,easier , moving faster , but its still not fun and elation ! It is however astounding compared to just a few months ago . eating pretty much what I wish . (chicken and chips last night) off all medication I am the test bed and the instrument here !
Its all futile if the instruments fogged up with pills.
I am running the same Rife frequencies - De -calcification 326hz which appears over and over again in many situations .
I make sure I run the frequency set from the consolidated list specifically aimed at Ankylosing Spondylitis - Its running now as I write . That set of frequencies is here
I also run the lamp at some point . I have had to slow down a little bit . I'm finding there are reactions.
running the AS frequency set for instance will make you feel nauseous and sick after a short while.
I retch and want to vomit . well that doesn't sound fun does it ? until you or I compare it to what was!
'what was' in my case being a painful wheelchair.
Its sad that one of the symptoms of AS is depression . I'm not sure where that fits ! what comes first chicken or egg ? I'll quite happily point the official medico view out to you .1/ Cause - unknown .
2/ reason for flare ups and pain - unknown 3/ cure ? there is none /unknown ergo its chronic.
Let me ask you a question - Of what use are these [*bleep*] to you ? don't know ,can't do ,won't do
I respectfully suggest about as much use as titts on a kipper!
Do watch the story of Harry Hoxey to understand the gravity of the torture thats being endured for no good reason , other than rich men's profit.
lies ? bollix ? perhaps a little of both ? whatever its a little bit you don't have access to - a little bit I'm telling you works.(how well I don't know yet)
buy a light bulb there's a start - how hard is that ?
A better morning !and bless you ,I too have to rise , kindest regards Duncan
Posted by: Duncan

Re: A silver bullet for an unwanted guest ? A.S - 05/22/18 02:52 AM

still happy to report slowly changing for the better.
Posted by: Robin_H

Re: A silver bullet for an unwanted guest ? A.S - 05/23/18 09:37 AM

Good to hear.
Posted by: Duncan

Re: A silver bullet for an unwanted guest ? A.S - 05/24/18 04:52 AM

Thanks Robin - Better still this morning but not easy to describe unless to a fellow sufferer . getting up and about is not an easy time - anyone reading knows its a symptom of AS . No less for me .
It is now 'out of pain' but not without what I can only describe as unpleasant stiffness. It doesn't last long but for a little while I have the stiff gait of an automaton .
That's also noticeably on the decline. This morning I spent very little time sitting . It needs more time to be sure but as far as I can tell that's improving quickly too !
Its a real pleasure being 'pain free' If getting up also becomes more of a pleasure and less of a chore I'll be a very happy bunny indeed.
That isn't to say I'm not absolutely delighted with 'me now' compared to 'me five months ago' I just wish I could wave a magic wand for everyone else.
Something's working for me here and so I'll just keep doing it !
Blessings on you all I wish you the same luck somewhere along the line - Duncan
Posted by: Duncan

Re: A silver bullet for an unwanted guest ? A.S - 05/26/18 03:40 AM

As you good people reading me know - It's a testing operation ,In more ways than one. There is a food connection I can't deny it (even to myself) anymore. yesterday I deliberately ate a double helping of what we all know 'isn't good' (apparently) 'starch.' Stir fry (olive oil) and lots of noodles - twice. Strawberries and fresh cream !
I still used the Mexico tube and Rife decalcification frequencies - thats good beyond any question now, at least for me.
Had I eaten that a few months ago it would have near cut me in half. It didn't this time however I did feel a difference. - a warning, that spasm I'm sure you all know . the spasm that can increase quickly into intense pain , or subside . It immediately subsided with no pain . It was fleeting but still I revise 'I eat what I want' (Its now clear I can't) . I have to write I can eat what I want 'in moderation'
The phanotron tube which I have been using to apply the Rife de-calcification frequency (326 hz) to my lower back I have moved . I applied the plasma bulb to my lower back because that seemed to be the source of stiffness. I'm beginning to suspect that isn't quite right. Moving the Phanotron to an area high up,almost at the back of the neck seems to relieve a lot of that stress.
I can only suggest that the area we feel discomfort isn't necessarily the site of the trauma causing that discomfort .
I intend to get a bit more liberal with the application of the phanotron whilst continuing as usual with the Philip's tube.
I'm learning 'on the hoof' and still things are getting better despite self inflicted dips here and there.
View it as you might other members 'testing food's' It's simply got to be done.
Kindest regards Duncan
Posted by: Robin_H

Re: A silver bullet for an unwanted guest ? A.S - 05/27/18 05:29 AM

Hello Duncan:

I am aware that the Spooky2 delivers its effects through four different modes called plasma, contact, PEMF, and remote. Are you using the Spooky2 (made in China)?

Is the Phanotron your plasma device? Is the gas truly in a plasma state and only so when pulsed?

I assume that the Phillips bulb is for the PEMF mode or am I mistaken? What normally is used for the PEMF mode?

I believe that the signal is strictly DC. Right? Have you tried using an antenna and scoping the signal to look at the wave form? I am curious about ringing transients. Careful if you have not done it and are going to try it. I have blown up a small circuit in an oscilloscope because I didn't do the math before doing the experiment. After blowing up the sweep generator in the oscilloscope I decided to do the math and discovered that I had put about a 70kV spike into it that lasted maybe a microsecond. The circuit limit was maybe 50 volts. The test apparatus was a pulsed DC circuit which probably isn't unlike what is used in Rife. It was 25 years ago and don't remember the details.

I know a few people with Lyme Disease and success varies.

Dr Holly Ahern (a microbiologist) did in-vitro experiments of bioresonance combined with low level antibiotics and her team observed that death rates of a number of different species of bacteria is accelerated. She hypothesizes that the biofilm that the bacteria hide in is broken up to allow the antibiotics in.

Also, I have a friend that had a 10-year old skin infection all over his body that doctors could not budge using topical antibiotics, steroids and other potions. Needless to say it was ruining his marriage. He worked at a biomedical lab that happened to make biofilm busters and so they made a special soap for him that contained one of their biofilm buster compounds. Within three months of use his own immune system was able to irradiate all of the infection with the help of the biofilm buster; he didn't need any antibiotics.

He and I believe part of my problem is that my illness is hiding in biofilms and my immune system can't get at it. I have tried using N-acytl cystine (NAC), EDTA and serripeptase. If I take the two affore mentioned ones before bed, as recommended (empty stomach), I get sick -- a Herxheimer reaction. It seems that my detox pathways are rather slow. I have stopped using them because I feel that I am just stirring up dust and spreading it.

I feel that my infections are primarily intracellular. I've never heard of intracellular biofilms but can not see why they can not exist.

Klebs is a common entity among AS victims but one hypothesis I have is that it is working synergystically by sending signals to other species of microbes that are in the collagen and interfering with the protein folding when the body is trying to repair damage from inflammation. Some researchers are obsessed with why the protein misfolds in the special case of HLA-B27. Perhaps that is not important and it is best just to get rid of the microbe that is in the collagen which not only interferes with the protein folding but the cause of the inflammation. If the microbe wasn't in the collagen then the Klebs would have no effect. I get this idea from how HPV interferes with the DNA self-correcting mechanism during mitosis. Perhaps it's really a virus in the collagen. How to work in the effects of biologics isn't impossible. Sometimes ignorance is bliss.

May the Force be with you!
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Re: A silver bullet for an unwanted guest ? A.S - 05/27/18 09:57 AM

Well Google found my answer in a split second just by me taking a look.
  1. Alzheimers Disease: The Novel Finding of Intracellular Biofilms (2017)
  2. Bacterial Biofilms: Development, Dispers...tantibiotic Era (2013)
  3. Potent Antibacterial Nanoparticles against Biofilm and Intracellular Bacteria (2015)
So intracellular biofilms exist and they are already working on getting bullets to them. Furthermore the first article mentions that the Lyme bacteria seems to be the cause of Alzheimers in some cases. It is probably true.

The annoying thing is that, on average, it takes 18 years for research to get into practice. One must seek a doctor that is doing research!
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Re: A silver bullet for an unwanted guest ? A.S - 06/01/18 02:30 AM

Its been a few days since I wrote on forum (sadly missed ?) simply because for the most part all I can report is more of the same - steady improvement.
Hi Robin - sorry been away for a while I'll attempt a few better answers for you shortly . Yes the Rife machine I'm using is 'made in China . although I also have one I made some years ago.
I tend to use the Phanotron set to the DE-calcification frequency . To amplify on that a little the developer John White has written extensive programs which embrace all known frequencies so effectively a computer is running the timing and sequence . although provision is still there to feed externally with a TTL input if you wish (function generator or whatever)
yes the plasma certainly is visible most of the time.
There are a selection of carrier waves that might be used . The carrier wave I selected is 1.3 Mhz . there is then a Heterodyne operation with the frequency of interest ( in our case usually 326hz) were it sine waves then Fouriers transforms would apply however its a fast switching square wave being used. ( switched DC if you like)
oddly resonance still applies . you may see that here, as a square wave is transformed into an amplified sine wave .

The mathematics of this defy inspection . for square wave read impulse wave (since the time base is arbitrary) and since every waveform can be derived from a sine wave and its clear an impulse wave can produce a sine wave every thing becomes possible .
Alas it leads to the hieratic world and hidden science of the 'longitudinal wave' the existence, science and maths has long been hidden and suppressed in the electrical field.

It doesn't escape me that this technology which Rife was undoubtedly using was more cause for suppression than his medical results.
I've made no attempt to look at the waveform being fed to the Phanotron apart from with a 'sniffer loop' It seems just as advertised . I have put a scope on the signal generator . - very crisp square waves my frequency counter centered straight away on 326, indeed the spookey generator is more stable than my commercial function generator .
From your writing Robin you seem a deal more medically informed than me . Some of these Rife experiences were repeated not to many years ago with a alternative energy researcher called John Bedini and a biologist Dr Robert Strecker here FYI is a short clip of Paramecium being destroyed using a phanotron .
(from this web site)
John as I understand it,at the time was principally interested in resuscitating one of Rife's microscopes which had been located (That soon disappeared) the 'bug stuff' with Dr Strecker being a side line.
I don't really understand the obsession with Rife's microscope. It was very good at the time . Undoubtedly the best in the world but since then the technology hasn't stood still . This microscope probably has the legs on Rife's microscope

So in brief Robin and IMHO - The principles work, they have been and are being tested by thousands of people world wide now. (like me)
The microscopes are and have been available for many years as with this somatascope from 45 years ago. The frequencies and principles could be re - tested and confirmed quite easily if the powers that be would allow. Anyway enough 'rant' and back to the mundane just as most will have experimented with food so I have been faced with the same options here.
Just as you might want to know what you can eat ,how much and how often so I have set about trying to find out what , and how much, and how often,
I find I need both systems ( Rife and the Mexico tube ) to be really effective. using either for protracted periods also has a reaction effect . I have tried running both (separately) overnight - The result is a very bad next day .
I next tried using the tube alone . I suspect this is very effective over a long period of time with the help of a physiotherapist still I felt a difference immediately , It was much more difficult early morning experience.
I'm still changing things about slightly by feel and experience /feedback but 45 Mins every second day with the tube and 1 hr with the Rife machine set on the calcification frequency with the plasma bulb aimed at and close to, the lower spine seems to answer well. As I write this I'm also running the frequency set specific to Ankylosing spondylitis .
I am eating pretty much what I wish whilst trying to eat to be 'healthy' at the same time. Progress may seem slow to others however from a wheelchair in A&E in horrible pain three months ago with a very black outlook I'm delighted to be where I am .
I can't swear to it but I think there still a lot of gas left in the tank and a lot more improvements to come.
Blessings folks I wish a good day for you

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Re: A silver bullet for an unwanted guest ? A.S - 06/05/18 12:17 AM

Still continuing along the same path - although after running the frequency set designed for A.S (which runs for 1Hr 6mins) I feel nauseous and find balance difficult for a little while. So I have it in mind to run more detox in order to see if it helps with the reaction . Because I have no idea of time lag Its difficult to tell which particular frequencies among the set are causing the reaction still if you held a gun to my head and forced a judgment I would say its 28 Hz.
focusing on another link in the chain that goes to make up the progression of Anklosing Spondylitis
'Klebsiella pneumoniae' Is writ large .
I have just searched the frequency sets for Klebsiella pneumoniae and find which is often the case to many sets to even shake a long stick at ! I also find there are different strains of Klebsiella pneumoniae (allegedly)
I have it in mind to run a CAFL frequency set
aimed directly at pneumonia Klebsiella .
What is slightly annoying is once the high tension feeds to the plasma bulb start there is interference with almost all electrical equipment including my computers sound system and wifi links . still a minor price to pay
kindest regards Duncan
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Re: A silver bullet for an unwanted guest ? A.S - 06/05/18 02:30 AM

Robin I see you consider Alzheimer's and other auto immune connections . I find it difficult to seperate the wheat from the chaff in the Internet age particularly when there are vested interests that certainly do not want you to.
An example of this might be a friend of mine (Wilson) He had been diagnosed with MS at the age of 32.
I'm sure you know all about MS and the effects so I wont dwell to long on that description. Wilson now aged 68 was forced to retire at the age of 42 and required progressively more assistance and aids. sticks wheel chairs . stair lift , adapted car for his wife to drive. I'm sure you can imagine - Its a story all to oft told.
Wilson still got down to the local pub now and again which is where I met him . I began researching MS on his behalf hoping to be able to help him a little .
What I discovered was disturbing and in another way dangerous, in so much as I came quite close to killing the man by accident.
I of course spent a deal more time with Wilson than any Dr could afford to . I read up on the subject and observed . I didn't believe Wilson had MS at all .
In due course I was proved right but in a culture where we have been trained to sue everyone for everything and anything thats a rocky road.
- The tale of Wilson - In due course as I researched some ten years ago I came across this association


In other words (as I read it) Hughes syndrome (professor Hughes being the Welsh discoverer) could effectively mimic MS . the percentage unknown as it wasn't and still isn't automatically tested for.
I printed the work off and took it to Wilson . (He didn't and still doesn't own a computer).
Wilson decided to experiment with aspirin , The effect was astonishing . two days later he walked 3/4 of a mile to the pub and walked home again.
Alas I'm no Dr and can't write scrips of give directions . I can't imagine what it felt like for Wilson to be out of pain and out of his wheel chair for the first time in years.
I do know what happened next - He read the directions on the aspirin bottle and gobbled the maximum amount allowable each day.
It resulted in a minor stroke ! (not surprising when you understand what Hughes syndrome is) - The medical practice of course doesn't want to admit to a wrong diagnosis . The NHS still doesn't test for Hughes syndrome as a matter of course regarding MS.
The Multiple sclerosis society has scant regard for Hughes syndrome. However like all the 'societies' world wide they are themselves a product of the drugs industries and cartels set up and promoted by the Rockefeller foundation to prevent any real advancement or change in the status quo.
so what then of Alzheimer's ? an awful affliction that seems on the rise. I cast about for connections much as I'm doing here with frequencies . There is a connection noticed betwixt Alzheimer's and aluminum sauce pans . sounds insane, doesn't it ? Lets look at it anyway, after all it might be inconvenient
to throw away a few saucepans - but in the scheme of things what does that matter?

well wheat or Chaff Robin ? I don't know! I do know I invested in a couple of 'le Creuset' cast saucepans just in case . Better to cook with anyway .
kind regards Duncan

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Re: A silver bullet for an unwanted guest ? A.S - 06/07/18 01:21 AM

For those considering this alternative it would be very wrong of me to simply keep painting a rosy picture when as with everything else there are drawbacks and effects.
It is for the most part viable alternatives I'm trying here tested by others in clinics . Deviations from the path are simply me developing enough courage to try 'something else'
all of these 'treatments' have a side effect and they usually are not pleasant. Its quite encouraging to watch a short clip of bacterium shocked and killed by a flash of plasma, Its easy to imagine one quick flash aimed at say Klebsiella pneumoniae and every-things - 'set fair ' . you'll notice I did exactly that but it isn't how things pan out.
First there's a 'time factor ' It takes an hour of your time to run the frequency set . quite frankly an hour when I'd rather be doing something else.
there's always a reaction Rife himself noted it . Its called a Herxheimer reaction - Its unpleasant and has various effects on me ranging from nausea to short periods of the intense pain I had during a bad 'flair up'
As an example you recall I ran a frequency set for Klebsiella the immediate reaction was nausea and that was followed early the next day by diarrhea . A morning of the skitters! Again when I wished to be else where!.
Simply using the decalcification frequency also has an effect , As a fellow AS sufferer your aware that getting up first thing is a 'bad time' although thats relative . In my case it used to be a bloody awful time. I'm out of pain now and so Its much better although I'm not springing about like a gymnast (yet)
The point I try to make is using Plasma or tube that same condition re-visits immediately. Effectively I have to 'get up' twice, the reaction seems to mimic the original condition in some way.
It perhaps sounds counter productive to do something that seems to make matters worse ! The point is its temporary and the effect on me overall is - steady improvement.
Pretty much following along the lines pointed out by both of the clinics I cited.
Realistically what are the medical options anyway ?
1/The official dogma remains unchanged - Its a chronic condition ergo - there is no cure (despite contrary evidence across this forum from Radon,anti biotic or Rife for instance)
2/ We have no idea of the cause (well forgive me for putting it crudely but we might conclude the official medical avenue is about as much use as tits on a kipper!)
So no idea of the cause, no idea of the cure. drugs and painkillers with lets be honest not good side effects are the option .
Its an option I too was forced to take when I knew no better. Its months now since I went near any prescription medication . apart from a slight ache now and again, pain free months .
That alone is worth a gold bar I'm sure I don't need to tell you that! I wouldn't like to write I can eat what I want because I'm pretty sure if I spent a week eating 'hot dogs' I would pretty soon be in trouble of some sort, still within reason I'm eating just what everyone else in the family is eating with no ill effects (and yes the odd hot dog too).
So folks there are 'effects' some unexpected running the frequency set specific to Ankylosing Spondylitis for instance resulted in not only nausea but vomiting.
Although neither clinical report refers to reactions it seems obvious to me now why the treatment time was so long and exposure time limited.
In my simplistic view of things amazing as the human body is it takes time to cleanse itself . so to precis . There are side effects, they are unpleasant and variable. I still wouldn't mind betting a lot less unpleasant than the pharmaceutical alternative.
That needs to be weighed against (In my case) steady and sometimes dramatic improvement. - wishing you all better health regardless- Duncan
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Re: A silver bullet for an unwanted guest ? A.S - 06/07/18 03:58 AM

Thanks for the update Duncan. I have been reading this thread with interest and as many of your references as possible. Some of them are long and I can not keep focus for long due to pain.

I am confused. Do you have a coil to drive the plasma bulb? I have read that longitudinal EM waves can be generated by both, and so have you used both as a energy-to-tissue transducer?

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Re: A silver bullet for an unwanted guest ? A.S - 06/08/18 05:49 AM

Robin - Thank you so much for comments . I know what it must cost you if your in a pain cycle . I too have been forced to suck that lemon.
I remember thinking at the time if any torturer could bring this variable agony into play there would be no more secrets .
There's no shame in not understanding the longitudinal wave. I only have a tentative grip myself . officially electrically it 'doesn't exist' there are no books , no science, and no mathematics available.
It isn't taught anywhere . There is a university course all by itself trying to comprehend a 'new art'
In rough Robin when I mention frequency - you ,I and most folks visualize a sine wave . An impulse wave is very different . Imagine if you will a loud speaker, it is in itself a 'transducer' like your ear drum its only option is back and forth , Its a drum after all !
It is an impulse wave ( the wave that doesn't exist electrically ) watch then the corruption of this transfer . here is that transducer - It can only be an impulse wave , this plate can only move back and forth. however the clip incorrectly shows a transverse 'sine wave ' and ignores the transducer . notice also how it brings pattern out of chaos.

Basically Robin as I comprehend - Via a carrier wave this effect is carried to the very heart of A.S .
I quite understand your questioning .
In that pain situation I too did anything I could to get out of the vicious cycle in my case that was pretty much starvation. I didn't know what I should eat (or not) so I didn't eat anything . Just drank water.
There is surly a food connection Robin although I don't know what it is , It offered 'calm waters' at least for a short time.
Robin It may seem I'm anti the official medical regime at times , I'm not ! It was a dedicated NHS doctor who diagnosed my condition finally after all . without that injection of knowledge I would still be 'blind' . - lower back pain cause 'unknown '
Its all to easy to say 'I feel your pain' but I did ! like you Robin I searched desperately for an answer 'starvation' that was the initial step . A step that at least gave me time to think clearly,a breathing space if you like, a sanctuary .
I tried the Azithromycin route as a matter of course - (its cheap as chips and easy) so why not ?
Rife ? wow Robin we are in a different dimension now . considering a genius or perhaps a Savant .
I suggest (pain permitting) you watch the mans life story in his own words . you'll find it half way down this page . Its long I hope pain doesn't overwhelm you .
It did happen , The man did exist , the records show he did exactly whats portrayed . Now Robin to pick some bits from the ashes and direct it at Ankylosing Spondylitis, That was my task .
There are a multitude of ways folk have used to apply Rife frequencies. magnetic coils , tens pads , lamps and plasma globes being a few of them.
My first attempt was a signal generator driving a switching transistor which in turn switched a standard car ignition coil. I applied that HT from inner thigh to the top of my neck with TENS sticky pads . It sounds crude - In fact it is crude, however It worked all be it a little uncomfortable when the sticky pads became unstuck a little. Its also a bit of a nuisance sleeping with wires attached. ''nuisance' is relative compared to the pain of AS . which I found now could be at least 'controlled'.
You ask specifics on what I am using Robin . so first 'the tube' This is basically a copy of the lamp used in the 'Mexico clinic' Its simply a standard 18 Watt 2 ft florescent light fitting Just like so https://www.lampshoponline.com/1x18w-2ft...fRoCkRcQAvD_BwE
It so happens that the medical tube isn't 18 Watts its 20 Watts it also isn't a T8 size tube but an older larger diameter tube . never the less it fits and works in this newer fitting .
The tube is specifically made for medical use . You might recall Robin it was discovered to resolve jaundice in new born babies . who did that research and the whys and hows I don't know . who experimented and made the association with a remedy for AS I also don't know , however The clinic in Mexico and indeed the patient is still available for comment . I also am happy to confirm this tube is effective on A.S .
I'm no expert Robin but I assume the frequency range of the lamp is broadband enough to contain the relevant frequencies . whatever the case is, - its effective.
And so we come to the Rife arrangement . As I think you probably know all the known rife frequencies and other frequency sets have been collected by various people over time . All of those frequencies have been incorporated into a free program . you can get a flavour of it here

This takes all the hard work and expense out of Rife machines . A basic windows PC is running the waveforms ,doing the timing and sequencing .
The computer then drives what is essentially a two channel frequency generator via its USB port.
That looks like this
As it stands the fundamentals are in place but to use a Phanotron a few more bits of kit are required to generate the high voltage carrier and transmit the frequencies to the Phanotron I guess there's various ways to mix and match this equipment however I elected to buy whats called a 'spooky central'
I also bought the Phanotron you see in the picture as the whole lot came in one deal called 'essentials' (or some such) I guess It seems like a costly under taking but remember. I already knew the thing worked from my experience with the ignition coil and function generator. I simply wanted refinements ! - bells and whistles if you like .
If there's one particular bug bear with Rife machines its far to many sets of frequencies . historically they were hidden confused and obfuscated at the time . (They could find no way to patent a frequency ?)
vested interests have done their best to confuse that even more over the years.
The result is you end up running frequency 'sets' for instance the frequency set specific to Ankylosing Spondylitis last over an hour and runs 26 different frequencies for different amounts of time.
something somewhere in that lot is doing something - I can feel it ! Its not a very nice feeling either but compared to the alternative 'pain' its a positive pleasure .
I hope that gives you some sort of idea what I'm running and doing to myself Robin . I hope you can get yourself out of pain as I have managed to do, Its a pain thats difficult to describe to anyone else. Its the varying biting intensity that makes it so bloody awful . I don't have the words to describe how I felt when the ignition coil started taking the sting out of the tail. I hope you find a similar answer .
My best wishes Robin - Duncan
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Re: A silver bullet for an unwanted guest ? A.S - 06/09/18 05:13 AM

Hi Duncan,

The spooky central information you gave above makes it clear that, in its case, the coil and plasma tube are run separately, and that the two channel output is for a) the carrier frequency and b) the modulated frequency. It is a very convenient setup! Thanks for the information!

In the case of a single disease I have seen a customized Rife coil (a.k.a. pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF) device, a.k.a. pulsed radio frequency (PRF) device) and it was a big coil!! The coil provided with the Spooky system is also fixed in size of course but is multi-purpose. I can only imagine that the coil is tuned by a variable capacitor someplace in the system.

There is an article on The National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) website titled A New Technique to Treat Facet Joint Pai...(1): e21061>. It is by one author and it has eighteen references that look interesting. They range from years 1911 to 2013 some of which may apply to AS.

Montel Williams was diagnosed with MS and is using a device called the PONS which is similar to the Rife in that it uses electricity via contact devices. It is restoring his function

Montel Williams: Breakthrough Treatment for MS (Nov 2016)

The video you provided on resonance making art is something similar to what inspired me to study physics. It was the guest appearances of Dr Julius Sumner Miller on the Hilarious House of Frightenstein. I use some of his videos to provide demonstrations, one of which is on modes of resonance on Chladni plates
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Re: A silver bullet for an unwanted guest ? A.S - 06/11/18 07:46 AM

quite right Robin . most folks have heard of Chladni plates and know the effect . Rather like most folks know there are millions of tons of water hanging in the sky defying gravity but have no idea how or why.
Chlandi figures are simply an effect . your video just like all other video's on the subject make no attempt to derive the all important mathematics of that effect .
The effect your watching is created by an impulse . in the case of the violin bow very rapid binding and letting go of a string or edge.
This effect particularly at RF is denied and totally ignored in electrical theory,not least because of its association with so called free energy devices. It also ignores the potential medical benefits. (except when it suits)
you have seen no doubt how the Rife machines tend to use fast switching square waves to introduce this peculiar 'impulse resonance' effect. you can't hear the carrier wave but you can see the plasma . with the computers sound system turned on you can hear most of the modulation frequencies.
There is in effect a whole field of very different electrical theory 'suppressed'. If you research a little more Chladni figures you'll find they were noted and documented by English Polymath Robert Hooke
Peer of Newton . As was customary at the time Newton was called upon to upgrade his local Parish church . The upgrade was to consist of a matched set of three bells .
To advise and guide this 'matched tuned set ' Newton called on the assist of musician Hooke . It is clear then that Hooke had solved the transition of impulse to practical manufacture.
Nothing sinister about that I guess until you find Hooke also wrote extensively on Gravity and its effects long before Newton and that Newton dare not publish on the subject until Hooke's death.
After Hooke's death newton had all paintings of Hooke and all his work recorded in the royal society destroyed . It goes without saying gravity still remains something of a mystery.
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So quite a big day for me . I'm feeling its time to start work again and so attended a job interview yesterday. I did explain I had been having back problems but am pretty much back to normal now.
no one seems to know what AS is anyway outside of we lucky ?? few.
I'm happy to work in the condition I have reached now and the type of work is well within my renewed capacity which is only improving anyway . wish me luck folks ! Kindest regards Duncan
as a PS I'd like to amplify another observation . I have noted that I'm eating pretty much what I feel inclined to (in moderation) thanks to all the other contributers on this forum I also have a pretty good idea of what might cause problems and so I'm wary of starch (for instance) but now and again I stretch that elastic, to define the boundaries if you like.
some foods which are starch rich don't seem to effect me . Potato's for instance . dried noodles for another . It so happens I'm also a curry lover (with rice as you might imagine ) Basmati rice in fact.
I have been using a standard sherry glass to measure my rice and have been confining myself to one glass of rice (before boiling and steaming) . I decided to go piggy and doubled that .
very quickly there was a consequence - a spasm . not the breath taking agonizing spasm which goes either way at will, but never the less a pale imitation . - imitation enough to frighten me .
I immediately started the 20 watt tube and ran it just behind me in a chair . The effect was pretty immediate and felt much like 'sunburn ' although it couldn't be the direct heat from the tube as it was much to far away and the direct heat feeble.
The effect on the spasm and the pain was within 5 mins ! - all gone . I have no idea what this spectrum of light effects regarding the cycle of A.S just as I have no idea what promoted the doctors and nurses in clinics in Mexico to run clinical trials on it with regard to A.S .
I also confess I have no idea how it directly effects and cures jaundice - but it does, thats established beyond doubt. by its use in thousands of hospitals.
All I do here is confirm this £6 - 30p tube tried and tested in Mexico has a dramatic possibly life changing effect on AS. I simply confirm this finding
for this tube

I would love to know the theory of why it does what it does . I would like to know what decided the doctors to test and evaluate it against A.S . I'm afraid I just have to be content and grateful it does what it does.
unlike the Rife set up which is very specific, needs several pieces of equipment and takes up a fair bit of room and a computer a 2 foot tube in a compact fitting is easily transportable . plug it in anywhere !
sure it hasn't got all the whistles and bells of a Rife machine it is however a 'broadband' simple panacea
that works very quickly .
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Re: A silver bullet for an unwanted guest ? A.S - 07/02/18 11:42 PM

sorry - some time since I wrote (Back at work) and I'd like to say all is roses ,BUT It isn't . however I am 'managing'
let me inform everything I have tried to explain is true . The lamp is amazing and the Rife frequencies work however its a balancing act . to much Rife and the reactions almost as bad as the affliction.
The work I'm doing takes me away from home, away from these machines . forget to run one , computer glitch (whatever) and I can't correct the situation .
I was caught out yesterday - scared to move ,locked solid (I'm sure you know what I mean) - Once I got home the lamp stopped all that in 15 mins. However on a construction site I have to face the fact I'm a danger (I'm liable to sieze up) That aside I'm going to continue - Its a learning operation , - a balancing act , information that might (just might) help everyone. Kindest regards Duncan
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Re: A silver bullet for an unwanted guest ? A.S - 07/07/18 03:40 AM

Just a little time to check in with you my friends So far - so good . There has been as you might well imagine a few horror incidents but nothing like the agony I was facing each day previous
I am working as a electrician on a 'new build' school some 60 miles away from home. That means I am far away from my beloved Rife machine most of the day which I don't like at all . (I cant take corrective action) The hours then are arduous with no let up at the weekends .
Much as I try to hide any disability Its quite clear to any watcher the something isn't quite right because although I'm not in pain most of the time there still remains some restriction of movement.
All that aside those familiar with the so called 'construction industry' and 'agents' will be quick to tell you there is no sympathy. In practice it only exists in the dictionary - somewhere between [*bleep*] and syphilis.
Ergo if I don't throw these lights, sockets, conduit -- et al up something like as fast as everyone else I'm 'pumped' (fired that day)
My self appointed task was to test this frequency equipment and the condition A.S in real life situations it doesn't get to much more 'real life' than what I'm doing.
I'm told I earned £900 last week and to be honest at times that was hard as I had not got the balance of what I'm actually doing matched to the time with lamp and Rife machine .
I am starting to get there and things are getting 'easier' just now and again crawling under something or fitting something in the back of somewhere - catches me . As I say its getting 'easier'
The company has no idea of the A.S aspect .
writing on the site application form - I am liable to lock solid in pain up a cherry picker (for instance) would have had only one result , Not the one I wanted and no test for what I'm trying to do!
One the plus side Ladies and gents - So far (touch wood) I have not missed a shift of work including weekends .
I have done that drive each day although sometimes getting home has been difficult. I have it in mind to buy a small inverter so I can at least drive the lamp inside my car instead of sitting in a lay by - in pain.
As I say folks its getting easier ! I'm raising my sights to 'a month ' of hard graft now and adjusting Rife 'Detox' time along with as much de-calcification time as I can afford.
From a wheel chair to functioning tradesman feels good ! If I can gain some more movement so much the better! - I wish you good or better Health your friend Duncan
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Re: A silver bullet for an unwanted guest ? A.S - 07/30/18 02:40 PM

Keep on trucking/moving Duncan. Staying in motion helps us outrun many diseases.

My understanding of my illness has been mixed up but now is settling on Lyme disease. See my signature.

Apparently I likely have had it for at least 25 years and it was a cat scratch in 2013 that was the metaphorical straw that broke the camel's back; not the SCUBA incident just a week before the at. But perhaps the SCUBA incident added an unknown.

In any case the common cause for most of us is likely a stealth infection.
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Re: A silver bullet for an unwanted guest ? A.S - 09/30/18 03:50 AM

Hi Robin - not writing much as I'm to busy working. 7 days a week and three hours driving involved. I'm still relying almost entirely on on Rife equipment (Spooky 2) It has an immediate effect although improvement is slow.
saying that its relative isn't it ? I'm functioning and out of agony but still like all of us I always want more!
The truth really is (I guess) Rife was a genius and his device and theory has lifted me out of a very dark place..
There are still a few aches and pains in the morning but compared to a year ago's hell "I'm in clover" Robin you seem to have troubles enough of your own and I wish you well with them and while not advertising spooky 2 and its team I do suggest you engage with their forum and web site -- test the waters
kindest regards as always Duncan
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Re: A silver bullet for an unwanted guest ? A.S - 10/03/18 10:32 PM

Hi Duncan,

I am happy to hear that you got on with life. I am planning to do the same and determined to make most of my recovery by July 2019 when I plan to return to work in China. I love the food culture and weather there. Cost of living for me there is only 20% that of Canada too -- I can live like a king there. Right now I am looking out my window and wet snow is falling; I never wanted to see that again!! That is not something I like to walk on when there is ice on the ground.

Maintaining an active life-style during the thirteen month-long snow season in central Canada is very expensive. In comparison it was much easier to get daily exercise in central China due to the weather, infrastructure, and zoning. Most daily needs were within a short and comfortable walk. In many cities in North America you need a car! There were many free, outdoor gyms and community parks surrounded by a group of apartment buildings; they were more prevalent in older communities.
The apartment complexes being built in the past two to three years make parking space for the private car a higher priority; so sad. China is becoming more affluent and more people can afford a car. They are in love with their cars like Americans were long ago (to Chinese it is a status symbol and a sign of proserousness -- some girls have the rule "no car, no date.") But with the necessity of autonomous vehicles due to population density and the environmental health crises that love can't last.

Communities and weather that a person can mostly walk in leads to better health late in life.

An 80-Year-Old Model, Wang DeShun, Reshapes China’s Views on Aging

The Lyme Disease forum that I participate in can be very discouraging because so many people express anguish of treatment failure, political obstruction, ignorant family doctors, infectious disease doctors that say the disease does not exist, etc.

LymeHope - Jennifer Kravis House of Commons Testimony

There is no denying how politics effects a doctor's willingness to treat a patient and also that there is no clearly defined treatment protocol for stealth infections -- an area greatly neglected by infectious disease doctors. But I also feel that I am getting a biased impression from the Lyme disease forums since it is where people vent when they are trapped in a situation that denies them treatment. Inability to get treatment is mostly out of lack of funds. Insurance companies put a lot of pressure on medical associations and the government (CDC/PHAC) to make Chronic Lyme Disease "not exist" and to lobby that long-term antibiotics does not work, and to insist that if unreliable testing is negative then the patient is really mentally ill. Canadian's have to pay out of their own pocket and leave the country to get antibiotic treatment in USA, Mexico, Germany, etc, or to experiment with poorly understood treatments like herbs, bioresonance, etc that the government will not support. Big Phrama is king and are the only ones with the funds to do the big studies to "prove" their effectiveness at poisoning society. That is a bit of an exaggeration. Big Phrama is doing some good and bad. The problem is how they put alternative ideas out of business and how the government will only accept a mode of research and approval that is becoming obsolete in the age of N=1 personalized medicine.

Starting almost two days ago I began a treatment protocol prescribed by my ND which includes:

  • Stevia and serrapeptaseas as biofilm busters.
  • A-Bart to kill bartonella an other pathogens.
  • Cat's Claw and Japanese Knotweed to kill pathogens in general -- but I was advised to substitute cat's claw with samento because the former contradicts possible autoimmune disease.
  • Milk thistle + other detoxification nutrients.
  • Liposomal glutathione (GSH) -- but a pharmacists tells me to save my money and get a pure powder form of GSH and use it sublingually to save money.

The ND and I agreed that we will give this a try until I see my MD again in mid-October. I saw the MD only once -- he's brand new for me -- and he did not like meeting someone with positive lab tests from Germany for Lyme disease, cat scratch fever, babesia and even mycoplasma pneumonia and active EBV. Doctor's simply do not want to treat Lyme disease and would rather diagnose a patient with seven other syndromes (arthritis, autoimmune diseases, fibromyalgia, IBS, migraines, sinusitis, MS, etc) than to address evasive stealth infections. However I am still open to the possibilty that some of my positives really are auto-immune problems that are cross reacting with the tests.

Here's a fellow Manitoban that shares my frustration.

My history with Lyme, Bartonella, Parasites and the Manitoba "Health Care" System.

Before coming to my Lyme awareness and testing I learned a lot from KickAs. The overlap in symptoms and management methods (LSD/NSD, gut healing, probiotics) between spondyloarpathies and Lyme disease keeps my head spinning. Better testing is needed for both, and more! But the similarities really should not be surprising given the recent research on the relationship between the gut and neuro-immune system. Most of us are convinced that miroorganism trigger AS and perhaps people with the genetics that predisposes them to spondyloparthies also are some of those that develop post treatment lyme syndrome.

On a related note, I must thank Dragon Slayer for this BBS. I have tried using other BBS's for Lyme disease and none come close to the feel and excellent organization KickAs provides.
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Re: A silver bullet for an unwanted guest ? A.S - 10/05/18 09:14 AM

This looks like something interesting to try out. Mainly because it seems pretty easy to set up. Will any bulb work? There are bulbs on amazon - but state they are used for aquariums or plant growing. They are 45 Watt 450 nm LED blue light bulbs. The bulb you listed from Philips didn't seem easy to get. I was going to try it 30 min 3 times a week as listed in the case study. I wonder if just lighting a part of the body instead of the whole body would have the same effect. Can I just target a limb? I also wonder how it affects the skin.
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Re: A silver bullet for an unwanted guest ? A.S - 10/10/18 06:46 AM

So I ended up purchasing the following light which arrived on Sunday: https://www.amazon.com/Aquarium-HIGROW-450-460nm-Indoor-Growing/dp/B075RYNP18/ref=sr_1_cc_4?s=aps&ie=UTF8&qid=1539170574&sr=1-4-catcorr&keywords=blue+450+nm+light&refinements=p_n_srvg_2947266011%3A2972983011

Combined with a 20 dollar desk lamp and i am out 50 bucks for this wacky experiment. No harm done. I just hope i am using the right kind of light to match the experiment.

The changes to all the cytokine markers is pretty interesting in the article:

Cytokine | Basal | After 48 sessions

GM-CSF (ng / mL) 5.854 0.735
INF-γ (ng / mL) 33.192 67.611
IL-4 (ng / mL) 8.768 28.872
IL-6 (ng / mL) 15.534 4.108
IL-10 (ng / mL) 35.516 39.634
IL-12 (ng / mL) 12.209 12.209
MCAF (ng / mL) 213.187 195.698
TNF-α (ng / mL) 14.3204 5.357

Almost like it has a biologic type of effect on inflammation. I wonder if it would come with the same biologic side effects.

There are 2 other tests linked to in the article that show it having a dramatic effect on RA as well.

I want to keep it to 3 times a week but I ended up doing it Sunday and Monday. I held off yesterday and I will try again today. I haven't really noticed anything so far and the chest issue i am dealing with really flared up last night. I am guessing the effect would only build up after long term use. The trial was for 12 weeks after all.

I shine the light on my neck from about 1.5 feet away for 30 minutes in the early afternoon. I use eye protection before turning the light on. The light does not get very warm and there is no burning, redness, or any effect on my skin. All seems harmless.

I am currently on no other treatment or diet right now. My AS symptoms only recently just returned in July.

This is probably the craziest thing i have tried so far but wouldn't it be nice if it were this simple?
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Re: A silver bullet for an unwanted guest ? A.S - 11/11/18 07:40 PM

I found a few sources of the proper UVB medical light products. Seems like they help you produce Vit D which is of course exactly what we want.There are some excellent reviews for some of these products

Made In Canada https://solarcsystems.com/en/?v=3e8d115eb4b3


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Re: A silver bullet for an unwanted guest ? A.S - 02/25/19 11:13 AM


This is another nice talk explaining the principles of rife
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Re: A silver bullet for an unwanted guest ? A.S - 03/06/19 07:30 AM

So folks - I haven't been up on the forum for some time - I have been been getting on with my life really .
As I wrote earlier the Rife equipment seemed to stop the all important pain in its tracks. (well took a few days)
But now being off all Meds and out of pain I simply went back to work.
Via the forum Tim who's writing about the effects of sound above - emailed me, Tim who is a GP himself and suffering with AS was interested in trying my Rife equipment on himself.
He intended driving across to my area and booking into a Hotel .
I wished so much I could have tried this Rife equipment before I bought it I decided to make it happen for Tim.
I'm sure those reading me who have stood to petrified to move in some supermarket car park somewhere understand how precious something is that can make it go away . I am loath to part with this equipment but I did so , I loaded it into my car and drove to Tims house . I resuscitated an old lap top so Tim could run it all. connected it up and gave Tim a few driving lessons.
Tim's been nuking his AS with Rife frequencies since last Wednesday - By Saturday he was happy to report -out of pain.
Feeling very rough though (Oooops my fault I'd forgotten to tell him to detox) When these frequencies devitalize pathogens the body has to purify the blood , - Poor Tim its like having the big daddy of all hangovers when you've had nothing to drink. (been there in spades Tim the function generator I first used couldn't 'detox)
written into the Spooky2 program files are a few frequency sets for AS there is also a frequency specific to calcification . 326 (which is in the audio band which goes some way to explaining why that works)
It seems its that calcification that causes the agony by interfering with the hairlike nerve endings involved in the spine area's.
you might have this visualized as solid bone - it seems it isn't I asked a surgeon who has operated on the condition - they use a little spoon and scoop up it like ice cream - yum yum yum
The Rife calcification frequency breaks it down with out surgery. (makes it even more watery if you like off it goes into the blood stream) out of pain what a joy.
I could actually feel it like a gentle warmth in the center of my spine - instead of pain , luxury!
It takes the calcium a long time to build up - and the Rife frequency quickly (relatively) breaks it down.
Will Tim be buying some of this Spooky equipment I think you'll find - you can bet the farm on it. he'll be saving his pocket money
He's going to run the equipment for a few more days and then I have some work for it with another member of my own family.
would I lend the equipment again it begs the question who to and where ? - Its a horrible feeling like I just lost my best friend when I look in the corner and its not there.
We need to work something out I feel . Buy this stuff as a forum and have some one (a GP preferably as I don't like porridge so I don't really want to go to jail ) take some sort of payment in escrow and move the equipment around AS sufferers so you can all feel this yourself.
So whats Tim connected to ? No direct connection

You see the plasma bulb ? (a Phanotron Tube) thats close to the spine its vibrating with a flash rate which is modulated.

There is then 5000 volt generator driving the tube. spooky plasma
Tim actually used spooky central - but same thing

two signal generators in one package driven by the computer program (one is running the flash rate and the other the modulation)

that in turn is being driven by a plug and play huge windows program.which is open sourced and free to use . would it work for everyone? Afraid I can't answer that I don't know anyone else with AS who's tried it. - so far its scored two out of two

kindest regards to everyone Duncan
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Re: A silver bullet for an unwanted guest ? A.S - 03/06/19 07:54 AM

for what its worth - I matched the frequency spectrum of the lamp specification given by the mexico clinic .
It is a lamp that's used to correct jaundice in new born babies Its a philips TL20W/52 . (I'm not finding it now perhaps Discontinued) -PS http://www.lighting.philips.com/main/pro...aundice-tl-tl-d - fits a standard florescent fitting
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Re: A silver bullet for an unwanted guest ? A.S - 03/06/19 08:24 AM

I guess there's a problem in so much at I started to throw everything at this pretty much at the same time . now I'm rid of the pain I can't say for certain sure what actually did it - antibiotics , Jaundice lamp , Rife machine's - either the spooky, or the function generator I made. - still just trying to help .
There's an answer in that potpourri somewhere. kind regards Duncan
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Re: A silver bullet for an unwanted guest ? A.S - 03/07/19 07:53 AM

Just a quick note to those trying to use LEDs, aquarium lights ,traffic lights and whatever else comes to hand - don't waste your time and money. The lamps I pointed at are made to medical specs - you wouldn't light your kitchen with a traffic light would you?
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Re: A silver bullet for an unwanted guest ? A.S - 03/13/19 10:00 PM

Duncan I have been reading with great interest as I would think many are. Your success is inspiring. Where are you based out of?
Is Tim still in possession of the devices or have you retreived them. How did Tim make out? Did you explore PEMF also. Can you chat over the phone. I am very interested in this but would really like to talk first before making the investment if you wouldn't mind Thanks Jon
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Re: A silver bullet for an unwanted guest ? A.S - 03/17/19 10:19 AM

Hi thanks for your post and inquiry sorry I'm a little late in replying I've been working away . I let Tim have and use the machinery for 10 days or so . He was then out of pain which is the blessing of this Rife equipment. Its fast -Like you Jon he wanted to know if its effective before making a big investment .
Tim had also bought himself the 'Jaundice lamp'which had also proved so devastatingly effective in the Mexico clinic trials .
However Tim didn't have the base fitting (Driver unit). I had to recover the Rife equipment not for myself but because my daughter is also Dependent on it to deal with cirrhosis.
I did have a spare lamp driver unit though so I let Tim have that whilst he orders some Rife equipment of his own.
John Merchant is also investing in Rife equipment so you'll perhaps get some feedback there too.
There is in the spooky2 Rife computer program the frequency (I guess I shouldn't use the word frequency because its really an impulse like sound a longitudinal wave.) specific to de-calcification
which gives us all the pain and aggravation . It has positive effects very quickly . Its the same frequency/pulse the Clinic in Germany cited 326 .
It is a considerable investment I understand and in that regard I'm working on a project that I hope to post very soon as a PDF .
In basic terms its a combination of the Jaundice lamp which proved so effective in turn driven by the spooky2 Rife computer program . Both as you know have been recorded as devastating AS.
I'm based in Kendal UK tvmanjon yeah sure by all means email me . duncanpickthall@sky.com
Its my plan to make the power of the lamp and Rife program specific to AS as a simple build project anywhere in the world for about US $200 . So keep an eye on the thread.I'ts my hope we can form a little group of some sort make this little bit of circuitry and so banish the effects of AS for ever. If you want to make a start Jon find yourself an old lap top and down load the full installation spooky2
Best wishes Duncan
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Re: A silver bullet for an unwanted guest ? A.S - 03/26/19 11:08 AM

Originally Posted By tvmanjon
Duncan I have been reading with great interest as I would think many are. Your success is inspiring. Where are you based out of?
Is Tim still in possession of the devices or have you retreived them. How did Tim make out? Did you explore PEMF also. Can you chat over the phone. I am very interested in this but would really like to talk first before making the investment if you wouldn't mind Thanks Jon

just a quick addition Jon . I suspect PEMF would work but once the pain had gone and being off all meds too I have no way of knowing. 'Have you tried' even if I do so now I have nothing to compare the effect to (if you see what I mean) It seems to me and I'm guessing a little here that having used the calcification frequency of 326 to break up the calcium it seems to be enough to trigger the bodies own immune system back into operation and to recognize this rouge calcium as the enemy . sure you feel very rough for a few days (Tim described it as like having a hellish hangover with out the pleasure of the drink) I felt the same .
- So you see Jon its fate accompli there isn't any point much in trying anything else on myself. I only use the Rife equipment on myself now and again an then only as a 'just in case'
-- for those wondering were this PDF is , I am waiting for one little £4 piece to arrive from China where all things seem to have to come from these days - then I'll be back with you .
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Re: A silver bullet for an unwanted guest ? A.S - 03/26/19 05:02 PM

I await with baited breath for the PDF instructions from the mad scientist. I have placed an order for the Phillips bulb that looks like it comes from somewhere in Europe. I could not find it in the US? If it arrives sooner than the PDF what recommendations do you have for its use? Distance,duraton,how often. You stated in a earlier post you experienced tenderness on the skin? Is this an issue? Do you wear any protective glasses? ps Your musings on your journey are also very entertaining, are you sure you are an electrical engineer and not a closet journalist?
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Re: A silver bullet for an unwanted guest ? A.S - 03/27/19 05:22 AM

well done Jon . if you have bought the Philips Tube I think its manufactured in Holland however as its usual medical use is for curing jaundice in new Born's I would imagine its equivalent would be available and made in other countries .
Did I use protective glasses ? No . neither after the first day or so did I worry about 'exposure' I simply lay down on my left hand side on the right hand side of the bed and ran the lamp very close to my spine behind me.
I was eventually quite happy to run the thing all night like that. having that blue lamp as a bed partner won't help your sex life much (unless you discover some kink I haven't.) still it gives AS a good spanking.
There is no difference to the actual florescent tube regardless of which country you happen to be in although the driver in the base of the fitting will be made to operate on each particular countries voltage and frequency . So Jon if you wanted to use this lamp in whatever country you live in from your household mains supply then you need a standard two foot florescent fitting base. You might remember these tubes were much bigger in diameter some years ago ,they have now been made 'slimline' which is why Philip's presents two versions of what is pretty much the same tube. One is rated at 18 watts and the other at 20 watts - in practice 2 watts makes no difference one way or the other and any standard 2 ft fitting would drive the lamp.

However -- I also intend switching the lamp at the Rife de- calcification frequency, 326 and so I suggest Jon that instead of a standard fitting you buy this (ebay item 142980573392) or something similar. These 12 volt fittings are made for caravans ,RVs , although being phased out because of LED lighting.
There's folks from all around the world on this forum all on different voltages and frequencies still 12 volts ish DC is easy enough for everyone to be able to get at. Its also safer being in bed with 12 volts than 220 volts (for instance) 110 volts will get you out of bed 220 volts will make you leap out!
Its also going to be quite easy for me to switch it at the important 326 (I hope) that's the bit I'm waiting for Jon called an opto-coupler . something like this ( ebay item 352364193904 ) which in turn will link to the huge Rife machine which is called spooky2 via an XM2 signal generator. That generator costs $100 Jon which is why I'm waiting to try it driving an opto-coupler before I publish and suggest others go the same route
Kindest regards Duncan
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Re: A silver bullet for an unwanted guest ? A.S - 03/28/19 10:10 AM

Jon - glad to hear you have 'the lamp' and I really don't know how you have got it in days - It took me a week and I'm in Europe and the EU (well for the time being anyway) If you decide to drive your lamp with the Indian unit I suggested be careful not to go above 12 volts input . There is something about the thinking in the east that forces then to cut the rating of electrolytic capacitors to the bone . I think because they cost more than 50 cents. anyway the caps in that unit are rated at 16 volts which is right on the limit. connect it to something with a bit of ripple and the peaks will wipe them out . I quickly popped one using a battery charger and so changed the two of them for two big beefy things I had laying around. so a word to the wise do one of three things
either change those crappy caps for something much better rated (40 volts 60 volts whatever its not critical but 3x working voltage is a good rule of thumb . run off a 12 volt battery (with the charger connected to it - the battery itself is effectively a huge capacitor) simply buy a big fat electrolytic capacitor and connect it across the main 12 volt feed . look on ebay for a 12 volt regulated supply. did I write three things ? oh well four then. Anyway as you know Jon you have 'jumped the gun' Still I have just lashed up the first proof of concept on some bits of wood with tie wraps and sticky tape. lol (so if you want it any rougher you'll have to get someone else!)

you can see the two capacitors I decided to bandage in to the right of the main board - at the other end you see the solid state relay . that is work in progress. I'll make it look pretty in due course right now this is me starting to make this thing do whats required of it.she can have some lipstick later. kind regards Duncan

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Re: A silver bullet for an unwanted guest ? A.S - 03/28/19 09:49 PM

Duncan I ordered it on the 22nd(late in day)and it arrived on the 27th. $13.00 plus $35 shipping website Svetila.com Shipping stated 1-3 days and I figured a typo Nope I was real surprised. I see they also have the same bulb but 18w Do you know the difference? I went ahead and ordered the driver from India but that stated a 3 week delivery.Those caps are more like pennies and 16vdc is to close I agree so thanks for the heads up. Which spooky2 kit should I invest in? This is opening up a whole new world just when I was getting itchy for something new to focus on. I have been on the NSD for less than 3 months and have noticed a lot of difference but still am not off my meds but a lot less stiffness and tender joints.
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Re: A silver bullet for an unwanted guest ? A.S - 03/29/19 05:33 AM

Hi Jon nice to hear your going for it - there is nothing much of a difference between these tubes . depending on how old you are you might remember florescent tubes being much fatter (a larger diameter than they are now) as time has gone on, the world has adopted a new 'slimline' smaller diameter tube . for a few years both diameters of tube ran side by side and in practice they are interchangeable in the fittings .
This being a special use lamp with only occasional large production runs that change over has been much slower than the millions of lamps used in offices shops and schools around the world has been . To answer your question - in practice - no real difference . which ever tube has arrived it'll do the job there's 2 watts difference which is neither here or there . and perhaps half an inch in diameter difference . The pin separation has been made identical hence the tubes are interchangeable and designed to do the same job.
Jon you ask what spooky2 equipment to invest in, just to keep you up to speed .

1/I bought a full kit on offer but I really only have used spooky2 central with an XM2 generator and plasma bulb.

2/That was a few years ago and there are i.m.h.o better options now, If I was at the same cross roads now I would undoubtedly buy spooky scalar . I long ago came to the conclusion that it was this longitudinal wave that could decalcify using plasma or florescent lamp the lamp has to be very close to take advantage of this special wave . I say special Jon because like Rife technology its suppressed and electrically or as a component of light it isn't taught and isn't supposed to exist. There are no books , but for those with a little dogged determination it becomes very clear that this very different dimension really does exist . Here are two of the very few researchers (who were) prepared to use and demonstrate it There were dire consequences for both of these guys because of this presentation Chris was very quickly 'Brown bread' and Eric took to the life of a Hobo for a lot of years. Eric Dollard and Chris Carson
John white has embraced this Tesla technology from 130 years ago and built equipment that uses it which is why I say if I had to do it again thats the equipment I would buy.

3/ The Plasma tube works . It worked in the German clinic, it worked for me. Still its an expensive option and as you know I'm experimenting with getting the tube you and I have bought to also run at the required 326 frequency. directed by the Rife machine that is Spooky2. I'm some way from finishing and testing that .
If your happy to buy some bits that you'll undoubtedly need anyway I would suggest
The Spooky2 XM generator (which basically gets that huge program that is spooky2 out of the PC and into the outside world)

Add to that Spooky boost which for 18 bucks hugely amplifies the output and in my case is putting a barrier in between the expensive generator and the lamp I'm experimenting with.
also if you wished, and you have a BNC cable about you can use that high power connection to connect The top and bottom of the spine with sticky Tens pads . So Jon I guess you would have the equipment I am trying to bring into play with this lamp available whilst also being able to use either as a stand alone option whilst you impatiently wait . you'll also get familiar with that program only a fraction of which I've used. - hope that all helps a little bit - Kind regards Duncan
PS - that driver unit also said 3 weeks to the UK - it took 5 days .
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Re: A silver bullet for an unwanted guest ? A.S - 03/30/19 02:39 PM

Hi folks I have just managed to give this medical lamp a run coupled to the powerful Rife based program that is spooky 2. There has been a lot of interest shown in this work off forum by email and P.M and so I have decided to Link to the PDF rather earlier than I had intended Its still work in progress so please forgive spelling and errors . I managed to take a short video of the Lamp being run by John whites spooky 2 program which I have linked to in the PDF. I'm sure I can improve on that too in due course. It takes a while to digest - Best wishes everyone and thanks for your interest Duncan
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Re: A silver bullet for an unwanted guest ? A.S - 03/31/19 10:36 PM

sorry guys another video and a little bit more homework to do.
I have been asked how I applied these pules to myself and how long for.? I think I explained that the breakthrough for me was initially with Tens pads , a signal generator and ignition spark coil.
I started to feel something happening almost immediately however it wasn't for two or perhaps three weeks that I had the confidence to start dropping Naproxin . I still carried the drug with me for a long time. I guess it had become a habit and a way of life.
Once or twice I got stopped in my tracks with that pain engine pulsing in the back ground daring me to move a fraction . I won't lie its something of a balancing act for a month or so. On the plus side your aware that you are winning and its very satisfying to be able to give A.S a spanking for a change.
As I said previously I'm no Medico so by all means take what I write now with a pinch of salt It is simply what I came to assume was happening to me.
We A.S suffers have an abnormal calcium growth, Its what generates all that pain as it becomes involved with the thousands of tiny hairlike nerve endings. Normally anything abnormal growing in the body is identified and quickly destroyed by the bodies own defenses .
Our extra growth of calcium is undetected Its a cuckoo in the nest .
give your bodies own defense system a sharp rap over the knuckles and show it this is 'an intruder' and it seems to start fighting furiously with the enemy.
you will feel bloody awful for a while, a mother of all hangovers with out the benefit of the alcohol.
Rife was well aware of the effect and they are well known as Herxheimer Reactions . as I understand it when you have destroyed pathogens or whatever ,In our case calcium build up the debris and toxin gets Hoovered up filtered and ejected by the bodies normal methods of purification. Like the after effects of alcohol in the blood stream, you feel rough.
I now know Rife machine users have frequencies to de-tox themselves. At first using the signal generator and coil I really didn't have that option and so I simply tolerated that 'hangover' . As it turned out I think that was a good thing.
So guys imagine this extra calcium is happily hiding and growing below you immune systems radar and you suddenly give your immune system a great big helping of rouge calcium it very quickly wakes up and recognizes its the enemy. It not only recognizes it remembers and starts doing the job in earnest .
Application . folks your really relying on scalar energy . The tube is actually delivering mostly transverse light waves with a small percentage of longitudinal waves,
You really need the longitudinal component to do this job for you.
For that reason I ran that tube as close to my spine as I could whilst trying to make sure I wasn't going to roll on it..
Remember you don't need to use this equipment very long it doesn't take the body long to find and start destroy the enemy itself once its flagged up. At last the dog can see the rabbit.
To explain a little more on the longitudinal wave and scalar fields might I suggest

This video

could help you understand a little more, Its perhaps a bit less technical than Eric Dollards masterpiece. (OK he's flogging something and its dated ) But I'm in sympathy with most of what John Winstead says here.
Best wishes Duncan

PS John wasn't quite right with the guy he called - Heavibody I'm a little more careful when trampling on genius . let me introduce you to Oliver Heaviside
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Re: A silver bullet for an unwanted guest ? A.S - 04/03/19 04:03 AM

Some of spooky2 and for that matter Rife's claims must seem totally unbelievable to you. I have a Rife kit in front of me and parts of it, and its claims I still can't bring myself to believe.
Bio feedback and self diagnosis being one and DNA recognition and action at a distance being another.
Having said that there is plenty of evidence on the Internet attesting to it. Of course as you might expect there's plenty of nay sayers too.
Tesla, Tesla,Tesla - seems this guys candle is burning brightly every one has to mention him or force him into conversation.
The truth is he was exceptional, but in a time that was loaded to the brim with exceptional people you might say eccentric genius. James Clerk Maxwell (for instance) who you have just heard mentioned in the last video was very Autistic. His communication method with the outside world ? Mathematics.
You have just heard Tesla described as 'odd' just how odd I wonder? Well of all the now, thousands of papers,books and video's available on Tesla ( as I said he's very trendy) this more or less an audio description and one which for me at least separates some of the chaff from the wheat.
I urge you to keep studying and researching even if you are not prepared to make the quantum leap in thinking and reality -As yet.
It is true ,it really is there,and it does work, The problem of course is in the circles of your mind, The answer ? more study, so I'm afraid I have to offer yet more home work in the field don't worry you are not wasting your time I promise .
You will (regardless of being aware of it or not) access what Tesla called 'Teleforce'
In short I don't have to produce 'sales patter' - I'm not selling anything anyway !
your own instincts will reliably tell you if I'm projecting at you 'a truth' or 'a lie' its a binary situation there is no either /or perhaps only yes or no.
If you have the slightest doubt then study some more . The truth has that advantage you see, It has depth !! and will never (in fact can't) yield



kindest regards and good health Duncan
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Re: A silver bullet for an unwanted guest ? A.S - 04/03/19 06:33 PM

Duncan Is it your belief the Phillips lamp will be as good for de-calcification as the plasma? I am so looking forward to give this a test. Your healthy skepticism is what leads to the truth revealing itself. My first AS symptoms stated in 1960 and Dx'd in 1967 (yes last century). I thought I had tried everything until I started reading this forum. Now at 68 yrs old I really want to get off the biologics and daily NSAIDS. The NSD(3 months)has been a big boost and getting my gut healthy seems like its helping but there is still pain. I am bound and determined to beat this once and for all. Once I get the driver I also need the generator but do you know if the lamp could be run off the Scaar instead..and not need the generator so many things to learn and learn as you said Keep researching Jon
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Re: A silver bullet for an unwanted guest ? A.S - 04/04/19 06:40 AM

Hi Jon - As your probably quickly becoming aware this isn't totally unknown technology it is heavily suppressed information. There is a problem when I'm asked if something is as good as - Plasma (for instance) or Scalar the reason being - I don't have anything to test it against , in my own case the symptom's are gone - (I hesitate to say the condition is cured) but to all intense and purposes it seems to be .
That started happening very soon after I discovered the work of the German clinic and the use of the Rife frequency 326 and started injecting myself with high voltage at (and around) that frequency.
Do I think the tube will issue scalar waves ? yes I'm sure it will but like the plasma tube it needs to be close.
Have I personally tried it w.r.t AS ? Jon If I could I would but I can't, Its gone , vamoosed , beaten already so I don't have anything to dip the litmus paper into. (so to speak)
I want that to happen for other folks too and I put the lamp together because I believe from my own understanding of what I have done to myself that it will accomplish exactly that . The Generator isn't essential I guess Jon you might use a humble 555 timer to pulse at 326 or even a cheap function generator but in either case you would then have to manually move around the frequencies as I did with the function generator you also loose the option to run automatically through specific AS programs , but it is a cheap easy option .
Age wise you have the advantage Jon but only by four years or so. I have suffered with AS since my early twenties however it went undiagnosed ' a bad back' I quickly learned ibuprofen was the go to remedy and it quickly became part of my diet.
along with Naproxin and other selections. A couple of years ago they failed and I couldn't get myself out of agony finally at a hospital A & E after various scans the condition was diagnosed - A.S
I was given the same patter I guess everyone here has heard - There is no cure, I was offered a wheel chair and 'blue badge' parking. Like you Jon I simply wanted to be out of pain and be able to get on with my life pretty much as everyone else seems to want to be able to.
I stumbled on an answer through this forum (The German clinic). I was aware of Rife and his work previous to that, but now I felt compelled to try it on myself .
It worked (and quite quickly) (I have a shelf full of ibuprofen and Naproxin if there's any buyer's) Oh and a wheel chair ( its a bit dented here and there because I never really got the hang of it)
68 Jon in this day and age your still very much 'a youngster' at the start of retirement you have the right approach , and I'll write the same thing here for you as I told young Dr Tim .'get rid of this bloody affliction and get on with enjoying your life'
The lamp will emit scalar waves but only at some point in the on/off cycle at that point a 'resonance point' will be crossed and like a radio transmitting antenna at resonance one energy form is transformed to another.
Unlike a radio antenna its not sine wave resonance but at the other end of the spectrum (impulse series resonance)
It was my intention Jon to try and make something that was in 'strategic reach' of most readers here . what I mean by that is a piece of kit that is very effective on one hand and yet affordable for most so folks (even nay sayer's) would be prepared to - 'give her a go'.
There are many interconnected and yet amazing pieces of theory that latch into this treatment which despite the evidence is equally difficult to believe and yet when you carefully dig deeper the proof is there to be seen.
Here is one such sweeping statement that might be useful in a pub quiz but which none of us allows to really sink in . The Human body is made up of 70% - 80% water Really ? It also seems that at a sub atomic level the figure is much higher. So we are really just a bag of water? Can water then feel ? have memory ? love ? react to electrical impulses ? form itself into other substances ? (transmute).
On the surface it doesn't seem at all credible does it ? however lets slow down and see just what water can do. Look into the sky those clouds are carrying millions of tons of water defying gravity around our globe,
Were it all to fall at one time our entire planet would be submerged to an average depth of two meters .
This huge cleansing and irrigation engine has been running our planet for millions of years.

This water may temporarily be in an ocean ,a river , perhaps a dog or cow but eventually in will again go through the cycle its been through many many times before.
Calculating the energy required to drive this huge natural engine informs that 1.5 KW/Hrs is required to fall on every exposed square meter of the globe each day.
Dare to ask what forces are holding that tonnage of water up there ? - you won't get an answer . (suppressed) weather control is proving a very useful weapon.
Thinking loving water? or water with a memory ? let me introduce you to

professor Masaru Emoto

with no further comment from me - If you care to look the evidence is there.
Does water have memory ? ridiculous ? however there is a whole medical field developed from that memory effect Its called


again the evidence is there if you care to look for it.
Does water react to electrical influence ? Here is an electric

water bridge

demonstrated again the evidence is there if you care to look for it.
If we are for the most part water can water then transform into calcium , bone , and basically all our other body parts ?
This is of course very controversial and is historically known as 'transmutation' There is evidence that water can indeed perform transmutation it was demonstrated by Yul Brown transmuting nuclear waste using water gas (Browns gas) in the 1970s Its been repeated more recently by George Wiseman. who has also observed the direct health benefits from using

This energized water gas

Had I not decided to run with the well documented Rife frequency for calcification and been successful .this would have been my very next choice to try.
As far as the questions I posed go ,again the evidence is there if your prepared to seek it out. I wonder Jon do you start to see how things that initially seem to be unrelated start to unify.
The extra calcium we have growing where we'd rather it wasn't might be regarded as a form of cancer in so much as its something growing where it should not, In 1931

Otto Warburg

won the Nobel award for his work on cancer . To be specific he discovered that these growths are anaerobic and are effectively a fermentation process like making wine. conversely cancer cannot survive in an oxygen rich environment. Another piece of the energy circle fits neatly into place.
Its not surprising to anyone I'm sure that this seems controversial, Its a big tapestry however as you study and discover the pieces fitting together all from widely differing sources It should (I hope) convince you that its worthwhile engaging in this project at some level. Jon I don't blame you at all for being enthusiastic about trying the amazing tube and that your itching to be trying Rife's technology. It feels nice to be giving AS a thumping instead of the other way around ! remember to keep us informed of progress too . There are many hopeful and interested readers plugging for you and me of course.
kind regards Duncan
Posted by: Duncan

Re: A silver bullet for an unwanted guest ? A.S - 04/04/19 09:30 AM

The spooky 2 calcification frequency shows as 326 with a 50% duty cycle so this could well answer - whilst making R2 or part of R2 variable so to be able to drift a little.

50% Duty Cycle Astable Oscillator

The 555 oscillator now produces a 50% duty cycle as the timing capacitor, C1 is now charging and discharging through the same resistor, R2 rather than discharging through the timers discharge pin 7 as before. When the output from the 555 oscillator is HIGH, the capacitor charges up through R2 and when the output is LOW, it discharges through R2. Resistor R1 is used to ensure that the capacitor charges up fully to the same value as the supply voltage.

However, as the capacitor charges and discharges through the same resistor, the above equation for the output frequency of oscillations has to be modified a little to reflect this circuit change. Then the new equation for the 50% Astable 555 Oscillator is given as:

50% Duty Cycle Frequency Equation

Note that resistor R1 needs to be sufficiently high enough to ensure it does not interfere with the charging of the capacitor to produce the required 50% duty cycle. Also changing the value of the timing capacitor, C1 changes the oscillation frequency of the astable circuit.
Posted by: Duncan

Re: A silver bullet for an unwanted guest ? A.S - 04/10/19 11:39 AM

More on Energetic Scalar energy - more home work for you too I'm afraid but I'm pretty sure you'll enjoy
John Michael Mallon Msc
Kindest regards as always Duncan
Posted by: The_Inflammator

Re: A silver bullet for an unwanted guest ? A.S - 05/08/19 08:47 AM

After a lot of digging, I managed to find the exact Philips bulb You used online. I live in the US and it will ship from Europe with a 1-2 month delivery estimate. Bulb was cheap but I will not go into the shipping costs I paid. It was an impulse buy. Most other sellers were only selling it in bulk for over 300 US dollars. I doubt I would have any use for 25 bulbs even in several lifetimes! LOL. Anyway the odds of it arriving broken or not arriving at all are quite high but I took the chance anyway.

I am starting up using my old aquarium bulb again for the time being. I had planned on using it every night before bed on my chest and neck for 30 minutes but I got lazy and kept falling asleep immediately before using it. Many months later and I am trying again starting this week. I notice a difference though, mainly with my core symptoms. Hopefully it can become more systematically effective with time. It would be nice if it helped my feet and hand inflammation.

Biggest draw back is it dehydrates me. Gotta run to the bathroom in the middle of the night. No damage to the skin though. I just try to drink more water throughout the day.
Posted by: Cymro

Re: A silver bullet for an unwanted guest ? A.S - 05/09/19 08:37 AM

Originally Posted By The_Inflammator

I am starting up using my old aquarium bulb again for the time being. I had planned on using it every night before bed on my chest and neck for 30 minutes but I got lazy and kept falling asleep immediately before using it.

If you are able to fall asleep immediately then perhaps it is worth your while to carry on as that may do you some good.
On the other had falling asleep immediately may be a sign that your condition is improving and not as bad as you thought.
Posted by: The_Inflammator

Re: A silver bullet for an unwanted guest ? A.S - 05/09/19 09:33 AM

My AS is pretty mild most of the time. I don't usually have issues falling to sleep. My inflammation can get pretty bad at night though. I can sleep through the night but if i am unfortunate enough to wake up between 2 and 4 am, I really feel the inflammation. I still think i notice a difference with the blue light though. I am just curious how i well I will feel long term.
Posted by: tvmanjon

Re: A silver bullet for an unwanted guest ? A.S - 05/09/19 12:02 PM

I'm in the US too I ordered the bulb from Svetila.com It was only $13.00 for the T12 size 20w They also have the T8 size 18w for $30 something. Shipping was only $35.00 UPS and well packaged and it arrived in a matter of 3-4 days. I did receive a import bill from UPS a week later for something like $12.
Posted by: The_Inflammator

Re: A silver bullet for an unwanted guest ? A.S - 05/12/19 07:18 AM

Wow. Thanks for the tip. I don't know how I missed that.

I think I saw so many bulk order options that this got lost in between them all.
Posted by: Robin_H

Re: A silver bullet for an unwanted guest ? A.S - 06/17/19 09:32 PM

Hello Duncan, The_Inflammator, and others that are experimenting with Rife:

  1. I am wondering if the Rife machine is having an undeniable, significant effect.
  2. The_Inflammator, you said that you are hoping that Rife would help with the inflammation in your hands and feet. Can you describe your symptoms there?

I am asking for your description of your hand and feet symptoms because I have been on the fence about what the heck I have. A doctor might say to me, "I can't tell which disease you have and the tests are not reliable." I would reply, "I am allowed to have them all. So don't test, just treat."

Sometimes I am convinced that I have AS (began at age 45, shortly after August 2013.) Sometimes I am convinced that it is Cat Scratch Disease/CSD (began at the same time as the "AS." Sometimes I suspect that an infection from seawater is the culprit (started at the same time as AS and CSD.) Sometimes I am convinced that some combination of the previously mentioned incidents are contributing but that I really added major insult to minor injury in early 2015 from ibuprofen use. Perhaps I have them all. My family doctor just wants me to go away. He referred me to a internest that also told me not to come back after three visits. The only doctors happy to help me are experts in Lyme disease.


Since October 2017 I started to get tingling in the bottom of my feet. Over time sensations of stinging, burning and aching were added to the tingling in the feet. As that evolved, the symptoms moved up my shins. Similar happened in the hands (moved from fingers, to palms to forearms and elbows), sacrum (to hips, to buttocks and up the flanks) and neck/jaw (down to the shoulder blades and shoulders, then to upper arms). It has my whole body now. What is strange is that the sharpness (as in stabbing) and intensity of the pain has reduced as the months and years have passed by, but the symptoms spread during that time, yet became less intense but more chronic. The development of the symptoms has been exponential: they were isolated to the skeletal axis and gut from late 2013 to the end of 2016, then began to spread to the tendons, skin, and muscles. These days I am so stiff and tender, stinging and burning. I even have mild carpel tunnel that comes and goes. In 2018 I had strong, recurring, symptoms of sjogren's syndrome which would only last for a couple of days. Even right now my tongue is stinging. I suspect this is an immune response to something I had for breakfast.

I've had a number of rapid changes in health at different ages -- 25, 35, & 45. The ones at ages 25 and 45 both hit me like a ringing bell in which symptoms were multi-systemic and petered out to a new, somewhat stable, but lower health level; except the the one at age 45 continued to decline and evolve after the "ringing bell" of symptoms smoothed out. I suspect that those two were caused by rather annoying stealth infections. The one at age 35 was also microbial but due to drinking well water contaminated with black mold for a period of a few months.

The first symptoms of the one at age 45 began just a month after a scuba diving accident in August 2013. They were in the nasal turbinates, then throat, then the back of my legs, then brain and then base of my skull and behind my eyes. From then until December 2017 I suspected that I had an infection from the scuba accident, which was compounded by damaging my gut with ibuprofen in early 2015. Finally when the tingling and burning went into the arms and legs someone told me in December 2017 that I have Lyme disease. I believed that was absurd since I had not seen a wood tick in 15 years, but out of desperation I was open to the idea and so I learned about it and discovered that Cat Scratch Disease is also carried by wood ticks -- Lyme disease, like rabies, leprosy and many other infections, can lie dormant for decades. That is when I remembered the ear mite infested kitten I babysat for a week and played rough with (allowing it to scratch me). I began babysitting that kitten just five days after the scuba accident, which was just a few weeks before the onset of the most serious symptoms I had at age 45.

Prior to the scuba accident, I struggled with body pain and fatigue for 20 years. It began around 1992 - 1993. At that beginning, for one and one-half years I suffered from "migraines", oxygen craving, burning sensation in connective tissue, sinusitis, anxiety, IBS, seizures at night, neurological visual issues,... After 1.5 years of my GP sending me to specialists, all which found nothing wrong, my GP gave up and by 1995 said that I have "fibromyalgia." By that time the symptoms were "stabilizing" in that the IBS, migraines, neurological visual issues and tendonitis went away but the oxygen craving, night time seizures and (food induced) anxiety never went away; i.e. my body learned to mostly suppress borrelia but not babesia. The full body pain and fatigue would only come in the late evening after having spent my energy. But back pain right between the shoulder blades was a constant minor problem.

In late 2015 I found KickAS suspecting that I had AS. Even a rheumatologist after that time briefly suspected that I had AS until an MRI of the sacrum showed no degeneration. Anyway, after suspecting AS for over two years, having decent success with the non-starch diet since that time, and then getting tipped off to the idea of Lyme/CSD, in August 2018 I had my blood sent to Armin Labs in Germany to be tested for tick-borne infections and the results came back positive for a few, all of which could explain my symptoms going back to 1992-1993. Upon learning about Lyme disease, having experienced a progression of symptoms since 2015 that mimicked symptoms I had in 1992-1993, I hypothesize that I caught Lyme disease with babesia in the spring of 1992. The ?CSD? experience in the past six years is so reminiscent of the experience from 1992, but much more powerful now due to age and having a higher infection burden in me, that I strongly suspect infection was set in back in 1992 when I had a three week fever in a spring. I never saw a doctor about it and don't think they would have known what it was.


In February 2019 I tried three weeks of one antibiotic and it has improved my skin circulation and neurological symptoms. I did a more recent round of abx treatment and there was no noticeable effect. Starting around November 2018, by the advice of an ND, I've taken herbals that are supposed to kill the CSD but it isn't helping. My gut is in ruins and infection of pevotelli corpii was detected using DNA test and my ND says that it is probably a major contributor to arthritis-like symptoms. He has no doubt that I have CSD and I also have no doubt since I have seen some hallmark sings on my skin.

Many people with Lyme disease are highly recommending that I treat with "10 pass ozone therapy". A treatment is $500 CAD and takes a few hours. But then a person needs at least ten treatments to feel much improvement, and then ongoing maintenance treatments probably for the rest of their life.

Rife is also on my "want to try" list. So that is why I am on this thread.

Since most of us suspect tissue infections combined with gut dysbiosis, and some kind of loss of microbiome tolerance by the immune system as the main causes of our disease, I blabberd on a lot about lyme and cat scratch disease just to suggest that it isn't just klebsiella bacteria along with our genes causing these diseases. Also, if you had a diagnosis of "fibromyalgia" in your your young years and finally developed AS, or some other autoimmune disease, then perhaps using many different tools -- rife, ozone, herbs, electricity -- can lower the infectious burden.


We try so hard to reduce inflammation, and in some cases suppress the immune system with powerful drugs, but doctors will avoid treating stealth infections like the plague due to fear of creating super bugs. So Rife, ozone therapy and electricity are our best bets to treat stealth infections.

Dr Richard Horowitz emphasizes the three 'I's -- infection (lower it), inflammation (lower it) and immune system (balance it).

Just my 500 gold coins.

P.S. I need to just provide a link to my story but as time goes on it changes with added hypothesis as I learn. Hindsight is adding more confusion.
Posted by: The_Inflammator

Re: A silver bullet for an unwanted guest ? A.S - 06/19/19 04:49 AM

I'm not really doing Rife. I'm not sure how to set all that up.

I just got the Philips Jaundice Lamp and was trying to replicate the Mexico Case Study. 3 times a week, 30 minutes a day.

So far I haven't noticed any effect though. AS flared badly after a nasty cold.
Posted by: tvmanjon

Re: A silver bullet for an unwanted guest ? A.S - 06/22/19 03:15 PM

Robin,Inflammator and others. I have personally talked to Duncan on two occasions. One being recently. He says he doesn't frequent here now that he has his life back. Working 10 hour days and eating most what he wants.It may be of interest to any and all to do a search on his name and go back to the first time he posted on kickAS. He has quite a journey. he admits he cant credit any one thing he has done because he was doing several at the same time or in succession. His personal TENS at 326,NSD diet,antibiotics and also running the RIFE AS frequencies. It may have been a convergence of any and all but thru his conviction and drive he may have found the holy grail. I have gotten the light he referenced to. I have now gotten a rife machine and soon to ask my Dr. for some antibiotics. Hope is the engine that drives this train.
Posted by: Robin_H

Re: A silver bullet for an unwanted guest ? A.S - 06/25/19 05:36 PM

Hello The_Inflammator,

Thanks for the information so far. Keep trying the device and keep us informed.