Free Kindle e-book : A.S The Cure

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Free Kindle e-book : A.S The Cure - 01/16/18 08:05 AM

Hi All

Came Across this kindle e-book on Amazon looking for another book based on the Paddison Program.

See here :

The book is available for free download using the Kindle PC software OR Android Version.

You have to create a free account with Amazon first.

The book intro " INTRODUCTION :
Thanks to an antibiotic, I am cured of ankylosing spondylitis. I feel it my duty to convey my experience to all sufferers of this extremely painful and debilitating disease.
In this book, I will also disclose my personal medical record (Rheumatology, radiology, MRI, medical biology laboratory) stating that I had ankylosing spondylitis and that I recovered.
My annual radiography checks show that the disease has once and for all stopped its destructive inflammation of the joints. For years I have had no pain and I have regained full mobility.
My rheumatologist wanted to prescribe me an anti-TNF alpha when my fiancée’s gynaecologist found sexually transmitted bacterium in her smear. We then both took antibiotics and thus my healing began.
This bacterium was therefore responsible for my ankylosing spondylitis.
Now, my greatest wish is that as many people as possible affected by ankylosing spondylitis can also be cured after reading this book chronicling my journey.
It worked for me so I hope with all my heart that it will work for you. I was fortunate enough to find the cure for this disease and now it is my responsibility to share it with you."
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Re: Free Kindle e-book : A.S The Cure - 01/17/18 03:04 AM

Wouldn't mind trying that antibiotic!

Wish it was that easy...
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Re: Free Kindle e-book : A.S The Cure - 01/17/18 05:08 AM

Originally Posted By L33

Thanks to an antibiotic, I am cured of ankylosing spondylitis.

So who is going to inform all the rheumatologists about this then? If I Email the first million you can let the rest know.
Posted by: Robin_H

Re: Free Kindle e-book : A.S The Cure - 01/19/18 01:24 AM

Some people suspect that AS symptoms and its disease processes have many causes. What triggers AS symptoms in one person won't cause a problem in another. The environmental trigger for those that develop the disease when under the age of 25 maybe more common than the trigger that causes disease to develop when someone is over the age of 45; all other things being equal.

The person in the book had a lucky accident to stumble on an antibiotic that hit the right microbe. It isn't necessarily going to be the same in you or me. If you take an antibiotic that doesn't hit the right microbe then symptoms may worsen since you may have killed your allies.

I feel that AS patients need an infectious disease specialist more than a rheumatologist.

Many doctors have the cop-out attitude "没办法/nothing can be done" even when the patient knows more about their own uniqueness and history. Most doctors like an easy job. My (somewhat biased) impression is that very few doctors got into the job because they were attracted to complicated puzzles, instead they were more attracted to the ego-rubbing, status and money. Those are my feelings based on impressions from meeting many and even going to school with some. The ones that prefer research are a different breed. A doctor that is passionate about their job is very rare! Usually a personal interest -- sick uncle, child, parent,.. -- drives their passion.

I was in class with some that dropped out because they could not cut the hard but (luckily for them) optional subjects. They were grade shoppers and found easier ways to get a high grade in order to get accepted to medical school. A recent analysis shows that more than half of the doctors in USA never took a microbiology course!!! Those "doctors" in training that I met were not the smartest in school!! Not with my life would I trust those grade shoppers or ones that did not take a microbiology course.

Doctor's attitudes and beliefs will change regarding the causes of many chronic diseases so long as there is independent research that is not guided by "in vogue" group think dictated by money -- Mayo Clinic gets too much research funding from the US government and will just toe the line of the CDC. However most doctors bow to the authorities for the ease of it and self-protection. History shows that the authorities (CDC/FDA/..) have given very bad advice -- "eat low fat, carb up, etc!" If doctors don't follow guidelines brainlessly they can loose their license. Poor Galileo and Gordiano Burno! They didn't toe the company line.

I have tried to encourage my best students to develop careers in personalized medicine by combining math, sciences, AI, big data, etc. However almost all choose careers in finance because of the ROI. Medicine does not attract the most talented, it attracts the most ...... (I wont say.)

AS and much of rheumatology might eventually fall into the domain of chronic infectious diaereses like Lyme disease.

What I'm saying in all this is that, in an exaggerated sense, Wall Street is attracting the brains and tenacity that is needed in medicine and science in general -- financial incentive.
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Re: Free Kindle e-book : A.S The Cure - 01/19/18 08:51 PM

Good read Robin.
Posted by: L33

Re: Free Kindle e-book : A.S The Cure - 01/28/18 11:33 AM

Hi All

I am going to try the Antibiotic protocol as described in the book.

Please let me know if you are going to do the same ,if so let us know the result.
Posted by: jay_bharat

Re: Free Kindle e-book : A.S The Cure - 01/28/18 09:38 PM


I do not know about the details of antibiotic protocol mentioned in the book.

If the protocol is extended one i.e., more than the normally prescribed duration, I advice better keep a doctor in loop.

Posted by: L33

Re: Free Kindle e-book : A.S The Cure - 02/04/18 03:55 PM

@ Robin_H

I agree with you completely....

I know taking Antibiotics is dangerous because every time one takes Antibiotics it upsets the microbiome and can make things worse.

The reason is I am so desperate at the moment since I can hardly walk. I am using a walking stick at the moment for a year now and I am only 34.

I was on Revelex infleximab for a while and it was not helping.

I live in South Africa and the heath system does not want to fund another biologic.

My CRP is for the past 5 years is in the high 40 mg/l on average.

The reason I believe in the book is because I have a recurring rash on my groin. Which I just took as brief rash and nothing serious.

My father also suffers with his back but no where as serious as me, and he also has a Rash since he told me.

The STD as described in the book can be spread via touch and kissing and to anyone for that matter.

I am at the stage where I need a solution.

Posted by: Robin_H

Re: Free Kindle e-book : A.S The Cure - 02/06/18 09:10 AM

Understood. This might be a situation that a doctor would not help with anyway. They might want nothing to do with you but as Jay said perhaps you should try to get guidance.

BTW: My AS symptoms are their worst in my skull and neck. Sinuses too. I got desperate about six weeks ago and saw an ENT doctor. I showed him CT scans from 2013 and 2016. He could see fluid and inflammation. He felt that there was no need for more radiation. He prescribed eight days of amoxicillin clavulanate. I had never been treated for the sinuses since 2011 using antibiotics. They never really worked. I hesitated to take it for about ten days and then I finally gave in. After six days of taking them I had to stop. I got sicker and don't know if it was a wonderful Herx or just more dysbisos.

Well... since then my gut is in ruins, it hurts, and my AS symptoms have gotten worse. I regret the gamble.

I also was perplexed as to why the ENT doctor did not prescribe a biofilm disruptor when appropriate! For an acute infection none is likely needed. But if the symptoms and signs are chronic then it is very safe to assume that a biofilm is involved if the cause is a microorganism. Lastly, why don't the doctors also prescribe a diet or probiotic for after the the antibiotic round!?!!! When are the treatment protocols going to catch up with the research??

Some doctors are experimenting. I suspect that there are only about 300 in USA that do it. All others just stick to their books -- no creativity, no problem solving.... I might be better off seeing a robot!

Best of luck. May the Force be with you!
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Re: Free Kindle e-book : A.S The Cure - 03/03/18 06:03 AM

Hi Guys

I am shocked that more people a not enthusiastic about this book and a posible cure. The writer wrote to me and was very sincere. I have bought the antibiotic after forging a doctor's prescription since my doctor was reluctant to prescribe the antibiotic. I belive I have an STD and the Antibiotic is going to work.
Posted by: Robin_H

Re: Free Kindle e-book : A.S The Cure - 03/03/18 07:24 AM

I wish you luck L33. Sincerely!!

What you're doing is a crap-shoot and is more likely to cause problems in my opinion.

Take statins for example. One in 300 people actually show benefit from them yet about 30% have negative side effects.

I still have not recovered from my try with an antibiotic on a suspected sinus infection -- my gut aches, I have constipation,... it's a work in progress again. The time record of it is above.

However, if you know that you have a bug and suspect it as the cause then you may have better luck than just a shot in the dark. I certainly can't condemn you for what you are doing. I could see myself doing the same thing if the pain was bad enough.

I tested positive for citrobacter fruendii, C. Albicans and blastocystitis. Three GI doctors have refused to treat me for any of them because the bugs are considered "usually common and harmless" yet I have symptoms that they could be causing. Doctors are afraid of stepping outside of the typical response. They worry about them selves more than their patients -- they are not heroes. If I was in a war with them I wouldn't expect them to put their life on the line for a fellow solider. There are more cowards in this world than people that will fight for their rights. But I like to digresss....

There is another person on this BBS that has already started a multi-antibiotic treatment. They had a bit of a roller coaster ride but is still at it. You might like to search the database for a recent report on John's antibiotic protocol that he uses.

Using a multi-antibiotic approach, like as in Chronic Lyme (a disease that mainstream doctors believe does not exist) is likely the best way to have success; some organisms need to be hit in their many forms and in their many habitats.

Again, good luck. Keep us posted!!!

MS has been cured using antibiotics
Some doctors would say that she must not have had MS. But then I would argue, "are you doctors sure that MS is strictly autoimmune??"

May the Force be with you!
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Re: Free Kindle e-book : A.S The Cure - 03/03/18 10:37 AM

Thanks Robin, May the force be with you!
Posted by: L33

Re: Free Kindle e-book : A.S The Cure - 03/08/18 06:01 AM

Update I am on day 2 of the Antibiotic I will keep yall updated.
Posted by: Robin_H

Re: Free Kindle e-book : A.S The Cure - 03/11/18 04:17 AM

I'm a followin!!
Posted by: L33

Re: Free Kindle e-book : A.S The Cure - 03/11/18 03:57 PM

Update day 4

I had considerably more pain durring day 3 and on day 4 in the morning but in the afternoon my pain is much less.

Tomorrow is the main dose of 4 tablets 1000mg of azithromycin. I am hoping my pain goes completely down after the day.
Posted by: L33

Re: Free Kindle e-book : A.S The Cure - 03/12/18 02:51 AM

Update day 5

Woke up this morning with pain in my ribs.
Took the main dose of 4 tablets 1000mg.

Hoping to see results after this.
Posted by: L33

Re: Free Kindle e-book : A.S The Cure - 03/20/18 11:11 AM

Final update

The antibiotic azithromycin has made a reduction in pain and inflamation after the last dose.

According to the book it takes time for the microbiome to re-establish itself and restore ballance.

I noticed a reduction in blood pressure which is slowly returning to normal.

The outcome of this treatment looks very positive. I am hoping to see the full extent of the treatment in the comming weeks when my gut returns to normal.
Posted by: Duncan

Re: Free Kindle e-book : A.S The Cure - 04/20/18 04:20 AM

your doing great service here -- I hope for your sake (and ours) its a cure! I too now have the anti biotic also from a round about source which I won't go into.
If your results continue good I'll kick in behind you. Like your Dr in SA here in the UK the Dr also refused to prescribe .
In fact I suspect Dr's are very reluctant do anything except follow the guide lines laid down by their practice - In turn the SAMA - The BMA the AMA and all the other MA's in their turn obey Big Pharma which is under the Umbrella of 'big oil' . The pretext is - You the patient might be inclined to open a court case .
I too read the Book with interest the cost of the book - Nothing a sincere guy obviously.
I Opted to prepare to do exactly what you are doing . However I elected to investigate Rife and high voltage /current treatment first.
My Azithromycin has been supplied from the Russian Republic - as good as any I guess. For a lot of years I've been allergic to penicillin although Azithromycin is listed as a safe alternative - I'm still a bit wary.

anyway may the force (and a bit of luck) be with you and so with all of us.
Kindest regards Duncan
Posted by: Duncan

Re: Free Kindle e-book : A.S The Cure - 04/20/18 06:53 AM

In addition and in support of what you attempt here I offer this clinical study from China using Azithromycin to cure or control A.S which first alerted me that there might be an answer here.

antibiotic cure.

again kind regards Duncan
Posted by: Duncan

Re: Free Kindle e-book : A.S The Cure - 04/21/18 03:12 AM

Originally Posted By L33
Final update

The antibiotic azithromycin has made a reduction in pain and inflamation after the last dose.

According to the book it takes time for the microbiome to re-establish itself and restore ballance.

I noticed a reduction in blood pressure which is slowly returning to normal.

The outcome of this treatment looks very positive. I am hoping to see the full extent of the treatment in the comming weeks when my gut returns to normal.

This bothers me I confess, Its important information. - why final ? anyway I've just gobbled a few of these antibiotic's - I'll let you know . The trouble in my case is - I'm trying all sorts if something works , how am I to know what.
Ah well suck and see! Blessings everyone
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Re: Free Kindle e-book : A.S The Cure - 04/21/18 04:40 AM

Originally Posted By Duncan

The trouble in my case is - I'm trying all sorts if something works , how am I to know what.

One step at a time my friend one step at a time. I suppose that should be one new treatment at a time.
Posted by: Duncan

Re: Free Kindle e-book : A.S The Cure - 04/21/18 05:22 AM

Fred ? excuse being familiar - first let me say thank you very much - you are the very first person ever -EVER to reply to any post I have written. - Blessings on you.
I'm in a hurry and I really don't like my new bed partner. (A.S) whats good for you , may not be for me!
I'm going to gobble up those anti bio's (because I think the guys honest ) I'm going to continue with extreme Rife - (because I find its working) I'm going to try and ramp it up!- for everyone
Fred - I see it as a war pure and simple . I have engaged ! there are no half measures I can see. slow slow -quick guick -slow -- This [*bleep*] has been calling the tune for to long -- far to long
well I guess thats just IMHO - Thank you for a reply ! My kindest regards Duncan
Posted by: L33

Re: Free Kindle e-book : A.S The Cure - 04/22/18 12:36 AM

Hi Duncan and best of luck to you....

I too was desperate for a cure since I can hardly walk these days and I am only 34 years old! My AS started at the age of 13 in my SI joints but after steriod injections I never suffered again with my lower body.

And for many years my AS was dormant.

The last 5 years my AS was very active with my CRP staying in the high 40mg/l I have tried numerous things over the years researching and researching.

I was thinking of suicide since I was walking with a walking stick for a year and also working. I dont go anywhere socialising because of embarrasment of the way I walk.

I am a qualified electrical technician working as a Control systems technician for a fortune 500 company. Lucky I work on computer and dont have to go in the field.

My company was very understanding and is like family. Thats the only thing keeping me motivated since I am passionate about my job.

Update on pain levels:

My pain has gone down from 5 to 3 these days... I can now walk without my walking stick. I believe the antibiotic made a difference but I am not completely cured

21 years of AS is a tough cookie to crack...

Wishing you all the best and sucsess in your efforts...

Keep us posted on your progress...
Posted by: Anonymous

Re: Free Kindle e-book : A.S The Cure - 04/22/18 04:46 AM

Strange just how erratic this damn A.S. can be. I have also in the past had periods of virtual complete remission for several years only for the A.S. to return as bad as ever.

Don't let having to use a walking stick bother you L33. I have to use elbow crutches or even a wheelchair on occasions.
Posted by: L33

Re: Free Kindle e-book : A.S The Cure - 04/22/18 05:59 AM

Thanks for your words of encouragement Frederick All the best...
Posted by: Robin_H

Re: Free Kindle e-book : A.S The Cure - 04/22/18 07:04 AM

Hi L33:

Like Duncan said, "why 'final'?"

TB is treated from six to nine months. Some Lyme doctors treat their patient for more than two years before seeing results. Same with the patients at The Road Back Foundation.

Some Lyme doctors have discovered that "pulsing" seems to improve results -- three days on, three days off (something like that). You may only have reduced the population and need to continue, which would increase risk. The theory on pulsing is that when you remove the antibiotics the target bacteria come out of hiding places so that you can hit them again. If antibiotics are used without a break then the antibiotics will become ineffective if the target bacteria detects them and finds a place to hide or just changes their form to become persisters.

Some people with arthritis, Lyme, AS, etc., that benefit from antibiotic find that they have to stay on the antibiotic. In those cases the antibiotic might be acting more like an immune suppressant by dammaging the immune system among other things .

Also, I strongly believe that when using an antibiotic that a biofilm buster is essential. It can increase the power of the antibiotic up to 10,000 fold or allow the dose of antibiotics to be drastically reduced so it does less harm. Furthermore, if a person is taking antibiotics for the long term then a concern is that fungus/mould can become a problem so, no sugar, little starch and maybe some antifungual (lots of garlic???)

BTW: My bowel movement have returned to normal for a long time. It is such a pleasant sight that I always pause and admire it before sending it to sea.

May the Force be with you
Posted by: Duncan

Re: Free Kindle e-book : A.S The Cure - 04/23/18 04:42 AM

Great L33 - I guess we all have that in common 'desperate for a cure' Communication is important , critical in fact . The trouble is we each think what we write is very important and others perhaps not so much .
L33 - I am 64 years old --- and back trouble kicked in when I was twenty and then on and off for ever and ever Amen.
There's a big difference , It was never diagnosed. In a very odd way I guess I simply assumed it was normal - everybody had a bad back now and again . (didn't they?)
Only now when my back is akin to a bent fire poker has the condition been diagnosed - so I've only just fully engaged with the condition and the research (and more research)you talk of. , Its not a sweet read is it?
It happens that I've spent a lot of my life in your country ,such a good time , kicking about in Hillbrow when it was a great place to be . (those days are long gone as you know) more like 'The killing fields now'
We have other things in common L33 I'm electrical based also. still words are such an inefficient communication -
To the fight L33 ! lets look , there is so much bollix its almost impossible to separate the wheat from the chaff. By accident I was taught to divine as a youngster, not as an oddity or something peculiar simply as something on a farm that had to be done - To sex chicken eggs. -- (Poor old Rooster wasn't required - his eggs got fried first) box 13 , not worth the energy of incubation.
As I move on L33 In giant leaps we get to a subject called 'Radionics' you and I are going into the mist here - so be it!
I have built some of the machines . I was not judged 'stable' enough to use them . To become a licensed practitioner takes (It seems) years . far far longer than to be a GP (for instance) here's an example of one of those 'schools'
so I was inclined to ridicule, It doesn't really make sense does it ? ridicule because I didn't understand ? Rife is something of the same - frequency based .
I'm told The cause of AS is unknown and so is the cure.
I'm busy and I didn't want to try and engage in the theory (if there even is one). Still Radionics seemed to do ,what they say it does I've seen it does , (once or twice anyway)there ends a chapter (for me a least)

So in a humble way - rather than quarrel lets - push on . As a fellow EE its becoming clear there is another electrical system running parallel to everything we know.
Its an electrical universe . IMHO that includes your body , pain . suffering Et-al - We all want the easy way out , Me too ! so I gobble the pills and hope all the horror might go away (But - its not happening for everyone is it ? So lets go up a gear or two)
L33 your a digital guy ! Just my opinion but - Its not a digital universe . There is no absolute , your pain could be different from mine . --- Its variable forget the digital stuff , it doesn't relate, I doubt you'll understand much of this guy I didn't until I watched this many times..

So I too read Gabriel Martins book just as you did. I too have the pills , I too will follow the regime , (Its easy isn't it ? Its an easy option) Will it work ? please allow me to quote Oliver Heaviside for you -

There is no absolute scale of size in the Universe, for it is boundless towards the great and also boundless towards the small.

And thus is pain . (perhaps experience also) I think Gabriel's honest - I'll follow his regime and like you -hope.
As Fred points out there can be periods of total remission . I've just had the pleasure of a lot of years followed by a vicious attack - (That would be me right now!)
I'm also actively engaged in Rife technology - In my simplistic view -- just quickly stop it with anti biotic then bosh the calcification with Rife frequencies --- Mmmm perhaps its not going to be quite that simple .Still worth a try - better than little Jack Horner sitting in the corner!
I'm also quickly learning that A.S and other flavours of reactive arthritis have many faces. It perhaps sounds odd but I would be a little upset to find a cure for myself whilst my neighbors continued to suffer. I managed some years ago to make an efficient energy device . It gave me no satisfaction being nice and warm in my house whilst knowing OAPs up and down the road were suffering hypothermia. - So I guess L33 its not just you thats 'desperate' we all are I think its just a question of degree.
I confess I don't feel very clever on Azithromycin - It seems to give you a bit of knock and I'm not looking forward to the - four pills all in one hit thats just coming up. (according to Gabriel's regime) Also as Robin points out there could well be variations on the theme - dose, sequence
Ah well onwards and upwards ! Kindest regards to all Duncan
Posted by: Duncan

Re: Free Kindle e-book : A.S The Cure - 04/23/18 05:51 AM

Just as a PS to this - I emailed GM regarding his book , The reason ? I couldn't fully understand the treatment . It's easy to assume its 'one off' (he doesn't say) what if - he's just doing that for ever and ever Amen ? (again he doesn't say) The time factor he's talking - seven months - eight months makes me consider this is - long long term (again he doesn't say) thus far he hasn't replied to my email. I hope he does and can spare me/Us a few lines . any opinions ? -regards Duncan
Posted by: L33

Re: Free Kindle e-book : A.S The Cure - 04/23/18 09:13 AM

Hi Duncan it is a 'one off' treatment I e-mailed the author and he said he only did the protocol once according to the method in the book..... But he told me it took him months to heal fully from his AS symtoms...


Posted by: Duncan

Re: Free Kindle e-book : A.S The Cure - 04/23/18 11:10 AM

Thanks for the info Lee thats cleared things up a bit - even though the impression from the chinese site indicates a long term affair.
Posted by: Robin_H

Re: Free Kindle e-book : A.S The Cure - 04/23/18 09:40 PM

Good morning All:

Yes, as L33 points out that the author, Gabriel Martins, of the book stated that he needed about a year for his body to do a lot of repair after his immune dysfunction was remedied.

Arindam has said similar in his post, AS Controlled,

A couple of days ago I finally downloaded Gabriel's book. It took only half an hour to read. If two medical experts can diagnose him with AS and he can cure himself with antibiotics then more doctors need to open their minds to the idea that there is more than a single cause and that doctors have to be willing to practice individual, customized medicine for illness related to dysregulated immune system.

I think that Dr Richard Horrowitz is leading the pack on the concept of Multi Systemic Infectious Disease Syndrome -- MSIDS -- where the syndrome is the different diseases of AS, ALS, Diabetes (type 1), Lupus, Lyme, Parkinsons, MS, Reactive Arthritis, Sjorgens Syndrome, etc., and how infections drive those symptoms through a persons immune system to their genetic weak spots.

Of course there are some disease that do not need an environmental trigger. Are they more rare than environmentally triggered ones?
Posted by: Robin_H

Re: Free Kindle e-book : A.S The Cure - 04/23/18 09:48 PM


How would you rank the following on a scale of 0 to 10 at two points in time. Immediately after finishing the antibiotics and now (30 days later).

Disease activity:
Gut health:

Perhaps those are too general.

I would have expected burning, inflammation and related pain symptoms to immediately go away by the time you were done antibiotics if infection is the cause. Stiffness and some minor related pain would take a lot of time to reduce as rehabilitation occurs, undoing the damage that long-term inflammation has caused.

Would you consider that the effect of the antibiotics was really suppressing your immune system hence suppressing inflammation and pain? After the immune system recovered then the symptoms should return to what they were prior to the antibiotics; I imagine!

Since my pain is not so serious and my life is not in threat I am about to opt for trying colostrum as an antibiotic source instead of a pharmaceutical. My concern is finding medical grade sources of colostrum. My best result so far is by Jarrow at the Thrive Market but I just ordered some from New Zealand since it is closer to me and requires less customs hassle. I'll report my results on another thread.
Posted by: Duncan

Re: Free Kindle e-book : A.S The Cure - 04/23/18 11:33 PM

still munching Azithromycin - yum yum . Still getting cold symtoms in the morning - Isn't a cold wet nose supposed to be healthy?
Feel slightly run down with again a slightly elevated temperature.
- Thats what antibiotics do anyway - Isn't it?
One more day on - 1 pill then it's the 'big hit' 4 yum yum's - I think that might be a quiet day .
This stuffs certainly doing 'something' Aye but there's the rub as Robin points out the conditions unpredictable . After 7 (7???) months Lets assume its a sunny day in heaven and I feel much better
how on earth am to to know with any certainty its -Azithromycin- 'wot done it '? GMs approach seems to be - for the cost and effort involved just 'do it' - Well I am doing but thats not really how I wanted the thing to 'Pan out' I was hoping I could report quite quickly -- A or B - yes or no . Its not going to unfold like that is it?
' Suck it and see' - and the best of luck sir !
Posted by: Duncan

Re: Free Kindle e-book : A.S The Cure - 04/23/18 11:41 PM

And then this Idea - Mad cap It may be -- but perhaps with a little help? -- This is probably the biggest AS sufferers platform in the world. There are medical people reading - and part of and afflicted too , I'm sure.
Is it possible - feasible even that we on forum could arrange a 'clinical trial' a big one ?
preferably with a 'Medico' holding the strings? There is a speed bump pointed out by L33 - obtaining Azithromycin. ( and I guess if the trials to be 'true and honest' placebo's ) - I think it can be done - by the big box full .
There's a line of a song that comes to mind ' Be careful when bending the law' -still

And you'll excuse I'm sure - but a dark dingy place is exactly 'It to a tee' - keeping all that in mind -- can what I am doing , what GM , what L33 has done along with the report from China be turned to credible scientific reality? , By us an on line community ?. Its a big ask especially as the forum must be infiltrated by 'Big Pharma' who really don't want to see a 'cure' especially by 'abusing one of their own concoctions'
I don't think its ever been attempted , perhaps I go several steps to far -- but - but - but .
Hows the alternatives looking anyway ? - Please give it some quiet thought and believe me, I welcome response from folks ready to fight and scrap with this [*bleep*].
Kindest regards Duncan
Posted by: L33

Re: Free Kindle e-book : A.S The Cure - 04/24/18 01:40 AM

Hi Robbin to answer your question:

After the antibiotics: My pain moved from my lower back to my upper back and ribs with the pain staying at Level 5.

30 days after the antibiotics : My pain went from 5 to 3. I noticed a reduction in pain and I could walk without my walking stick since the pain moved up to my ribs. In retrospect the pain was at level 5 concentrated on my lower back and I could hardly walk without the help of a walking stick.... The Antibiotics made a strange difference as my pain moved and lowered a bit.

Currently I can not comment further on the Antibiotic since Saturday 21/04/2018 I have started No-starch diet since I needed my pain to go down further.

Now 4 days later after starting NSD my pain has gone down to 1.5 from 3(after the antibiotic).

I am only eating steamed chicken + lettuce + cucumber + olives for 7 days, then I'm going to have lamb + salad for 7 days, then beef + salad for 7 days, then Turkey + Salad for 7 days that makes one month of NSD.I am doing Elimination, if one of the meats give me problems I will eliminate it and revert to chicken as my safe food. My goal is to do NSD for 3 Months to see if I can bring my pain down to 0

Already I my pain has gone down and my body is starting to loosen up....

For me the Antibiotic was not a cure 30 days later hence I started NSD....

Best Regards


Posted by: Duncan

Re: Free Kindle e-book : A.S The Cure - 04/25/18 08:34 AM

Hi again lee - I also came across this report -which yo might find interesting
If true these figures are astonishing - Photon therapy - case study AS sufferer
I guess try try and try again! - Best wishes Duncan
Posted by: Robin_H

Re: Free Kindle e-book : A.S The Cure - 04/25/18 11:15 PM

My "take away" from this photon therapy study is that I need to play in the sunlight a few times a week.

In fact, I do notice an improvement when I go for a walk at noon time around the part that surround a lake and I play Jimi Hendrix, Kiss the Sky!
Posted by: L33

Re: Free Kindle e-book : A.S The Cure - 04/28/18 06:13 AM

Hi Guys I am considering buying x 2 ultra violet lamps 5 feet long around 650 nano meter wavelength, and mount on my wall next to my bed and lie next to it for 30min/day apparently photon therapy reduces inflamation markers thanks Duncan.

Yes Robin you are right playing in the SUN will make a difference its the best light source.
Posted by: Robin_H

Re: Free Kindle e-book : A.S The Cure - 05/05/18 09:21 PM

Hello Duncan:

I am curious as to how your experiment with azithromycin concluded.

L33 was targeting a specific pathogen related to an STD but did not seem to have the same success as the author of the inspiring book at the beginning of this thread, but time will tell.

Taking antibiotics with a target in mind might give results only because one of the target's friends got hit; for sure you realize that.

Such a case is with blastocystis -- sometimes a patient tests positive for B. Hominis, gets treated, then tests negative but the symptoms persist.

The theory is that it is a different culprit causing the symptoms. But another very good theory, that is valid and proven in many other disease due to chronic, low-level stealth infections is Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (MCAS).

Right now I am trying Arindam's diet. I feel that the sugar from the morning fruits is having a negative effect of increasing burning and crunching -- much like gout. But the positive side effect is better nutrition and hence I rid myself of a very bad chronic respiratory infection. The fiber is good for our gut too. I tried introducing Thai glutenous rice into my diet but it made me want to die!! Arindam seems to be eating any starch he wants. I will try again but try just steaming the rice and eating it cold as a rice pudding. My only attempt at eating the rice was making rice pancakes: pre-boiled rice, butter, egg and spices mixed together and then fried in coconut oil. It tasted great but was not worth the increase in inflammation.

And as to your morning sniffles while taking azithromycin, do you think that could have been due to the paradoxical immmune system suppression side-effect of taking antibiotics? Did the morning cold symptoms go away in a few days after finishing the azithromycin?

May the Force be with you!
Posted by: JaxTee

Re: Free Kindle e-book : A.S The Cure - 02/08/19 03:45 PM

I’m surprised that there is so little discussion about the connection to AS and infections. I was glad to find this post and read the ebook. Thanks to the person who posted it.

The problem with AS and the infection connection is that there is not a single bacteria and therefore not a single antibiotic that can help it. The author was very lucky to even have his particular infection identified and so easily. Also sounds like he caught it early and is maybe rather young when it happened. The sooner it’s treated, the easier a remission or even a cure. But the author might be surprised to have it come back at some point in his life.

Most research I have read most often shows klebsiella as the bacteria responsible. But as the author of the ebook has shown, that is not always the case. And sometimes it is multiple infections and often times they never show up in tests. I was lucky enough to have klebsiella show up in one test over 20 years. But I also believe I have more than one infection.

I think the key thing the author said was “ reactive arthritis”. After many discussions with my rheum doc over the years, he finally flat out said that AS and ReA are the same thing. This is a rheum doc who really doesn’t treat most of his patients with antibiotics but has paid enough attention to understand the connection between the two.

I made the mistake of thinking I was in remission from the infections and stopped my AP protocol. I am now back on it and improving again. Not as rapidly this time, but I am lots older now and my body has taken a beating. I should never have taken the break and should have kept up with booster antibiotics.

Anyway, interesting discussion and thanks again for the link to the ebook.
Posted by: Robin_H

Re: Free Kindle e-book : A.S The Cure - 02/28/19 06:09 PM

I started clarithromycin a few days ago. I will be on it for a total of three weeks at 1000 mg/day. Either two 500 mg doses a day or 1000 mg once. The choice was up to me and so I went for the 1000 mg dose to spike the concentration in my system.

This treatment actually is for an infection of bartonella caught in August 2013 which initially gave me inflammation in my cervical spine that worked its way down to my tail after 18 months. Then around April 2017 symptoms started touching my right hip, right knee, right foot, left and left shoulder blade. Now every joint is effected but I get zero joint swelling. There even is an effect in my skin in that blood poorly flows in it. My thighs sting, burn and ache. The bottom of my feet sting and burn. All my symptoms are understood to be caused by how bartonella colonizes epithelial tissue and collagen.

I have been through three family doctors in seven months. The last one is tolerating me. He referred me to an internist that I saw two times. The last time the internist rudely said, "I'm done with you! GOOD BYE!"

He was an arrogant, unempatheitc, short tempered, psychopath. Getting treatment for bartonellosis is just as challenging as Lyme Disease. No MD in Canada's communist medical system would entertain the idea that I have an old infection.

I had to fly 2000 km to see a doctor that was trained by Ed Breitschwerdt. He had no doubt that I have bartonellosis. I will see how clarithromycin effects my "arthritis."

My infections are more complicated due to a scuba accident and stuipidly using ibuprofen.

I'll give updates in this thread.
Posted by: Cymro

Re: Free Kindle e-book : A.S The Cure - 03/01/19 04:57 AM

Originally Posted By Robin_H

I have been through three family doctors in seven months.

No MD in Canada's communist medical system would entertain the idea that I have an old infection.

It seems to me that the problem is more with you than with the doctors.

As for "Canada's communist medical system" where on Earth did you get such a ridiculous idea from?