How I cured my AS

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How I cured my AS - 06/04/15 11:58 PM

I would like to first acknowledge the Holy Spirit in leading me to finding a cure to the AS condition I suffered for approx 19 yrs. I asked for healing and He showed me how to heal myself and stay that way.

I realise many people in the health industry hate the "cure" word, so my apologies in advance to those whom I offend. I am just using it based on the old fashioned dictionary definition: "An substance or treatment that relieves someone of the symptoms of a disease or condition".

Who am I?
I am a 40 yr old male from Australia. I started suffering AS at the age of 18. The pain first affected my hips and later moved into my spine. My father had AS and for as long as I remember and had a hunched fused back. He tells of stories of the immense pain he suffered as a young adult. At the age of 35 my pain became so excruciating I could hardly sleep anymore. It was at that time I came to a point where I resolved in myself that I would either cure the condition or die. So I researched for hundreds, perhaps thousands of hours. I started putting into practice the things I learned and by the age of 37 I was completely symptom & pain free. Since then, I play soccer regularly (currently 2-3 times/week), play beach volleyball, go to the gym and enjoy the beach/outdoors. Stuff I could not do for many years. I hope some of what I learned may help others.

What is the cause of AS?
In the majority of AS cases the problem is really Leaky Gut. A particular bacteria called Klebsiella is able to escape from the gut to the circulatory (blood) system. Once in the blood stream, an autoimmune response causes your body to create antibodies to kill this bacteria. Unfortunately AS sufferers have a tissue type (identified by the gene HLA-B27) that has a similar structure to the bacteria. So the antibodies that kill the bacteria also attack our own tissue causing inflammation and pain.

What is the solution?
With this knowledge, health professionals have come up with a number of different solutions:
1. Eat less starches - As klebsiella feeds & multiplies on starches, by reducing them in your diet, less will enter into the blood, hence, there will be less inflammation/pain.
2. Antibiotics (and similar) - Attempt to kill the klebsiella in the gut. Unfortunately, most of these treatments also kill much of the good bacteria in the gut, are very toxic and make Leaky Gut even worse.
3. Immune suppression - there are drugs available for AS sufferers that attempt to suppress the immune system so that our bodies create less antibodies, hence, we get less pain. This leaves you with a compromised immune system and therefore much more vulnerable to other sicknesses/diseases.
4. Heal the gut - this is the approach I took. I figured if I could heal the gut, Klebsiella can't enter into the circulatory system, hence, there will be no autoimmune response, therefore no pain.

Of all of these solutions I looked into, #4 seemed like the only cure to me, the others just treated symptoms.

How do you heal the gut?
Most of my research I did in healing my condition was focused on healing the gut specifically. It is a massive topic. I learned a healthy diet was the key to healing Leaky Gut, but myself back then and most people are clueless to what really is healthy. The health industry is just as corrupt as the drug industry. If I explained what to do and why it would easily fill a book. So in the interest of keeping this article shorter, I will mostly explain what to do and only briefly explain "why" in a few areas.

- Drink lots of pure water (free of chlorine/fluoride)
- Replace table salt (sodium chloride) with sea or Himalayan crystal salt (containing 84+ minerals)
- Replace white sugar (with no vitamins/minerals) with raw sugar
- Eat/Drink lots of probiotics - to heal the gut and establish a healthy gut flora with at least 80% good bacteria, you must consume lots of living foods. For example: raw milk from grass fed animals, raw sauerkraut & other lacto fermented vegetables, milk/water kefir, yogurt from grass fed animals, kombucha, etc.
Note: When people have Leaky Gut, they will eventually build up allergies to many foods because no food good or bad should enter into the blood. So just consume the healthy foods you can that doesn't cause issues, once you heal your gut, you will be able to eat anything you like.
- Consume lots of bone broths of grass fed animals - this is one of the best things you can do to heal your gut
- Slow cooked meals are far healthier than fried
- Take prebiotics - ie. Raw honey, Chlorella
- Add food grade hydrogen peroxide to water between meals - it will help kill bad bacteria, oxygenate the blood and help good bacteria grow. Far safer than antibiotics.
- Eat lots of healthy fats - butter from grass fed animals, coconut oil, virgin cold pressed olive oil/macadamia oil/hemp oil/flaxseed oil avoid vegetable oils (#1 cause of heart disease)
- Replace grain fed meat with hormone free grass fed meat
Note: I've mentioned grass fed dairy/meat a few times. The reason is that grass fed has a very healthy Omega 3/6 ratio, grain fed has a very unhealthy ratio which cause inflammation in the body; the last thing you need when trying to heal your gut.
- Avoid antibiotics, it is like unleashing a nuclear weapon in your gut. It is impossible to build a strong immune system and health gut flora if you take antibiotics.
- Avoid drugs (including vaccinations) - many contain viruses, toxins, aborted baby DNA, mercury or aluminum (that eats holes in tissue). In many causes these could have been the cause of Leaky Gut in the first place.
- If you have amalgam fillings, they release lots of mercury on a daily basis. Mercury eats through tissue. Find an holistic dentist and consider having the amalgam fillings replaced with composite fillings.
# Ask yourself the question, did your symptoms start shortly after having a vaccination or a dental procedure involving amalgam fillings?
- Take products to help chelate (extract) toxins/heavy metals: diatomaceous earth, bentontie clay, zeolites, chlorella, coriander & borax.
- Consider doing water fasts as this is the quickest way to detox & heal. In the period where I was healing my condition, I did 3 water fasts between 17 & 19 days. An added bonus was that I lost 10kg (22 pounds of fat) by doing that also. I have now less than 10% body fat.

Final Note
I started drinking lots of water around 9 yrs ago after finding the website ( In that time I've had 3 mild colds and have not taken drugs once. Before that I got sick 2-3 times/year. Pure water is the top of my list of health practices. In terms of AS, water helps maintain healthy cartilage between your vertebrae, it will reduce calcification, inflammation and pain.

An added note: most cancers are caused by vaccinations. There are animal viruses or aborted baby DNA in vaccinations as they are cultured in either animal body parts or aborted babies. The baby DNA causes an autoimmune response in the body. The animal viruses infect cells and make them cancerous. If you are fully hydrated, the other cells in your body communicate efficiently and will work together passing minerals & producing hydrogen peroxide to destroy the cancer cells. If you are not fully hydrated, your cells are more concerned with staying alive, not helping other cells, hence, the cancer cells spread. It is nearly impossible to kill viruses in the blood, so the best you can do it maintain your cell health by drinking lots of water. I do believe extended water fasts is the only way to potentially kill viruses in the blood, but that is based purely on my understanding of the body, not on scientific evidence. I do not know of a study ever done in relation to this.

I do many things these days to maintain a healthy diet/lifestyle. I mostly eat organic, activate nuts before eating & eat sourdough bread/wheat products. Previously if I ate something like a pizza (containing lots of starches), I would be suffering in a lot of pain about 6 hrs later, now days I can eat what I like without pain.

Raw milk from grass fed animals is what I call the healthiest food on the planet, but I also realise western governments have a war against health, so many health products are not permitted by law. Western governments are lobbied by the drug cartel (Big Pharma), and it is in their best interest to keep you sick and dependent on their drugs.

I consider myself a free man with a free will to chose for myself, not bound by laws of a Government that are supposed to represent me, but in truth are only pursuing their own hunger for money & power.

I know a number of things I have said are controversial. Free thinkers will do their own digging and I believe will draw similar conclusions. Those indoctrinated in the system will probably oppose many things I've said. The purpose of writing this is to help those in genuine need and I have no interest in arguing with the doubters. I wish I found a post like this when I was in agony, but I didn't, it would have saved me years of pain. I hope if nothing else this post will point you in a direction you may not have considered when doing your own research.

God Bless,
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Re: How I cured my AS - 06/08/15 11:12 PM

it is similar with the "Perfect Health Diet"
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Re: How I cured my AS - 06/10/15 11:33 AM

Still, as of now there is no cure and that is a medical fact. There is no way to unfuse joints and make them supple again. I believe an individual, targeted genetic approach could be a way forward but science is not there yet.
I am glad you are feeling better and hope you continue good health.
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Re: How I cured my AS - 06/10/15 11:07 PM

Thank you so much for sharing. I was diagnosed in March and have been researching like crazy and have come to the same conclusion that I must treat leaky gut if I ever want to get rid of the symptoms. I've had some tests done and have a citrobacter overgrowth in my gut that I'm trying to starve out with caprylic acid and silver and I've cut all starch and sugar. I've read the GAPS book about leaky gut but I'm curious if you have any recommendations for further reading. Your success gives me lots of hope!
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Hi Miniowl,

From my research, most people on a western diet have on average 80% bad and 20% good bacteria in their gut. A friend of mine who gets sick often got tested and had 90% bad bacteria. Most westerners have very little living foods, everything is cooked/pasteurized. A key to healing your gut & developing a strong immune system is to get this ratio to approx 80% good bacteria. To do this you can take a few approaches. If you just consume lots of living foods as mentioned above, the ratios will slowly turn. To speed up the process, you can try kill lots of the bad bacteria quickly, then focus on rebuilding good bacteria. Ways to kill the bad bacteria quickly are:
- Hydrogen Peroxide (h2o2) - probably my recommended method
- MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution) - works, but not a natural solution
- Silver - colloidal or ionic silver effectively kill bacteria, but probably will exhaust itself before it reaches your small intestine
- There are some herb extracts such as oil of oregano or olive leaf extract, but these may be too potent and even kill good bacteria
- Fasting is also pretty effective at reducing bad bacteria & healing tissue, but for those with leaky gut, you will most likely get retoxification (won't explain in detail here). So if fasting with leaky gut, you must take things to chelate toxins in your gut as you go (ie. Diatomaceous Earth, Bentonite Clay, Zeolites).

I won't advise you to take food grade h2o2 as this may cause issues with the drug industry & representatives. Many years ago, h2o2 was a common medicine for many sicknesses/diseases, but the drug industry lobbied hard to get it removed from use & replaced it with their drugs.

In my experience, before I discovered h2o2, I discovered MMS. So I took it, got every sick for a couple nights, but then my pain following that went down to about 60% (which was still a lot). I would not recommend MMS to anyone else though, once I discovered h2o2, I also tried that with similar results without getting so sick.

Like I said above, I determined in myself that I would heal the condition because I could no longer live with it. So I was prepared to try any treatment I would determine would lead to a cure. Not everything I tried would I recommend.

After an initial treatment (maybe 2 weeks) reducing bad bacteria, I would simply focus on a healthy diet to heal the gut & increase good bacteria. I think you are wasting your time if you think you can kill all of a certain type of bacteria, all you can do it reduce it. Once you build lots of good bacteria, it will keep the bad bacteria in check. A small percentage of bad bacteria is not a problem if you don't have leaky gut.

In my experience, I consumed lots of living foods for about a year and although it reduced my pain, I still had pain. The key turning point was when I changed from frying to slow cooking meat (grass fed of course) with bones and having bone broths. Within 4 weeks of adding that change to my routine, the pain totally disappeared. There are many testimonials on the web of bone broths healing leaky gut, it is possibly the best treatment known.

I have written booklets on both Health and Fasting, but I only really give it to people who are very interested. Not sure of the policy on kickas with providing contact details, but I would be happy to send it out to anyone who would like it.

Finally, in relation to the GAPS diet, to be honest, I haven't really looked into it. There are fancy names for all types of health fads/diets and I am sure some of them are probably good. I realised high fiber and raw diets (both popular health fads) probably do more harm than good. What I found however was that diet was far better hundreds/thousands of years ago than now. So I more focused on ancient ways of food preparation. There is a fairly good book called "Nourishing Traditions" by Sally Fallon that can point you in that direction. It has both info and lots of recipes. I would argue that wholemeal is not better than grain with husk removed (because of the high phytic acid content), but apart from that, I think the book is excellent.

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Despite the 'cure' word your post is great and there are plenty of people who agree with you. Some questions if I may:

What is your position on starch? I can see you have dairy (which is my worst antagonist) which is interesting.
Chlorella - isn't this supposed to be bad for AS as it stimulates the immune system?
Whats your position on alcohol?
How does hydrogen peroxide promote good bacteria?
Would you take capsule probiotics?
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Re: How I cured my AS - 06/11/15 03:08 PM

Many thanks AndyJ for your advice.

A question: I was in MMS for 3 weeks but I felt better just a couple of days. What do you mean with "works, but not a natural solution", Y try 12 drops in 6 times per day.

Thank you.
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Re: How I cured my AS - 06/11/15 04:33 PM

I did find this about MMS from Science Based Medicine:

One product in particular was called Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS), and its website claimed it cured cancer, Aids, malaria, and basically most things short of actual death.

Curious to know more about it, Rhys decided to Google it, and came across the following US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warning:

"The product, when used as directed, produces an industrial bleach that can cause serious harm to health. The product instructs consumers to mix the 28 percent sodium chlorite solution with an acid such as citrus juice. This mixture produces chlorine dioxide, a potent bleach used for stripping textiles and industrial water treatment. High oral doses of this bleach, such as those recommended in the labeling, can cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and symptoms of severe dehydration."

MMS was originally sold by a man named Jim Humble, who claims that MMS can be used to successfully treat AIDS, hepatitis A,B and C, malaria, herpes, TB, most cancer and many more of mankind’s worse diseases. He even goes so far as to claim that 5,000,000 people have used MMS and that “hundreds of thousands” of lives have been saved. Unfortunately, it appears that for this function Jim Humble uses more concentrated MMS—a lot more concentrated. More horrifically, Humble bestows his “blessings” on poor people in Third World countries like Haiti, treating them like this:

We gotta give him just enough [industrial bleaching agent] that he don’t get sick but he’s on the edge of getting sick! So we’ve got to keep him just on the very edge and therefore it’s pretty intense for cancer, he needs to take it 4/5 times a day, small amounts instead of a big batch.

In fact, MMS is actually really nasty stuff, with some of its users suffering serious complications.
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Re: How I cured my AS - 06/11/15 06:24 PM

Never trust a medical product with "Miracle" in its name but this one sounds like a good cleaning product.
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Re: How I cured my AS - 06/11/15 07:54 PM

Hi Andy,

"The key turning point was when I changed from frying to slow cooking meat (grass fed of course) with bones and having bone broths. Within 4 weeks of adding that change to my routine, the pain totally disappeared. There are many testimonials on the web of bone broths healing leaky gut, it is possibly the best treatment known."

I was very interested in this passage.

I have been trying to move away from cooking my meat in a "George Foreman" and have been experimenting with various combinations of bone broths.

For instance, how would you cook lamb chops or a steak - is steaming them preferable to frying - or do you cook all your meats in a slow cooker?

Thanks for posting
Regards David
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Re: How I cured my AS - 06/12/15 02:47 AM

- I expected people to take offense at the "cure" word, I understand the medical industry hates that word. No further comment.
- When you have Leaky Gut, all foods, both good and bad can enter the gut. Those with Leaky Gut will eventually develop allergies for many foods. So while healing your gut, you need to avoid the foods that create you inflammation whether healthy or not. Once you heal your gut, eat what you want (preferably more of the healthy food). Dairy is an interesting one as to digest dairy properly, you need the enzyme lactase. Western countries force pasteurization (as they fear bacteria both good and bad), which also kills all enzymes and probiotics. So the most beneficial part of dairy (these enzymes/probiotics) is destroyed before you consume them. On top of that, most dairy is homogenized (which destroys the benefits of the fat) and is grain fed (which has a very unhealthy ratio of Omega 3/6 causing causes inflammation). So although raw dairy from grass fed cows is probably the healthiest food on the planned, the toxic rubbish available in western shops is dangerous and will just cause issues. People who have allergies to dairy can reverse that by consuming small quantities of raw dairy, once the enzymes are established in the gut, they will be good with it. It is a similar story with grains. Fermented sourdough grains are extremely healthy (the gluten is digested in the fermentation process), however, fast baked bread is extremely unhealthy. Before 1960's all wheat (flour) was fermented before baking, then fast food won out and peoples health deteriorated.
- I do not buy into the philosophy that having a weak immune system is good. I never did anything to suppress my immune system, I just built it stronger, but healed my gut at the same time. Maybe it may have caused me more pain (I do not know), but as soon as the gut was healed, all pain was gone and I rarely get sick anymore. Chlorella is a prebiotic, has lots of amino acids and chelates toxins, all essential to building a strong immune system. Chlorella is very good at chelating mercury & aluminum that eats holes in tissue. Chemtrails, vaccinations, many deodorants, amalgam fillings all pump lots of these dangerous heavy metals in the system causing issues, it is essential to detox them if you want to heal.
- Most bad bacteria is anaerobic, it cannot live in oxygen. H2O2 (peroxide) as with ozone (O3) readily gives up an oxygen atom. H2O2 gives up an oxygen atom to oxidise bad bacteria and you are left with H20 (water). Similarly with Ozone, you are left with O2 (oxygen). Good bacteria is mostly aerobic, it flourishes in the presence of oxygen, so if you can increase oxygen in the gut, it helps good bacteria grow.
- I don't take probiotic capsules, but there is nothing wrong with this. I just found them expensive. I like to consume probiotic foods and drinks as mentioned in my original post. Just remember, most good bacteria will get destroyed by stomach acids, so probiotics are more effective on an empty stomach (when you have less acids in your stomach)

MMS is basically an oxidiser used for swimming pools, it is quite potent (smells like chlorine) & can make you sick. It works however as it oxidises a lot of the bad bacteria, yeast & funguses, so less bad stuff will enter into your blood. I do not recommend it though, I'd stick with H2O2 as it is natural. If you have a strong immune system, your own cells will produce H2O2 to fight infections. Mothers milk is high in H2O2 to help the baby establish a strong immune system.

Agreed MMS is not a good option. I do not care for what the FDA says however. The FDA has a history of approving harmful drugs and disapproving the most beneficial treatments. Remember, the FDA does not approve raw milk (healthiest food on the plannet), it does not approve medical marijuana for general use (has amazing healing qualities), does not approve H2O2 (a natural product even your body produces naturally), but it approves Vaccinations (the #1 cause of cancer). A 10 year German study found Autism was 10,000% higher in vaccinated children, I directed many people to the website with that study, then about 1.5 yrs ago the website disappeared. I realised then the UN/WHO had a hidden agenda to vaccinate. Just read the UN Agenda 21 on their website, they say 500 million people are sustainable, so what's their plan to reduce 93% of the world population?

Frying is probably the worst for a couple reasons:
1. It produces heterocyclic amine (HCA) and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), both are carcinogens.
2. It does not allow the fat & benefits of the bone to saturate the meat properly. Most people think eating fat causes you to get fat, so they even cut it off (# Unfermented grains and processed sugar are the main causes of excess body fat). There are stuff in the bones that have huge healing benefits (I won't go into detail - google it).
- Other problems can be that people eat grain fed meat (unhealthy fats) or they they cook in vegetable oil (one of the leading causes of heart disease).
- Steaming can overcome a couple of those issues, but still it won't allow you to get the full benefits of the fat/bones as does slow cooking.

Hope some of those responses help. I am trying to keep the responses as short as possible while offering the info people ask for. I can go on for much longer on some topics, but you can google for more info. Remember, when you google, dig deep, there is as much crap on the internet as valuable info. Governments are doing all they can to ensure only the info they want you to see if readily available. I recently read about new laws Obama is pushing to regulate all internet info. Think you live in a free country? Think this is not a police state? Do you still have a free will to chose (choose to consume raw milk, choose not to vaccinate, choose not to be mass medicated with fluoride/chlorine/chemtrails)?
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Re: How I cured my AS - 06/12/15 08:20 AM

Hi Andy,

As mentioned in your post you dont suggest food grade H202. What H202 do you suggest?
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Re: How I cured my AS - 06/12/15 09:54 AM

Vaccinations (the #1 cause of cancer)

With that there you just lost all credibility and everything you say is now suspect.
Posted by: AndyJ

Re: How I cured my AS - 06/12/15 11:54 AM

I can't officially recommend food grade h2o2 as I am not a doctor & the government doesn't want people to know about its health benefits. However, I take it myself.

Find the YouTube clips by Dr Dent on the history of vaccinations, it is very enlightening. I've been doing my own surveying for quite some time, so far everyone I've met that has/had cancer has been vaccinated or had a blood transfusion and doesn't drink much pure water.
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Re: How I cured my AS - 06/12/15 08:10 PM

Your diet experimentation may be intriguing for some but you delve into a multitude of conspiracy theories which really aren't necessary to your post. Just some friendly advice as you've stated you don't wish to argue with doubters who are not free thinkers but have been programmed by the "system." Congrats on your AS Cure!
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Re: How I cured my AS - 06/12/15 11:58 PM

Hi Andy,

I'm interested to know what you do to purify your water. Clean water is the next thing on my list and I'm looking at devices that filter chlorine, fluoride etc but also have some kind of magnetizing capability.

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Re: How I cured my AS - 06/13/15 10:36 AM

Andy, Thanks again for the detailed info. Good point about the silver.
Posted by: miniowl

Re: How I cured my AS - 06/14/15 01:45 PM

PS there's also so much confusing information about whether or not silver leaves the body and whether or not it's safe
Posted by: AndyJ

Re: How I cured my AS - 06/14/15 10:03 PM

I have a reverse osmosis filter to purify my water. They are pretty cheap on ebay. Since reverse osmosis takes pretty much everything out of the water (minerals included), you can make up for that by adding sea salt (containing 84 minerals) to your diet. You can also buy natural spring water. I've also read about a product called Adya that can be added to the water to purify it. It is derived from zeolites and I do take zeolites to help detox.

miniowl - Silver
There is traditional colloidal silver that was a popular health fad years ago. These are whole particles of silver. The problem with many colloidal silver products is that the particles are too large and don't pass through the system. There are many reports of peoples skin turning grey. Infact, I've read studies showing large particles aren't that effective in killing bad bacteria either. A couple manufacturers make what is called nano silver, these particles are small enough to pass through your system & are much more effective. Then there is ionic silver which is silver ions as opposed to particles. Ionic silver is more effective again at killing bacteria, but it exhausts itself much sooner, so it not optimal for gut conditions (better for skin/throat infections).

The problem with silver is that it kills both good and bad bacteria. It is similar but far more effective than antibiotics as bacteria can't build up resistance against silver and it does not have the side effects. Saying that, the optimal solution is to kill only bad bacteria. That is why I recommend food grade hydrogen peroxide over silver.

As far as silver being toxic, I read a study on that once, and it would take vast quantities of silver to cause any type of toxicity. Take too much of anything and it will kill you.

There are Conspiracy Theories, these are theories. There are facts, these are theories that have been proven. These days many facts are considered Conspiracy Theories because the drug companies, governments, elites, etc won't admit the truth despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. I call these Conspiracy Facts. Recent Conspiracy Facts that became fact:
- NSA spying on US citizens (thanks to Snowden)
- LIBOR rate manipulation
- Gold/Silver market manipulation
I only deal with facts & truth whether they are conspiracies or not. I understand the majority are happy in the matrix (ignorance is bliss), so I don't offer the Red Pill in future unless it is necessary to respond truthfully to questions. The problem is when I started digging, I uncovered a whole world of secrecy & corruption, it is not what I was indoctrinated to believe in school. Unfortunately, many diseases today are directly related to that corruption. So if you want health, you will probably need to take the Red Pill.
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Re: How I cured my AS - 06/15/15 09:15 AM

You said:
I only deal with facts & truth whether they are conspiracies or not.

That's not quite true. When you said:

A 10 year German study found Autism was 10,000% higher in vaccinated children, I directed many people to the website with that study, then about 1.5 yrs ago the website disappeared.

If this were actually true and factual, there would be hundreds of other studies to back it up. But there aren't any are there?

There is no link between vaccines and autism.

Some people have had concerns that ASD might be linked to the vaccines children receive, but studies have shown that there is no link between receiving vaccines and developing ASD. In 2011, an Institute of Medicine (IOM) reportExternal Web Site Icon on eight vaccines given to children and adults found that with rare exceptions, these vaccines are very safe.

A 2013 CDC studyExternal Web Site Icon added to the research showing that vaccines do not cause ASD. The study looked at the number of antigens (substances in vaccines that cause the body’s immune system to produce disease-fighting antibodies) from vaccines during the first two years of life. The results showed that the total amount of antigen from vaccines received was the same between children with ASD and those that did not have ASD.

Vaccine ingredients do not cause autism.
One vaccine ingredient that has been studied specifically is thimerosal, a mercury-based preservative used to prevent contamination of multidose vials of vaccines. Research shows that thimerosal does not cause ASD. In fact, a 2004 scientific reviewExternal Web Site Icon by the IOM concluded that "the evidence favors rejection of a causal relationship between thimerosal–containing vaccines and autism." Since 2003, there have been nine CDC-funded or conducted studies Adobe PDF file [PDF - 316 KB] that have found no link between thimerosal-containing vaccines and ASD, as well as no link between the measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) vaccine and ASD in children.

Between 1999 and 2001, thimerosal was removed or reduced to trace amounts in all childhood vaccines except for some flu vaccines. This was done as part of a broader national effort to reduce all types of mercury exposure in children before studies were conducted that determined that thimerosal was not harmful. It was done as a precaution. Currently, the only childhood vaccines that contain thimerosal are flu vaccines packaged in multidose vials. Thimerosal-free alternatives are also available for flu vaccine. For more information, see the Timeline for Thimerosal in Vaccines.

Besides thimerosal, some people have had concerns about other vaccine ingredients in relation to ASD as well. However, no links have been found between any vaccine ingredients and ASD.

Every year, 2.5 million unvaccinated children worldwide die of diseases that vaccines could have prevented, and vaccines prevent the deaths of an additional 2 million children, according to the World Health Organization.

If you are going to say you deal in facts, please back it up with science because calling it a "conspiracy" just doesn't work.
Posted by: AndyJ

Re: How I cured my AS - 06/15/15 10:03 PM

If you want the truth, you will have to dig much deeper than relying on information from 2 Zionist run Corporations with an agenda to vaccinate. Thimerosal (organic mercury) has been removed from most vaccinations now. If it wasn't harmful, why was it removed? If it was a "precaution" are they saying there is stuff in vaccinations they simply do not know of the effects on humans at the time they were released?
- Why was thimerosal replaced with Aluminium as a preservative in most vaccinations which is nearly as harmful?
- Why do most cases of autism in children occur within a month of the 1yr old vaccinations? There was a documentary I saw that pro vaccine scientists admitted this, but they claimed no connection. Forgot the name of the program, but Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy were also in it claiming their child was not autistic until he received the 1yr old vaccines.
- Why did African Scientists discover sterilization chemicals in the WHO administered Ebola vaccine that was recently forced on many African people?
- Why did reports from Africa (not on mainstream media) claim that the only people who contracted Ebola were the ones who received the vaccine?
- Why didn't the mainstream media report on the 39 out of 52 children that died or were hospitalized in Mexico recently after receiving vaccinations:
- Why does the Government pay out cases of harm done to children in the US Vaccine Court & not drug companies?
- Why has there never been a double-blind placebo-controlled study done to prove the safety and effectiveness of vaccines?
- Why is there no scientific evidence that can prove disease reduction in any country was attributed to vaccinations?
- Why has there never been a scientific study to prove that the preservatives and chemical additives used in vaccines are safe for humans?
- Why was the head scientist who developed the Polio vaccine fired and disbarred when she stated that the vaccine couldn't be released to humans as it contained a monkey virus (SV40) what would cause a cancer epidemic in the future? She stated all of your test rats died of cancer.

There is a saying, "You don't know what you don't know". You may believe the Government discloses the whole truth to you about everything, but this is not what I have found. Has anyone wondered why one of the 911 commissioners stated on camera that 911 was a 40 year planned event?

The problem with scientific studies these days are that most of them are made up or manipulated. I read a very long article by the previous head of the New Zealand Dental Association who promoted fluoride around the world. When he discovered he was selling lies, he went through all the scientific studies they they used to promote fluoride and revealed the real results and the results they told the public. His conclusion was that tooth decay is caused by too much fluoride, not enough calcium. I did a quick web search, I can't find his original article, but this appears to be a short version:

I've found the same type of articles in relation to most "scientific studies" including vaccines. The point I am making is there are some things the Government is not truthful to you about because their Agenda is different from yours. Government makes lots of money from Drug companies and there are many lobbyists for the drug companies loading their pockets. Health may not be their primary concern.

The reason I bring up mercury in vaccinations is because I discovered years ago from a very smart Nautropath that mercury eats through human tissue, it is extremely toxic. She stated that mercury is the primary cause of Leaky Gut in many people. She suggested mercury can eat through the brain barrier and enter the brain causing autism (my independent research confirms that). So detoxing mercury from my system was one of the first things I did in relation to healing my gut. I did heavy metal tests while detoxing and saw these toxins decrease. Now if you believe mercury is not harmful as the Government wants you to believe, I am not sure how you can possibly heal your gut and cure AS.

I no longer have pain and I stand by the information I have discovered. Has your Government/Drug industry inspired information done the same for you?
Posted by: Timo

Re: How I cured my AS - 06/16/15 12:03 AM

Good grief.
The problem with scientific studies these days are that most of them are made up or manipulated.

This you have to prove with science.
Posted by: AndyJ

Re: How I cured my AS - 06/16/15 01:27 AM

Here is an article just last week exposing many fake Medical scientific papers that were published in respected journals:

This one from earlier this month where the editor of in chief of Lancet (Medical Journal) states that up to half of the scientific literature may be untrue:

I also gave you the example above of the fluoride misinformation. I see this all the time while researching, I no longer keep track, its just part of the world we live in (corrupt). This is why I suggest to dig deep when researching the truth, especially if it is related to your health.
Posted by: Timo

Re: How I cured my AS - 06/16/15 05:40 PM

This is not world wide corruption. From your own link:

A partial list of the retracted articles suggests most of them were written by scholars at universities in China.
Last year, in one of the most publicized scandals, the Journal of Vibration and Control, in the field of acoustics, retracted 60 articles at one time due to what it called a “peer review and citation ring” in which the reviews, mostly from scholars in Taiwan, were submitted by people using fake names.
Posted by: boz

Re: How I cured my AS - 06/21/15 04:17 AM

Good post AndyJ! Very interesting reading.
What % hydrogen peroxide do you recommend for drinking, and how much, and often do i drink it?
Posted by: AndyJ

Re: How I cured my AS - 06/21/15 04:57 AM

Hi Boz,

These days I normally only take peroxide while fasting (I do about 3-4 fasts per year of at least 7 days). For maintenance, I'd take about 3 drops of 35% per glass of water. When I was using it for treatment, I'd work my way up from 5 drops per glass to around 20 drops, 3 times a day. Don't go to high dosages too quickly as it will kill too much bad stuff (bad bacteria, viruses, fungus's) at once and it may be difficult for your body to detox from it. Also, don't take larger dosages around meal times as it can make the food fizz up a bit causing stomach discomfort.
Posted by: boz

Re: How I cured my AS - 06/22/15 04:24 AM

I don't think i can get a hold of 35% here in Norway, the drugstore only sells 3 and 6%
Would i just take 6x as many drops of the 6% or do it need to be 35%?
Posted by: davidchen

Re: How I cured my AS - 06/24/15 08:33 AM

Originally Posted By snowshoe
Your diet experimentation may be intriguing for some but you delve into a multitude of conspiracy theories which really aren't necessary to your post. Just some friendly advice as you've stated you don't wish to argue with doubters who are not free thinkers but have been programmed by the "system." Congrats on your AS Cure!

perhaps the best way to verify is just try it with the precondition that will not permanent damage our health.We just live with hope. For some patients there maybe few choice.Thanks for Andy's sharing.
grass fed milk and meat is really hard to get in the marketespecially in china. I am not sure the slow cook "grain fed bone broth" will also good?
Posted by: snowshoe

Re: How I cured my AS - 06/24/15 07:23 PM

It's true that most diets are harmless/low risk decisions. Many members here have reported benefitting from the No Starch Diet and I've given that a try. Because of the number of members who've tested the NSD I concluded it was worth a long trial. My point in this thread is once the messenger diverged into a number of conspiracy theories, it diluted the theory/message for ME. But so far it's an experiment of 1 so while not willing to be a pioneer, if more people try this and have success that would get my trust and attention. So I hope you give it a try David and report your results. Best wishes
Posted by: davidchen

Re: How I cured my AS - 06/25/15 09:23 AM

There is another successful experiment.
Posted by: snowshoe

Re: How I cured my AS - 06/25/15 10:05 PM

I'll wait until you try it first yes
I would need to buy a cow for the fresh unpasteurized milk but don't have enough room for a cow.
Posted by: AndyJ

Re: How I cured my AS - 06/26/15 06:59 AM

Yes, if you can only get hold of 6% food grade h2o2, multiply the amounts I said by 6.

The problem with grain fed meat is that is has a ratio of approx 1:24 omega3:omega6 fats. This has been shown to cause inflammation, so it won't help with AS. Grass fed meat has a much healthier ratio approx 1:3. It is a shame mass production is more important than health. In Australia we are fortunate, we can get grass fed meat easily.

So having a healthy diet is an unproven experiment hey? Classic! All I did with this post was teach people what is healthy because most don't know. Your body has an amazing ability to heal if you look after it. Put rubbish fuel in your car and see if it runs as well as with clean fuel. Your body is no different, it requires clean fuel to function optimally.
Posted by: davidchen

Re: How I cured my AS - 06/29/15 06:51 AM

if it was only the problem of ratio of omega3:omega6 fats, we can take the omega3 supplement capsule to improve the ratio.
Posted by: dlee

Re: How I cured my AS - 06/30/15 06:35 PM

Some say that Omega 3 supplements are unstable and not worth the money spent on them. In fact can be oxidized easily. Food always trumps supplements - if you can get good quality food.
Posted by: AndyJ

Re: How I cured my AS - 07/02/15 02:11 AM

That's correct, you get far more benefits from a complete food than with supplements. I don't take any supplements, they are expensive and have little benefits on their own. Much of the meat also was given hormones, then they even colour it in the supermarket to look more appealing. I just buy natural.
Posted by: Sue22

Re: How I cured my AS - 07/02/15 02:11 PM

Originally Posted By dlee
Some say that Omega 3 supplements are unstable and not worth the money spent on them. In fact can be oxidized easily. Food always trumps supplements - if you can get good quality food.

when i added in fish oil....then later krill oil, it does improve my cholesterol levels. i take pravastatin too, but together, the numbers are better.
Posted by: Northwind

Re: How I cured my AS - 10/21/15 06:22 AM

Hello Andy!

Thank you so much for spreading this information of yours!

I would love to get a booklet on fasting. Should I send you my contact information?
Posted by: GrainDane

Re: How I cured my AS - 10/29/15 12:40 AM

Originally Posted By Timo
Still, as of now there is no cure and that is a medical fact. There is no way to unfuse joints and make them supple again.

Be careful where you throw around the word "Fact". Some people are looking for a reason to give up. Just as it is to say there is no "cure", it is not a fact to say AS cannot be cured or at least what OP was eluding to - alleviation. It is a THEORY that AS cannot be cured. It is a fact that you won't find something if you aren't looking for it.

From NCSE:
Fact: In science, an observation that has been repeatedly confirmed and for all practical purposes is accepted as “true.” Truth in science, however, is never final and what is accepted as a fact today may be modified or even discarded tomorrow.

Hypothesis: A tentative statement about the natural world leading to deductions that can be tested. If the deductions are verified, the hypothesis is provisionally corroborated. If the deductions are incorrect, the original hypothesis is proved false and must be abandoned or modified. Hypotheses can be used to build more complex inferences and explanations.

Theory: In science, a well-substantiated explanation of some aspect of the natural world that can incorporate facts, laws, inferences, and tested hypotheses.
Posted by: Timo

Re: How I cured my AS - 10/29/15 06:21 PM

Please reread that sentence.

"Still, as of now there is no cure and that is a medical fact."

As of now.....
Posted by: AndyJ

Re: How I cured my AS - 11/10/15 08:46 AM

I have been pain free for four years now and enjoy playing soccer 2-3 times a week. I have full mobility also. By the dictionary definition of the word cure, yes I am cured. However, I didn't write this post for my benefit, has there been anyone else desperate enough to follow my advice? I'd love to hear your results. What I said may seem like a strange theory to you, but it's fact to me. Maybe one day science will prove that if you have a healthy diet and lifestyle, you will be healthy, but until then, you will just have to take what I said with a little bit of faith.
Posted by: L33

Re: How I cured my AS - 11/30/15 03:43 PM

Thank you AndyJ for sharing your story and research, some of the things I have researched ring true with what you have said....

stay healthy...

Posted by: Josephine

Re: How I cured my AS - 03/15/16 10:06 AM


With all due respect, thank you so much for your work with this site, I have got to disagree with you:

On vaccinations possibly causing harm... "If this were actually true and factual, there would be hundreds of other studies to back it up. But there aren't any are there?"

Where do you think this published, peer reviewed science is coming from? The pharmaceutical companies. And who do you think is going to fund the millions to disapprove the safety of the pharmaceutical industry's products? ...Hence, no studies.

I used to teach Montessori and I can tell you from what I saw with vaccinations and my student population that I have reason to suspect vaccinations are at least, worth a more critical look. And perhaps they are not all good or all bad, but I have seen children develop behaviors on the spectrum immediately after scheduled vaccinations. But here we have entered into a conversation about paradigm and not just AS.
Posted by: AndyJ

Re: How I cured my AS - 03/21/16 07:33 AM

You are correct Josephine.

Big Pharma and Governments both make lots of money from vaccinations, so the propaganda machine promoting vaccinations will most likely continue in full swing.

Putin: "Western Governments Are Enslaving Humanity Through Vaccines"

As you said, there is no incentive for scientists to do studies on the harmful effects of vaccinations. However, there is one large study being done in Germany. It is a group that is collecting data in response to a survey filled in by parents of children. So far it clearly demonstrates that the most diseased children are the vaccinated ones (by a long way).

This page gives a summary, but also has a link to the actual survey which is ongoing:

Also, if you have been following the statistics for the number of claims in the US Vaccine court you would have noticed the successful cases were going exponential up until early 2015 when the Government decided not to publish the data anymore. Another question you have to ask is why is Big Pharma exempt from prosecution in court while the Government (the people) pay out successful injury claims. The corruption is rife!
Posted by: WendyR

Re: How I cured my AS - 03/21/16 08:38 AM

UNICEF is neither big pharma nor government. This is their opinion.
Posted by: Josephine

Re: How I cured my AS - 03/27/16 10:15 AM

I think UNICEF does great work!! That said, it's main source of funding is US Federal government and UN (again, US).

As of 2007, around 60% of the funding was from government donors, 30% from private sector (including individual donations). The rest comes from organizations such as other UN agencies, NGOs, other international organizations.

In 2007 the US government contributed around 9% of the total budget.
UNICEF annual report 2007,
Posted by: Josephine

Re: How I cured my AS - 03/27/16 10:19 AM

Thimerosal = mercury. The amount has in recent years been scaled back but you can see it is still present in recommended vaccine schedule.

Heavy metals and autoimmune are related issues.
Posted by: william_1978

Re: How I cured my AS - 03/28/16 03:48 PM

Hi Andy

I popped you a quick pm a while back to see if it would be possible to get copies of your booklets that you mention earlier in the thread?

If you're hapy enough to send, please let me know and I'll pm my email address.

Many thanks
Posted by: AndyJ

Re: How I cured my AS - 04/05/16 02:18 AM

Sorry to those who sent me a Personal Message, I only just discovered that part. I will respond to everyone.

There is a good documentary that recently came out called Vaxxed:

It talks about the massive coverup in relation to autism and vaccinations. Obviously it is no surprise to people who have done their research. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to understand how mercury & aluminum easily bypass the brain barrier and destroy the neural network causing mental conditions. One documentary I watched years ago stated autism was 20,000% higher in vaccinated children, yet the doctors on the same documentary claimed there was no link. haha
Posted by: nowIknow

Re: How I cured my AS - 04/10/16 09:46 AM

Thanks for your post and all the time you spent writing it out. I am also one who follows the leading of the Holy Spirit and so your post interests me greatly.
I have been praying for help for my own health condition as well as the health conditions of others.
I needed this reminder that that is where my greatest help comes from and that is from the Lord, the Great Physician.
Thanks for taking a step out and for sharing!
I have been encouraged and am taking heed.
Posted by: Havsurf

Re: How I cured my AS - 07/14/16 07:09 PM

Hello Andy,
Thank you for all the information on diet for treating AS. I have a question regards to the food grade hydrogen peroxide.
I'm currently taking 1 table spoon of apple cider vinegar with water four time a day along with NSD. This keep my flare ups under control when I accidentally have some starch intake.
Do you think if I start taking food grade hydrogen peroxide it will have adverse reaction to the apple cider vinegar?
My goal is to heal my gut. I only been diagnose having AS about 7 month ago. NSD and apple cider vinegar has helped out a lot so far.
Posted by: AndyJ

Re: How I cured my AS - 08/01/16 05:24 AM

Hi Havsurf,

NSD will reduce inflammation which will make it easier to heal your gut. Apple cider vinegar won't do to much in healing your gut, but just make your stomach more acidic as it should be, it improved digestion. I never really took apple cider to heal my gut, you can take acidic probiotic drinks instead (water kefir and/or kombucha), they will have the same affect, but also include lots of good bacteria/enzymes.

Hydrogen Peroxide will help kill a lot of the bad bacteria (including Klebsiella), but also help the good bacteria to grow. I had one guy tell me his AS was so bad he was in bed the whole summer, but after he took peroxide it made a massive difference and shortly after he was running.

For me, the probiotics & peroxide alone helped a lot, but the final cure came when I also introduced slow cooking/bone broths. If you can do that with healthy meat (pasture fed or wild caught seafood), it shouldn't be long before you will heal your gut.
Posted by: miniowl

Re: How I cured my AS - 08/01/16 08:17 PM

When you were slow cooking bone broths, did you eat any raw foods like salads or do they irritate the digestive tract? Did you also slow cook vegetables?
Posted by: AndyJ

Re: How I cured my AS - 08/02/16 12:54 AM


I didn't eat salad's regularly, I mostly threw in vegies in the slow cooker with the meat. I'd eat it with mash (potato/sweet potato) or organic rice and have a bit of homemade raw (unpasteurised) sauerkraut on the side. Cooked vegies do lose some nutrients, but what is left is far more digestible than with a raw salad. Sauerkraut although being raw is fermented and very easily digested (it contains lots of probiotics and enzymes).

The raw diet is just a current fad but people will eventually realise raw is often not best, each food must be prepared a certain way for optimal absorption. I've seen low fat, high fiber & high protein diet fads, that's all rubbish. It just makes some nutritionists lots of money promoting their ideas, but has little health benefits to those who fall for it.

A huge key to healing the gut is having foods that are easy to digest. So food preparation is very important. There is a book called Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon that discusses the importance of food preparation and contains a lot of recipes.
Posted by: Havsurf

Re: How I cured my AS - 08/02/16 11:21 AM

Hello Andy,
Thank you for your response. I will start on the Hydrogen Peroxide today to see how works out. Hopefully it will do me some good.
Posted by: miniowl

Re: How I cured my AS - 08/03/16 08:05 PM

Thanks Andy!
Posted by: drone3

Re: How I cured my AS - 11/29/16 06:32 AM

Andy this post is seriously inspiring, thanks for all the info!

Im in Melbourne and I'm trying to source food grade hydrogen peroxide, there are a few shops online but i have no idea who to trust, where do you get yours from?

Posted by: AndyJ

Re: How I cured my AS - 12/01/16 06:09 AM

Hi Drone,

Probably ebay is the easiest place to find Food Grade H2O2. Try to find one that says: "no chemical stabalizers".
Posted by: Robin_H

Re: How I cured my AS - 01/25/18 09:21 AM

Originally Posted By AndyJ
... The key turning point was when I changed from frying to slow cooking meat (grass fed of course) with bones and having bone broths.

That struck me because when I first went to NSD I was making vegetable and meat stir-fries and still had gut pain. Then I recalled the idea that "too much fried food isn't good." It also creates LPS by the way. So I pulled out the steamer and began steaming my vegetables; enough for supper and the next day's breakfast. But I still was stir-frying the chicken (and beef once a week) lightly in oil. It made a big difference but i still was having a healing barrier.

I suspected broccoli for some reason. So I took it out and finally went into remission but I was stuck on the NDS.

These days I know that cooked broccoli is classified as a soluble starch and wont make it to the colon but instead get broken down in the small intestine where I think much of AS troubles are.

Another point that stood out is fasting. I don't like it but am starting to get the impression that it is necessary.

The whole original post was full of good ideas. H2O2 is another item I have wanted to add for a while but am having a hard time sourcing it in a pharmacy here... language barrier I think.