find ldn in canada help!

Posted by: jeffo

find ldn in canada help! - 09/23/12 10:25 PM

Hi ,
I d like to give a try to ldn but it s hard to find a doctor who want to give a prescription here because tey don t know enough ldn effect for autoimmune desease. Anyone here live in canada could help me to get LDN?
thank you
Posted by: jroc

Re: find ldn in canada help! - 09/23/12 11:06 PM

Always best to get a doctors prescription and have it compounded by a local pharmacy but if that is not possible is then there are other options.

This site sells it without prescription -
and even cheaper here -

Can mix 1 x 50mg pill in 50ml of water and take 4.5ml daily.

Buying prescription drugs over the internet is a pretty risky business and not recommended but the stuff these guys sell appears to be genuine. I think gbash buys LDN online so he may know of other sites.
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Re: find ldn in canada help! - 09/23/12 11:38 PM

Anyone buy LDN on those site?

I can make the compound by myself with no problem
I just want to be sure i get the good stuff.
thank you
Posted by: jroc

Re: find ldn in canada help! - 09/24/12 03:24 AM

I have purchased naltrexone from river pharmacy. I started out with a doctors prescription and got it from a local pharmacy but it was ridiculously expensive so I tried ordering the online stuff to see if it was legit. It appears to be genuine as it

- Came in Sun Pharma foil packaging (which they list as their supplier) with brand name Nodict (which is what sun pharma markets naltrexone as). Has official looking logo, barcode, batch number, expiry date, warning label etc.
- Has the exact same awful taste as naltrexone
- Had the same effect as naltrexone - crazy dreams.

If it is a scam which is certainly possible then they have really gone overboard with the realistic packaging and are putting some sort of awful tasting nightmare serum in their pills. Seriously though there is no real way of knowing for sure that it is what it says it is and there are counterfeits out there so it is risky. I don't really understand how the websites don't get busted for selling prescription only medicine. The Naltrexone from Sun Pharma says 'Warning: to be sold by retail on the prescription of a registered medical practitioner only' on the label. Maybe there is some international legal loophole.

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Re: find ldn in canada help! - 09/24/12 01:23 PM

I've purchased naltrexone from River, United, and NaltrexoneRx. River and United both shipped the same brand in the same packaging, both from India (Nodict, as jroc states above). United is the cheapest. None of these require an Rx, but they do require you to state that you are taking the drug under a doctor's guidance. United and River both took about 4-5 weeks to arrive. The cost and bother of getting a prescription for LDN was just too much for me.

After the first month of taking LDN, I quit having vivid dreams (they were cool), so I have nothing to hold onto as to whether these really work. It's cheap enough that I keep taking LDN. I've never been convinced that LDN helps my AS at all, but I think it may help my MS though. Whichever, I don't won't to quit for a long period to better check its efficacy. I guess ignorance is bliss if it doesn't cost too much.

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Re: find ldn in canada help! - 09/24/12 03:11 PM

I look at those online pharmacy and they don t ship to canada frown
Posted by: Sue22

Re: find ldn in canada help! - 09/24/12 06:35 PM

contact your local compounding pharmacy.

ask them for the name of a doctor / doctors that prescribe LDN in your town.

make an appointment with one of those doctors.

or find an open minded doctor, a naturpath would be a good place to start.
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Re: find ldn in canada help! - 09/24/12 11:25 PM

You're right, that is strange that they don't ship to Canada. It sounds like in the USA and UK you can legally import prescription medicine as long as it is isn't a controlled substance.

From united pharmacies website -

Why don't you need a prescription to sell your products, even though the same products require one over the counter?
We are an Oceania-based company and operate under different laws and regulations. Any non-controlled drugs can be legally imported into the US and many other countries by individuals for their personal use (depending on local legislation).

Is it legal to order medications like this?
It is legal in most countries including the USA and the UK. If you have concerns please check with your local authorities. We will always let you know if we think there may be a problem with customs in your particular country.

Maybe Canada has a law against importing prescription medications even if it is a non-controlled substance. might ship to Canada but they are ridiculously expensive - $86 compared to $16.80 from alldaychemist or $18.50 from United.
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Re: find ldn in canada help! - 12/02/19 01:53 AM

LDN has reduced both my pain and fatigue. I get 50mg naltrexone pills, than get it compounded into 4.5mg doses. I've been doing this a few years with volumetric dosing. 50ml of distilled water with a 50mg tab of Naltrexone. Dose 3.5mg (3.5ml) with an oral syringe at night pre-bed. LDN is made a huge difference to me.
Posted by: Kleb_Slayer

Re: find ldn in canada help! - 12/14/19 06:51 PM

Good ol'Canaderr is a stickler for not letting mail-order meds through. We have completely different laws than down in the states, so those online pharmacies are not an option for us.

I'm almost out of 50mg Naltrexone tablets that I make liquid LDN out of. I bought a 2 year supply of generic, Indian made "Novic" from the guy in Thailand/online (not joking!). Will need to see if he is still in business come 2020... 🤔

Very annoying that it's so difficult to come by up here.