Jerusalem artichokes/sunchokes

Posted by: Kellybells

Jerusalem artichokes/sunchokes - 11/30/20 12:03 PM

One of my big concerns about the NSD is the general reliance on quickly absorbed sugars instead of the more complex carbs and fibre that can sustain the colon. Once you remove starch, the remaining foods tend not to have many non-sugar carbs, which brings me to sunchokes....

Apparently sunchokes are very high in inulin, which is a non-starch carb. Our bodies lack an enzyme required to digest inulin, so it's a feast for bacteria in the large intestine (if you've ever eaten them, then you're aware of their gassy effects). It basically behaves like fiber, which is something that I find it hard to get enough of on NSD.

I'd wondered for awhile if they might be ok. I had some last fall and didn't flare, but my starch tolerance has improved and one meal wasn't enough to test so I really went for it! I planted a few in my garden last fall and have had an extremely abundant crop - one plant gave me 10 lbs, and I have 8 more plants to harvest.

So last week I tried eating them every day for a week and GUESS WHAT? No pain!! Like none at all. I usually get some faint stiffness in my fingers if I eat a cheat food (e.g., half a potato) but I ate large quantities every day and not even a twinge. I'm pretty excited about this - I have been worried about the long-term impacts of NSD on other health issues, so I feel like this resolves a fairly big gap and concern.

Has anyone else had experience with eating Jerusalem artichokes/sunchokes? If so, did you flare?
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Re: Jerusalem artichokes/sunchokes - 11/30/20 10:31 PM

Hello, Kellybells:

Some people do react to them, but they are normally fairly well tolerated. One issue is preparation. In natural state they are pretty benign, but if processed--especially fried--they can become problematic.

bon appetit,

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Re: Jerusalem artichokes/sunchokes - 12/19/20 04:53 PM

Thank you for this Kellybells. I wouldn't have thought of eating them but now plan to try. I used to make a delicious soup with them so I think I'll do that again.
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Re: Jerusalem artichokes/sunchokes - 12/20/20 08:28 PM

A quick update on the sunchoke experiment:

I had a very decent harvest this year so I've been eating them a few times a week. Happy to report that they continue to be totally reaction free!

I mostly roast mine in olive oil so they get nice and crispy, which has the same effect as frying. I also cook them from raw into a soup. Also happy to report that I have yet to see a difference in reaction based on preparation - both have been entirely tolerable.

One more thing: my sleep has really improved since I started eating them. I cant be sure it's related but it's been the only change to my diet/supplement routine. I fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer, which is a relief after a months long stretch of terrible sleep.