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SUCCESS - 09/06/20 08:06 AM

I am new to this site so forgive me if I'm posting in the wrong area. I have a question about NSD. When I read the article on this website about bacteria it talks about eliminating starch reduced ESR blood value. Im wondering if trying this diet wouldn't work for me because all of my labs are always normal even though I have finally been diagnosed with A.S. Thoughts?
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Re: SUCCESS - 09/06/20 08:22 PM

WELCOME, Beckyt!

A significant minority of people with AS do not have elevated ESR despite serious inflammation. I am pleased to report that NSD works equally well for all cases of AS; it is just more difficult to measure but the results are the same--that is, lowered inflammation.


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Re: SUCCESS - 12/02/20 01:05 AM

I think the pathway to inflammation is most often through the gut, since the gut is where a large part of our immune system functions. I would most definitely try out the diet, since it is an overall pretty healthy way of living and thus the risk is low.
Personally I invest a lot in stress reduction, combined with the diet. For me it has had a huge impact on my gut functioning. Though diet is still number one.