HLA-B27 neg w/ perfect blood tests - Any insight?

Posted by: PRE7276

HLA-B27 neg w/ perfect blood tests - Any insight? - 08/30/20 12:32 PM

I’m HLA-B27 negative and my rheumatologist said ALL my blood tests and urinalysis are normal. My X-rays also look normal, with the exception of lordosis reversal and mild arthritis in SI joints. I'm a 37 y/o male.

However, my rheumatologist diagnosed me with AS due to the following:

-Diffuse inflammation (knee, thumb, big toe, wrist, and most importantly, SI joint)
-Complaint of lower back pain
-Mild arthritis of SI joints on x-rays
-Reversal of lordosis

Given that I have normal blood/urine tests and am antigen negative, I’m looking for insight on:
-Whether this could actually be something else?
-Any treatments that are particularly effective/ineffective for this type of AS?
-Any other insights into how this AS type is different from someone with abnormal blood tests and antigen positive

Thanks so much for your help!
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Re: HLA-B27 neg w/ perfect blood tests - Any insight? - 09/03/20 02:17 AM

Hi PRE7276, I am in a similar position, also being HLA-B27 negative, and also having negative blood tests. They call this seronegative spondyloarthropathy. Like you, I was diagnosed with AS based on my symptoms and x-rays/ MRI.

In my case I feel it is unlikely to be caused by something else, for two reasons: firstly, because my story corresponds so closely with the stories of so many others with the same diagnosis, and secondly because the AS diet has been so life-changing for me. Maybe it would help you to read through other people's stories on this website, and see whether there is much that sounds familiar to you.

I can't answer all your questions, but I can say that the no-starch diet explained on this website has made a significant difference to my quality of life. Anti-inflammatories were part of my daily existence from the age of seven to 56. I also took immunosuppressant drugs and other pain killer type meds. I have been virtually drug free since 2016, taking only antihistamine when necessary, and an occasional painkiller when I mess up.

I hope that this helps, and that you are able to find the answers to your other questions. If you are interested in diet, I highly recommend you buy Rebecca Fett's book THE KEYSTONE APPROACH. Good luck - Jane
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Re: HLA-B27 neg w/ perfect blood tests - Any insight? - 09/05/20 04:15 PM

Thanks Janclebro. I was on a ketoish low-starch diet for about 7 years (with many cheats of course) leading up to my first symptom, so I wonder if I had been keeping my AS at bay for a long time. For the past week, since I got diagnosed, I've actually been on carnivore but haven't noticed any difference yet. You're the second person to recommend the keystone approach so i'll take a look.
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Re: HLA-B27 neg w/ perfect blood tests - Any insight? - 09/07/20 02:29 PM

One thing to watch out for on the carnivore diet would be the caramelisation or browning of the meat. Caramelisation can cause the same symptoms as starch. It is for me one of my worst triggers.

I find that frying and browning in oil, for example, seems to be worse than cooking over an open fire. And if you were to baste the meat with anything sweet prior to cooking, it could be a recipe for disaster.

Another possible problem would be if you had an intolerance of one of the proteins. If carnivore doesn't give you the results you're looking for, a period of fasting might provide a quick relief from symptoms.