Success at last finally found my problem foods by

Posted by: L33

Success at last finally found my problem foods by - 07/30/19 11:44 PM

Hi Guys

I finally found a solution to my AS. I did it by doing an Elimination Diet and keeping a diary of the foods I eat. I found I cannot eat potatoes (bleeding in toilet), white flour/ breads and products, All processed foods and meats since they contain white flour as filler, white and brown rice.

The only starch I am ok with is brown flour and brown bread (strangely - thank goodness)...

I am on the road to recovery and now started Gyming after 5 years of hell( I have had AS since I was 13 but it only got aggressive the past 5 years)....I could hardly walk to the toilet 2 years ago with a walking stick and now I hardly take pain killers only If I eat something bad the next day I will wake up with pain....I usually know what caused it....

Don't be foolish like me and give up for 5 years and do nothing while your back starts fusing and causes kyphosis where you can hardly walk.....Do Elimination diet and Find what you CAN and Cannot eat... If I eat potatoes I will die the next day with pain! Plus I will have bloody stools....( I thought that was normal for me)

I was aiming to kill this disease and find a cure was my goal from an Engineering perspective as I am an Engineer...but AS is really Evil and in my 5 years of searching this is what I found.

It seems AS and IBS is tired together since everytime I eat the wrong food I have trouble going to the toilet the next day.

I used this a a guide to what I should not eat....

I also take Gelatin 4 x tea spoons daily at night to heal the GUT and to heal the joints

I also take tumeric for pain 1/4 tea spoon ( Tumeric is a good anti microbial too)

Don't give up there is a way out.... And remember strengthening your muscles to support your spine is something you CAN change.

So Exercise, Exercise, Exercise

All the best


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Re: Success at last finally found my problem foods by - 08/03/19 02:27 PM

Thanks for the info. Please explain the gelatin. My Dr recommended this but thought it was terribly sticky. Do you take it as a dry powder? Are you using Knox brand? Level teaspoon? Gelatin is the same as colagen but not hydrolyzed from what I read is that right? Great to hear you found the right combination Jon
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Re: Success at last finally found my problem foods by - 08/04/19 02:13 AM

No problem Tvmanjon

I use cheap flavoured gelatin together with unflavored Gelatin. The Flavoured Gelatin is cheaper and tastes better...I use 4 x heaped tea spoons at night daily in 1/4 class hot water, and drink when cool.

I don't know what's the brand but it's bovine Gelatin....

Yes collegen is very similar to Gelatin it has almost identical amino acid profile...but is a lot more expensive.

I was researching and found that the amino acids in cartilage are similar to that of Gelatin and collegen so it makes sense to take Gelatin religiously... Since it has the building blocks of our joints, at first I thought Gelatin was BS until I researched.


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Re: Success at last finally found my problem foods by - 08/10/19 02:57 AM

Hi there L33, great success with the diet, well done.
For added gelatine, try home made bone broth. Use a selection of organic chicken and other fowl. You can remove the meat, and just use the carcass. Cover the bones with water, bring to the boil, skim off any scum, turn down heat to a simmer, add a whole lem, sliced and a couple of tablespoons of organic vinegar, with the 'motheer'. This is to bring out all the collagin. Continue to simmer for several hours, top up the water aas needed. Then remove from heat. Allow to cool, strain and refridgerate. Then remove any fats from the top of the broth. Can freeze and use as required. Makes a nice hot drink, add herbs and black pepper and curcumin. Excellent.
Take care and, well done. yes
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Re: Success at last finally found my problem foods by - 08/12/19 03:41 PM

Also, when adding curcumin, forms that are hydro-soluble absorb better.
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Re: Success at last finally found my problem foods by - 08/13/19 08:10 AM

I had heard about bone broth before alright, so i have been taking it in soups during the winter.

I take sulfasalazine as an antibacterial medication to help fix my bleeding gut and AS.
But I find that when I increase my fibre and water intake my AS improved dramatically.
At first my digestion goes a bit haywire from the fibre but any bleeding stops shortly after.
Then after a 2-3 weeks of high fibre water etc, my pain goes down.
I still eat about 1-2 medium sized potatoes a day though since I was losing weight.

I dont eat much processed food though anymore. If I do, I try to take a lot of omega 3 oil to cancel out any omega 6 in the processed meat etc.

It seems that your body can handle some starches if you heal the gut enough and have enough water & fibre to feed your good bacteria.

Has anyone here ever tried getting stool samples analysed while trying different diets?
It would be interesting to see what bacteria are found when we are in remission.
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Re: Success at last finally found my problem foods by - 08/17/19 01:47 AM

Wow Lee, that's fantastic. Congratulations on your persistence and succes. Pains me to hear you've been suffering from such a young age. Thank you for sharing.
Keep on fighting and keep us posted with anything else you found out!