How can I replace rice ?

Posted by: Guts

How can I replace rice ? - 06/30/19 07:07 AM

Hello everyone,

I'm trying to follow a low starch diet, but the only starchy food left in my diet is the white / brown rice I eat every lunch and dinner (200g raw /day = 800cals).

I'm struggling keeping my calories intake high enough in order to not loose weight and also trying to follow a diet to reduce sacro-illitis pain at the same time.

I already stop eating gluten, dairy and processed food for the last 3 years, which keep my crohn sleeping. sleep

A typical meal is 300g poultry, 100g rice, 200g brocoli/carrot and 10-20g olive oil.

I got around 1-3/10 pain level (alternating in hips) when sticking to this and I want to try the LSD without lowering too much the caloric intake.
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Re: How can I replace rice ? - 06/30/19 07:57 AM

Hello Guts,

I struggled mightily with weight when I first started with diet back in March 2002... my struggle was for more than a year.

I trialed a lot of items...

What helped me:
- snacking on walnuts with raisins
- 3 day Edger Cayce apple fast 1 time every 3-4 months. Believe this helped me become more efficient with digestion
- When really struggled... had some colonics done.. fortunately lived in Arizona at time that is more progressive with these treatments

If starting out now with what I know.. maybe would not lean on the colonics, but would emphasize probiotics. Presently eat a lot of sauerkraut (natural) and drink kefir (wife makes). Believe this helps heal my GI. Also.. I drink very little alcohol and also do not drink sodas and minimal fruit juice (a lot of sugar). Drink mostly water.

Each year my digestive track gets healthier and can tolerate a bit more starch.

Best to you.

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Re: How can I replace rice ? - 06/30/19 11:28 AM

Thanks for the advices, that is exactly what I am looking for

I'm already eating almond, so I will add raisin and probably try the apple fast.

Do you buy sauerkraut at the store ?

Best to you too
Posted by: Dotyisle

Re: How can I replace rice ? - 06/30/19 05:41 PM

Hello Guts,

I have made my own in the past, but takes a lot of time and with hot summers here, results sometimes are not that good.

So I buy always now. In States never have issues finding... read the ingredients and ensure has: cabbage, salt, water only.

If has vinegar, it kills the friendly bacteria. If all natural, most likely will say on the label that it is fermented or has friendly bacteria.

Can eat in 1 of 2 ways.. with other food to help digest the food, or alone separately to help heal the GI tract.

If I eat it with other food... will have 3-4 spoonfuls (does not sound right to say fork fulls). I like to eat alone (or drink kefir alone) to help heal the digestive tract. This I like to do almost daily.


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Re: How can I replace rice ? - 07/01/19 03:47 PM

Hello Dotyisle,

Thank you for your post, I will try it for sure !
Posted by: Kellybells

Re: How can I replace rice ? - 07/11/19 07:31 PM

Hi Guts,

200g of white rice has 157g of starch; brown rice has 145g. That's a lot of starch! When starting the diet I could only tolerate 2g starch a day. Now, 2 years larter, I try to keep it around 10-20g so dropping the rice is a Good idea. Some people have had success with glutinous rice because it digests quickly (it's low in amylose starch) but not me.

I replace rice in my dishes with cauliflower 'rice' (it's just grated raw cauliflower that I steam). It tastes nothing like rice but it works for me in Thai and Indian dishes.

It's not a lot of calories though, which means I replace the starch calories with fat and protein calories. Coconut milk is a staple in my cauliflower rice curries. Or I use higher calorie cuts like chicken thighs instead of breasts.
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Re: How can I replace rice ? - 07/11/19 07:45 PM

For food dishes, I use bean sprouts as a rice replacement. Love them with stir frys... chop up the bean sprouts, add some other veggies and some spices for flavor with either chicken or beef typically. Would use Worchestershire sauce... but can probably use balsamic vinegar as well.

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Re: How can I replace rice ? - 07/13/19 03:44 PM

Hi Kellybells and Dotyisle,

Yes I ate lot of starch since it was my only way to maintain weight. The cauliflower rice and the chicken thighs seems a really nice idea, I will try them. Also I will eat more coconut oil I feel really well after eating it.

Dotyisle, I saw that Worchestershire sauce is a bit spicy, do you thinks spicy spices are okay with the intestinal mucosa ?

Update :
I've followed the low starch diet for 10 days, pain level went from 5 (sharps pain cause I ate bad frieds starchs and red meat before starting the diet) to 1. I'm really happy about it even if I lost some weight.

So I'm trying to add food little by little, for now I'm fine with :
chicken breast, broccoli, letuce, soaked almond, olive oil, coconut oil, apple juice (I have to reduce this one cause of moderate candidasis)

I cooked boiled in water since it seemed less inflammatory than stove cooking.

I will add red meat for a week to see, again just boiled since when it's cooked with a stove it seemed to trigger enthesitis on me, maybe because of the cooked fat.

Today I tried white rice, felt heavy, sleepy and a bit unwell, I guess I will stick to meats and veggie I really feel well on them, and try to add more caloric food that are safe.
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Re: How can I replace rice ? - 07/15/19 09:27 PM

Glad to hear your pain has dropped to a one, that's amazing! Hope that keeps up as you figure ppout more foods you can eat.

For what it's worth, I have never ever had any pain from eating red meat, even when high in fat or cooked on the stove.

To manage the weight loss I made coc9nut milk smoothies, blending a can of coconut milk with fruit (e.g., strawberries, cherries, pineapple, mango, etc.)