Peripheral Pain - hands

Posted by: laurankylosing

Peripheral Pain - hands - 05/22/19 11:23 PM

For those of you who have had peripheral pain, specifically hands, how did you manage to get rid of this? I'm on the NSD strict and haven't shaken this pain yet. I've tried adding Omega 3s and water.

Thank you!
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Re: Peripheral Pain - hands - 05/26/19 09:46 AM

Hello there Laurankylosing,

Have not had much peripheral pain with my AS, mine always centered on SIs, back, neck and ribs typically.

Are you trying any other treatments (medication or alternative) with the diet?

Hope you find some answers.

Posted by: laurankylosing

Re: Peripheral Pain - hands - 05/28/19 11:28 PM

Hello Tim! I will be taking biologics if I'm not able to figure out the peripheral pain. SIs, spine and ribs still bother me, especially when I'm sitting. I can't take medication because of gut issues. I'm doing round 3 of an elimination diet, so hopefully a few months of that will help.
Thanks for reaching out smile
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Re: Peripheral Pain - hands - 06/01/19 08:09 AM

Hi there, the pain that finally drove me to a rheumatologist was in my hands. I was waking up every morning with severe stiffness and pain in my finger joints (middle fingers only, both hands). It got so bad I was unable to use my hands for up to 30 minss

I believe the onset of this pain was connected to a hand injury I'd suffered about 6 months earlier, when I bruised it in a bike accident. I think something about the healing process and the relationship with starch (molecular mimicry?) led to the arthritis.

In any case, I noticed an improvement within 2 weeks of NSD. But it took months after that to really figure out a very low starch diet and get good, consitpstent results. I'd think I had a good day, only to wake up with the next morning with the telltale pain. So....if it's not working yet, take a good look at what you're eating.

During that time I also visited a naturopath who recommended the 'weed and seed' protocol, which is alternating 6-8 weeks of probiotics with 1-2 weeks of berberine (or other herbal antibiotic). After 3 rounds I found I didn't need to be so strict with NSD, and my hand pain was c9nsitently 0-1.

My theory was that if I avoided the pain long enough, my hands would actually heal and the arthritis might go away, and it seems to have worked: my finger pain is largely gone. When I get cheaty with starch, my fingers might get a little stiff but my worst pain is now elsewhere (preumably because my body is trying to heal joints and tendons that are injured from repeated mechanical stress).
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Re: Peripheral Pain - hands - 06/01/19 09:35 AM

Hi smile The only thing that's ever gotten rid of my hand pain is being in the swimming pool for an hour. Even if I don't swim, just walking and treading water help so much. Since CBD cream became legal in the USA that's what I've used that has helped as well - though not as much as being in the pool. I hope you find some help!
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Re: Peripheral Pain - hands - 06/04/19 10:51 AM

Hi Kellybells,
I love your response! Thanks! I'll definitely try those things out. When you staid that your tendons are being injured from repeated mechanical stress - does this mean your hands? Or elsewhere? I was originally diagnosed with tendinitis from repetitive strain injury years ago and its tough figuring out which is the AS and which is RSI. RSI increases inflammation and inflammation wakes up AS, so it could be a combo. But in saying that, I've taken lots of time off work so my tendinitis should be well rested
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Re: Peripheral Pain - hands - 06/04/19 10:52 AM

Hi Erica, Thanks for your post! Is the rest of your pain gone (0-1), and just your hand pain remains unless you use the swimming pool/ CBD cream?

Thank you smile