Website To Check Foods & Recipes For Starch

Posted by: MattR

Website To Check Foods & Recipes For Starch - 11/04/18 10:28 AM

Hey Everyone,

I posted about my success on the low starch diet quite a while ago .

It inspired me to build a website where people can lookup the starch content of any food. It's called Strict Chef ( ). When you setup a profile, you can enter a daily limit for your starch intake, and then lookup any food to see how it compares to that limit. You can also set limits for a variety of other parameters, including sugar, gluten-free, vegan, etc..

Many whole foods have starch measured by the USDA (which is the data source for the website), and for foods where starch has not been measured, starch is estimated based on the total carb - sugar - fiber method.

I have found when talking with people that one of the hardest aspects of this diet is making sure you aren't consuming hidden starches on accident, so hopefully this can help some people stay on track.