Low carb side effects - help!

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Low carb side effects - help! - 07/01/15 04:25 PM

Hi ....

I've been extremely low starch since the start of 2015. 20 years of lower back pain has cleared up magically and I sleep through the night now, no problems. So from that point of view, starch elimination has been a great success. Ive also lost about about 20 pounds in weight which is also cool.

BUT ... my breath Stinks ... plus my eyes are dry and blood shot.

Any suggestions on how I can hack this?! Anyone have a short cut?!
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Re: Low carb side effects - help! - 07/01/15 05:26 PM

WELCOME, ronsta74:

Wonderful to hear of Your great results using diet!

The bad breath (...is better than no breath at all!) is probably mostly due to benign ketosis, and there are not a lot of work arounds. Charcoal tablets with meals (and increase supplementation), oregano and peppermint oils, and myrrh or guggul could help. Dry eyes increase EFAs especially EVOliveOil and GLA from borage seed oil. Also important to get enough lysine and VitB complex.

Hope something helps; please let us know.

Great continued HEALTH,
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Re: Low carb side effects - help! - 07/01/15 11:56 PM

Can you add in some starch free carbs like grape juice, homemade jello, fresh grapes, raisins, blueberries, watermelon, figs, apple juice, pineapple, tart cherry juice, etc.

When I went too low carb, ketosis, my eyes and skin got super dry, and I developed keto rash on my face and neck. I just bumped my carbs back up and those symptoms magically went away, and my pain continued to stay away too. The keto rash was a way my body was telling me I was creating new problems being in constant ketosis. Many others have developed dry eyes, dry skin, rashes, and secondary issues from a diet too low in carbs, see this post, and post comments.

For optimum digestion while working on gut healing, try eating natural carbs alone, not combining them fats or proteins. If you want to still eat low carb, you can start by just adding in a serving of fruit or juice per day, until you find your sweet spot.

I can eat high carb with no issues, as long as I avoid starches. But some report doing better on the lower end.

All Starches are Carbs
But Not all Carbs are Starches
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Re: Low carb side effects - help! - 07/02/15 10:45 AM

Theres some good information here regarding the dry eyes. Which can be caused by going too low carb. He recommends using glucose powder, which I have bought but not yet tried.

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Re: Low carb side effects - help! - 07/02/15 04:34 PM

Thank you all. Extremely grateful for your reply.

I will start by increasing carb intake and lets see how it goes!