antibiotics and pain relief

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antibiotics and pain relief - 12/23/19 08:26 AM

I had pneumonia two weeks ago. The doctor put me on two antibiotics. By the end of the therapy, my muscle pain and leg cramps were much improved. The doctor attributed it to the anti inflammatory effects of the antibiotics. All of the pain and cramping are returning now. The reprieve from the pain was nice. I haven't been in remission in years. Any suggestions?
Thank you in advance
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Re: antibiotics and pain relief - 12/24/19 01:33 PM

Antibiotics can change your gut flora for the better, by reducing the klebsiella population, or increasing the population of other competing bacteria. Some antibiotics can make things worse, it all depends on what kind you take and the current makeup of your gut flora. Maybe someday we will know enough to find the right treatment to consistently treat AS with it without harmful side effects. It would likely be much cheaper than the current treatments.
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Re: antibiotics and pain relief - 12/27/19 05:08 PM

Thank you. That makes sense. Wish my doctors knew this stuff.
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Re: antibiotics and pain relief - 01/14/20 04:21 AM

My advice would be to get a comprehensive stool test with Genova diagnostics including parasites to find out exactly what pathogen your dealing with
If it then shows up you will know exactly what treatment line then to pursue
Road back foundation offers list many doctors that prescribe antibiotics and cure people's AS
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Re: antibiotics and pain relief - 03/09/20 07:31 AM

Highly suggest giving it a try. AP therapy gave me a new life and worked for many years. Kept me from fusing completely. I recently took a break from taking it and thought I was doing well. The disease appears to be done with my spine. I now have the peripheral form and it's really painful. going back on the 100mg skip dose Minocycline. I just hope that it works as well as it did for the axial inflammation.