Citrate-free Humira = Less / No Pain

Posted by: Sue22

Citrate-free Humira = Less / No Pain - 12/07/18 08:33 AM

Haven't been here in forever, but had to post this:

Just saw an ad for citrate-free humira which is supposed to take the burn out of the shot.

I've gotten down from screaming, crying, yelling, and cursing during my shot to just cursing, LOL, but little to no pain would be a dream.

I'm gonna figure out ASAP how I can make the switch!

I searched with the search engine here and saw nothing about it here so thought maybe I am the first to let others know about it.

I'll report back when I get to try it. I still have like 4 pens of the old formulation....

and wanted to say hi too. smile
Posted by: Luvnlife

Re: Citrate-free Humira = Less / No Pain - 05/16/19 06:10 PM

I took one dose of this and it caused my blood pressure to jump all over the place. Honestly I wish I never took this one the regular one hurt but I was doing really really well, if I could turn back time I would leave well enough alone.

After the fact it occurred to me that the company must of had a lot of research to justify putting that’s stuff in it and so whatever it was doing must’ve been important for them to keep it in even though it hurts. It only hurt for a couple of seconds, it hurt a lot but only for a couple of seconds I could of lived with it

Honestly if I could turn back time for six months, to Nov 2018, before I took it I wouldn’t, Honestly the original Humira was working like a charm I had zero pain. I keep trying to find information on people with different experiences but all I read about is kind infomercials not patient stories
Posted by: Sue22

Re: Citrate-free Humira = Less / No Pain - 08/12/19 09:10 PM

Sorry to hear that for you.

I wonder if you were just flaring and the timing was coincidental?

I've had no issues with the citrate free version.

The reason they had the other buffer in there is that they thought they needed it to preserve it, but then realized that the antibody is more stable than they originally thought; that is my understanding.

Again, sorry you had a bad experience, but I've been doing this citrate free one for maybe a year now and it is just as good as the original, for me.

PS OK, maybe 6 months, but still, weekly citrate free shots have been awesome.