cosentyx works great

Posted by: finnari

cosentyx works great - 12/05/18 01:19 PM

Been a god send for me.

Finally able to go back on biologics after developing immunogenicty to them.

I'm on 150 mg. a month and so far very good and no stomach problems.
Posted by: Paulo

Re: cosentyx works great - 12/12/18 06:19 AM

Good luck!
Posted by: doug7

Re: cosentyx works great - 02/04/19 06:41 PM

Cosentyx worked great for me for 6 months. I build up anti-bodies fast so I have to switch them out every year.

Once on one biologic, you should not go back. I did this on Remicade and ended up in the hospital for a week due to the anti-body memory. It was bad.