Organic Turmeric Raw

Posted by: stegs

Organic Turmeric Raw - 02/23/21 12:54 PM

I was wondering if anybody has had any luck in cooking with raw turmeric or using in smoothies / salads in relieving their Joint pain. I actually don't mind the taste , but it does make your teeth yellow smile I'm using the Raw root, not the dried pods assuming the fresher the better.

I'm currently doing well with the Paleo AIP diet and have healed most of my back pain but still suffer from foot pain , swelling ( heel spurs) and Plantar fasciitis. I have heard that in order to absorb Turmeric you need black pepper which is off my food list.

I'm skeptical of supplements which range in prices, and dosages.

Any help or encouragement is greatly appreciated.
Posted by: DragonSlayer

Re: Organic Turmeric Raw - 02/25/21 12:55 AM


Turmeric is not safe for people with AS. I love the taste and had to forgo using it during the most strict phase of my rehabilitation regimen. Aside from that, I have not had the pleasure of cooking with it, but I do eat Indian pickle now.

Hope You can get rid of the PF and spurs; these can be miserable!!

Posted by: stegs

Re: Organic Turmeric Raw - 02/25/21 08:26 AM

Thank you for the solving the mystery on why Turmeric was not working. I will definitely keep it out of my diet for now, and maybe introduce later.

Have a great day and stay safe

Posted by: sexyAS

Re: Organic Turmeric Raw - 03/03/21 06:31 PM

I had a high level of anti inflammatory benefit from high dosage of turmeric. I even checked my CPR and ESR level every week to prove it for several months.

I recommend including it in your diet. The downside was that it will increase your blood serum copper level for most products you choose. I stopped to bring down my copper level.

I have considered a protocol of using 3 pills of turmeric with each meal and a small dosage of zinc to prevent copper absorption to see if it makes a difference.

I do not know what causes copper to increase in Ankylosing Spondylitis but I have never been able to bring it back down even with the strict goal of achieving regular levels.
Posted by: sexyAS

Re: Organic Turmeric Raw - 03/03/21 06:32 PM

Why do you consider it unsafe for people with AS?
Posted by: stegs

Re: Organic Turmeric Raw - 03/05/21 01:15 PM

I would really like Dragon-slayer to reply but I have noticed on the No starch diet that most veggies from roots are out. Even though these are really health they may cause a flare.