Recommendation for a decent gastroenterologist?

Posted by: jackasmith

Recommendation for a decent gastroenterologist? - 02/04/21 05:41 AM

Hey everyone!
I'm new to the forum (but not new to AS, diagnosed ~3yrs ago).
My condition has gotten worse (sacroliac joint inflammation, inflammation in the chest, lower back pain etc.), so I started the no-starch diet 3 weeks ago.
Still have quite a lot of cramps though, so was wondering if you knew of any good gastroenterologists in the London area? (or some good AS-focused Rheumatologists?)
Basically, I've found that so far many doctors have been focused on 'take biologics', 'increase NSAID dosage', which is of course fine, but I'd like to see some doctors who combine this with other viewpoints (i.e. more holistic lifestyle changes).
Cheers, and have a good day all!
Posted by: Dotyisle

Re: Recommendation for a decent gastroenterologist? - 02/05/21 01:01 PM

Hello Jackasmith,

Welcome to Kickas!

Used to have several members from London area that posted here... site is much slower now. Hope someone sees this and can help you.

I am from the States, but living in Argentina now.


Posted by: mulehound

Re: Recommendation for a decent gastroenterologist? - 02/09/21 01:44 PM

Hello to you,
If you were in the Mountain West I could surely help you out. I hope someone from London or near there can help you out. Lot's of good information here.
Posted by: Janclebro

Re: Recommendation for a decent gastroenterologist? - 02/12/21 05:30 PM

Hello Jackasmith, it might be a good idea to look for a doctor of integrative and functional medicine, maybe a GP. They are qualified medical doctors who are interested in looking for the root cause of illness (functional medicine) and are also willing to work together with other likeminded doctors in other disciplines (integrative medicine) - so you might start with a GP who could refer you to a gastroenterologist.

My brother went to the Harpal Clinic in London for his multiple sclerosis, and they were able to help him. Maybe give them a call and ask if they could recommend a gastroenterologist of the sort you're looking for?