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AS/Covid - 01/16/21 05:44 PM

Well it’s been a while since I have been here super busy in my line of work with unrest no one willing to get along plus the good old covid thrown in to round things out.
I hope everyone is ok and making their way through the quagmire.
Short note on me and my world I went to a lung specialist the first of November I had started coughing up some blood so it was tests time. Long story short I had two bleeding ulcers in my esophagus. That was good news as I can deal with that. Second part was that when I started nsd, I had a gradual reduction in my asthma symptoms. The main doctor said stop the inhaler it’s doing you more harm than good. I have never felt better with my breathing. Took a long time but I am pretty happy about no more inhaler.
I caught covid Christmas time, got over it clinically. Still don’t have any energy get tired quick. But the kicker of it is I am in a good old full blown flare. Fasting and working on getting it beat back. This is a good one I feel just like I did when I found this place.
Has anyone else flared from covid?
Guess I will quit rambling, oh ya John I will be in Reno in March if you are there I would like to buy you dinner.
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Re: AS/Covid - 01/20/21 06:53 AM

Good luck on your recoverees.
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Re: AS/Covid - 01/22/21 10:26 PM


Gosh! So sorry to hear that You went through this!! I have been taking Plaquenil as prophylaxis against COVID and also the vitC, D, zinc, and chaga. Only slightly active at poker lately; regret the gyms still closed here, but CELEBRATION 4th March! So perhaps things will ease up. I have SO MANY COMPS! Will let You leave the tip! Excited at the prospect of seeing You and if there is anything we can do in advance, please shoot an email.

My asthma went away once I did the NSD, also; guess we hadn't discussed that. I used to be able to trigger it by eating macadamia or Brazil nuts (in addition to the normal intermittent severe allergy season--high pollen), but after I had been on NSD, and scouting around for edible snacks, I took a chance and no such reaction. Good thing too as I was traveling!

I know You will beat down this flare rapidly, but inflammation is a major portion of the COVID expression I think; I have the steroid--just in case!

Hang in there!

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Re: AS/Covid - 01/27/21 08:51 PM

Sorry to hear the news Darrel,

Hope you are feeling better now. No personal experience with Covid... no close family members have caught it... only some of my wife´s family cousins that recovered (and do not have AS).


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Re: AS/Covid - 02/20/21 01:14 AM

Darrel, I am sorry you caught Covid. Too many people I love are being affected, right now. Luckily, everyone has survived, so far, but some are experiencing the same lingering effects that you are.

Interesting about the NSD and asthma connection. Makes sense, when I think about it.

I don't know of anyone that had a flair due to Covid, but again, the stress on your system as an ASer could probably be enough to start one. I do know someone who went into flair after his vaccination.

I hope you keep improving. Good to see you!

Warm hugs,