High sugars and inflammation

Posted by: DonCA

High sugars and inflammation - 06/30/20 05:29 AM

Any Diabetics out there? If so, do you notice that when your sugars are under control that your AS activity is better managed? I have noticed my knees swell more when my sugars are
high. Before I was diagnosed with diabetes, I had no idea my sugars were high.
Posted by: DragonSlayer

Re: High sugars and inflammation - 06/30/20 08:29 PM

Hey, Don!

Glad to see You. We left Anza and moved first to San Diego now Reno. I developed T2D and now on Ozempic and metformin also. NSD is good for this, as well as AS. I have been in remission for many years now and although I could eat just about anything and get away with it, AS-wise, I am back on the wagon due to diabetes!

Sugar is pro-inflammatory but unless there is an initial cytokine cascade, there should not be a problem except for the many other problems caused by high glucose.

Posted by: Smed

Re: High sugars and inflammation - 07/01/20 01:13 PM

when you reduce carbs sugars go down - High protein low Carbohydrates A1C drooped from 7.2 to 5.9 As under control without meds.
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Re: High sugars and inflammation - 07/11/20 10:25 PM

I have diabetes in family on my mothers side... my brother 11 months younger may be headed in that direction, my mother and her father (my grandfather) in their early 50s.

Fortunately thanks to NSD I do not eat a lot of sugar except raisins, occasional rice (always whole grain) and 1x/ice cream and occasional chocolate.


Posted by: Inanna

Re: High sugars and inflammation - 07/15/20 01:21 AM

Hi Don,

I've never noticed a corelation between sugars and pain levels. But good for you for recognising this pain trigger!!

Sorry to hear you've been diagnosed with diabetes. That's not fun. My husband is Type 2 diabetes. My dad was diagnosed Type 2, but he was insulin dependent and had such a brittle form of diabetes, Mum believes he was actually Type 1. Balancing the sugars is truly important.

Warm hugs,