Vacations - Patagonia Argentina

Posted by: Dotyisle

Vacations - Patagonia Argentina - 03/02/20 06:12 AM

Hello Kickers,

Got back from vacations in south of Argentina... been there 3 times now and love it each time family goes. Love the mountains, lakes/rivers and forests.

This time was at Pichi Traful that is in the middle of no where and really lets you relax and forget about all the problems in the world.

If I have time later, will try and upload some photos.

Best to all you kickers

Posted by: EricaK

Re: Vacations - Patagonia Argentina - 03/02/20 07:45 AM

That sounds so wonderful. We were going to take a vacation to Costa Rica over spring break, but with all the quarantines happening due to the novel coronavirus we decided not to risk getting stuck somewhere in between on our way back! Luckily we live in Colorado so staycations are fun as well. Peace, Erica
Posted by: Orch

Re: Vacations - Patagonia Argentina - 04/12/20 07:37 AM

Hi Tim My neighbors son just returned from southern Argentina last week. He was scheduled to return in July, but it was cut short because of the COVID-19.
Posted by: Dotyisle

Re: Vacations - Patagonia Argentina - 04/13/20 08:21 AM

Hello Steve,

I assume he was close to me on our vacations. Very beautiful area, hope he was able to enjoy it.