thinning skin?

Posted by: thebluedog

thinning skin? - 02/21/20 01:03 PM

Anyone else notice their skin prematurely thinning? I noticed this years ago and I am in my early forties. I can now see scars on my face that I never knew I had.
I know AS destroys collagen so was wondering if it was damaging the skin collagen.
Posted by: Dotyisle

Re: thinning skin? - 03/02/20 06:04 AM

Hello BlueDog,

Interesting post... I have never heard this. But when in my mid 40s to now in early 50s, I notice when I have wound heals much slower and one incident marks remained on my legs for over a year.

I assumed it was related to getting older.


Posted by: thebluedog

Re: thinning skin? - 03/22/20 06:19 PM

Tim - thanks for your response. Maybe since no one is responding AS unlikely causes premature thinning of the skin.