Cervical Osteophytes, Dysphagia, Swallowing Probs

Posted by: MollyC1i

Cervical Osteophytes, Dysphagia, Swallowing Probs - 02/18/20 04:46 PM

Swallowing Problems, Dysphagia, Dysphonia due to Cervical Osteophytes. impinging into the esophagus. Anyone ?
Also have an elongated and seemingly enlarged uvular...
Always swallowing on this blessed lump !
Anyone have owt like this going on ?
Posted by: DragonSlayer

Re: Cervical Osteophytes, Dysphagia, Swallowing Probs - 02/19/20 02:45 PM

Hey, Molly:

When my AS began I had terrible pleurisy that impinged upon my esophagus where I could not even swallow water; so I know how You feel to some extent!

I have not had the osteophytes in that uncomfortable and inappropriate place, however. Are You supplementing with magnesium? Ultrasound might help reduce these, but it sounds like just too difficult a place to try this!

ENT would be the way to go, I guess.

Posted by: MollyC1i

Re: Cervical Osteophytes, Dysphagia, Swallowing Probs - 02/19/20 03:38 PM

Thanks John - I've had pleurisy in the past, OMG, not to be forgotten; Can so sympathise - but think yours hit harder than mine.
ENT / ORL over here. Yes, am seeing one at the moment. Have more diagnostics to go through in a few weeks time. But o far he has come up with 'botox' - no way. !Hope he does not think to go in that direction again !

I have been checking it out, and read that although fairly rare, is not unknown. If one has a screwed up cervical spine, as I have, with the osteophytes, then can happen along. Was ssor of hoping that someone here might have fallen fowl of their own osteophytes...!

Thanks John - see what happens next.
Keeping on - Keeping on - innit smile