Enbrel 12 years, 25mg

Posted by: missbear

Enbrel 12 years, 25mg - 10/27/19 04:47 PM

Has anyone who has been on Enbrel noticed that one shot 25mg every 7 days works as well as one 25mg shot every 4 days? I have been on it 12 years. Had to go off several times per year due to infections. I had AS for 30 years prior to being on Enbrel. I have noticed no difference in lower dosage. Has anyone else noticed this?
Posted by: finnari

Re: Enbrel 12 years, 25mg - 11/21/19 05:40 PM

I was on very lose doses for a long time and it works fine. Then i got problems with switching and all the antibodies. I should never have gotten off enbrel to begin with. After a 5 year hell of no biologics I'm on Cosentyx now and it's great.
Posted by: mooman

Re: Enbrel 12 years, 25mg - 01/19/20 06:47 PM

When I was on Enbrel I could go a few weeks without needing injections same on Humira. Everyone one is different there are loads of things you could be doing to increase the effectiveness of a biologic and you should discuss it with your physician and monitor it both with CRP and ESR levels ( remember ESR is slower to respond ) but by using both you should be able to find an optimal level. But nothing is done without risk. If there is a benefit - pursue it.