Young adults with AS

Posted by: Leanne

Young adults with AS - 02/15/19 07:54 AM

I'm wondering how many members are under 21? I just feel my 19 yr old son would benefit chatting with them.

Posted by: Leanne

Re: Young adults with AS - 02/15/19 12:06 PM

Guess there are none.

Makes me so sad because he is suffering from depression and has been since age 17. Mom's just want to fix things but I guess some things we just can't.
Posted by: MollyC1i

Re: Young adults with AS - 02/16/19 12:36 PM

Hi Leanne - glad you found us. Can't help you with younger members of the group, but perhaps give them time to pick up and post ? Hope someone responds for you/your son, but don't give up. Take care -
MollyC - Keeping on, Keeping on (as we all do <G>)
Posted by: mulehound

Re: Young adults with AS - 02/18/19 10:13 PM

I remember dealing with it. Had no idea what it was. Constant heartburn acid reflux chest pain. Heel pain. Fighting through growing pain s. Checked for everything constant sinus infections. No one could understand. I just fought through it until 2009 at the age of 45 46. It's a lonely frustrating road.