Ankle, leg swelling, extreme fatigue

Posted by: Tia52

Ankle, leg swelling, extreme fatigue - 02/11/19 02:19 AM

Hello all. I am writing to see if this is common? I have swelling in feet, ankles & lower legs-I am assuming it is fluid (edema) as it is unlike the other swelling I have had in my ankles in the past. I became very ill a couple of months ago and the swelling began to appear sometime after that occurred. I am assuming it is heart related? I have had fatigue for many years, but this fatigue is extreme and it never gets better at all. I am also noticing sweating at the bottoms of my feet (off/on again). I haven't had it checked just because I feel so tired at this point.
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Re: Ankle, leg swelling, extreme fatigue - 02/14/19 12:27 PM


Crushing fatigue--double check!

Only a qualified and competent physician can decide whether the edema is heart-related.

However, I had colon issues with my AS after damage due to NSAIDs caused "megacolon," a state where it can no longer process lymph waste, so it backs up and gravity brings it to the hips (not noticed usually), knees (very enlarged sometimes), then ankles--

If, due to Your illness You had become more sedentary than usual, the lymph edema will build up.

Main thing is to get active even against the fatigue, but many times more important than this is (of course) to avoid all dietary starch.

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Re: Ankle, leg swelling, extreme fatigue - 02/15/19 04:39 AM

We must never assume that all our problems are due to A.S. Even our doctors are sometimes apt to do so. For them it is all too easy to just blame our A.S. for every new ache and pain. Fatigue is often associated with A.S. There can be several reasons for the swelling in your feet and ankles so don't assume it to be due to A.S. or heart disease. Get your doctor to check it out and don't let him/her fob you off with the first thing that comes in to his head.