Can AS cause weight loss?

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Can AS cause weight loss? - 12/12/18 01:00 PM

Hello! - this is my first post here.
In early onset(or really any point) of AS can unexplained weight loss occur? It's not mentioned as one of the typical symptoms but I did read one article that suggested that unintentional weight loss could occur. If it did happen I would presume it was because of a secondary condition caused by AS.
I am wondering because I have a suspicion that I may have AS and began having unintentional gradual weight loss during the time of my lower back pain onset.
I have no GI symptoms but a lactulose breath test confirmed very elevated levels of hydrogen suggesting SIBO. I did test negative for the HLA marker.
Thanks for your input!
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Re: Can AS cause weight loss? - 12/13/18 06:23 AM

Originally Posted By thebluedog

In early onset(or really any point) of AS can unexplained weight loss occur?

There have been times in the past when I have lost quite a lot of weight and put it down to my A.S. This was especially so when I first started to show symptoms. As you suggest it could be just some secondary thing associated with A.S. Perhaps as we feel less well we eat less and worry more. A.S. is such an erratic disease that seems to differ from one patient to the next.
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Re: Can AS cause weight loss? - 12/13/18 08:11 AM

Hello Bluedog,

I do not recall any instances that AS itself caused weight loss in my experience. Actually, at first was opposite when flared and could not be as active (exercise) as I had prior.. I put on a little weight.

With the No Starch Diet I do not put on weight.


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Re: Can AS cause weight loss? - 12/13/18 08:30 PM

Hi Bluedog, welcome to this very helpful forum! In my opinion, yes AS can cause weight loss. I have never in my life been a person who just naturally lost weight, I've always enjoyed my food, but when I flared badly in 2016, I started to lose weight inexplicably for the first time in my life. I lost quite a lot of weight before I found the no starch diet. After starting the diet I lost another six kg but have since put on four of those. So only two kg of my total weight loss can be attributed to the nsd, and the rest to the disease itself. I can't say I understand the mechanism, but gut inflammation may play a role....

If you do have AS, it is highly likely that your gut is inflamed, even if you're not showing any symptoms.
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Re: Can AS cause weight loss? - 12/23/18 05:29 PM

Thanks so much for your responses! It seemed like I slowly began to lose weight even before I had any symptoms that suggest AS. I was to maintain my muscle but lost every ounce of fat. That's sounds wonderful but I am generally thin and there seems to be no fat tissue between my bones and skin. I did test positive for SIBO but have no symptoms.
SIBO can cause weight loss so I would presume that would be the culprit. Would love to hear any other stories or theories. Thanks guys!
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Re: Can AS cause weight loss? - 01/13/19 11:52 PM

When I was getting the first more serious symptoms coming on (early on came the PF and this lasted about 4-5 yrs), the weight started dropping off me to the point that coworkers asked me if I was sick. Granted, I needed to lose 40 pounds to get back to my college weight of 30 yrs previous, but to drop 20 pounds of it in a year without trying was a little bit alarming. Now 10 yrs later, through better eating, I've lost the rest of that weight and maintained the loss. Now I realized that for me, this was a sign of much inflammation. Disease process is under fairly good control now. I don't think the weight loss is universal, by any means, but some do have it. Hope you can learn your own signs of inflammation and ways to combat it. (I don't do any special diet, just make sure I keep the servings reasonable and get all the fiber I need.)