Did alternative treatment...now I’m paying for it

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Did alternative treatment...now I’m paying for it - 08/10/18 08:44 PM

I decided to have my chiropractor work on my lower back. He has been able to help me with some shoulder issues I was have so when I began having bad SI pain I allowed him to treat it. Unfortunately I am now in severe pain and have been for days. He used the activator all along the tender areas around my SI joint. With each press the pain was horrible but I thought it would help. No I cannot seem to get things to calm down. My SI joint is flaring the pain radiates into both sides of my butt as well as both sides of my pelvis. I have tried flexeril, gabapentin, epsom salt baths, aleve and nothing is helping....
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Re: Did alternative treatment...now I’m paying for it - 08/11/18 03:19 AM

Seeing a chiropractor about your A.S. can be in some circumstances not just useless but positively dangerous. If you spine has fuzed then it may well be better left as it is. Break the fuzion and it can lead to all sort of problems. A fuzed spine may well be less painful then one where the fuzion has been broken. A good chiropractor should know enough about A.S. not to risk breaking a fuzion. In fact many chiropractors will not treat A.S. patients because of such problems. Unfortunately some are more interested in your money than in your state of health. A good chiropractor will at least tell you of the risks beforehand and then discuss with you what is best in your case.
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Re: Did alternative treatment...now I’m paying for it - 08/11/18 07:03 AM

I'm so sorry that happened. My husband's neck was broken by a chiropractor 22 years ago and he required emergency surgery. He's a whole inch shorter now. The surgeon told him that it's a fairly common occurrence. Needless to say, nobody in our family goes to chiropractors anymore.
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Re: Did alternative treatment...now I’m paying for it - 08/11/18 08:05 AM

Lulu - sorry to learn of your sorry outcome via a chiropractor's manipulations...we always say to stay well clear of them !

Your best way forward, is ice, ice and more ice. IOW, criotherapy. Your back is inflamed. Needs calming down, so use cold therapy. One cheap way is to wring out a small towel in cold water, put it in a plastic bag, and then put in the freezer. A towel is malleable, freezes fairly quickly. Keep a couple of towels going. Remember, 15 mins at a time and to put a thin item between your back and the frozen towel, this to protect the skin.
Another cold method is to partially fill a hot water bottle with cold water, place in a plastic bag and then in the freezer. Works a treat, especially good to use whilst driving. Amazing response.

My fab AS / spinal physio specialist gave me these tip. Also good for shoulders, but not to use on the cervicals.

Take care -
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Re: Did alternative treatment...now I’m paying for it - 08/11/18 02:52 PM

Thanks so much ! Unfortunately I feel like I’ve tried everything to calm it down and nothing seems to touch it. I’m worried about how long this will continue....
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Re: Did alternative treatment...now I’m paying for it - 08/11/18 05:11 PM

Lulu - what is the time frame ? You might hoping for too much too soon ? Your spine has taken a pounding, it will take a time to recover. You need to see your rheumatologist for direction in this. Might also need an MRI, Sagittal, STIR, T-1, T2, fat suppression, etc etc. Will show inflammation, oedaema - no need for contrast - steer well away from contrast... :-
Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) of the Brain and Spine: Basics ... able to visualize anatomy in all three planes: axial, sagittal and coronal (see the example ... The most common MRI sequences are T1-weighted and T2-weighted scans.

Really do need to get the visuals in order to see what is going on.

This can be resolved - time, care, effective care. Courage -
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Re: Did alternative treatment...now I’m paying for it - 08/11/18 07:50 PM

Oh! I forgot to say that when I'm injured the thing that helps the most is to get (gently) into the deep end of the pool and dangle on a foam noodle. I don't kick or swim when I'm hurt, just hang there and talk to other people. After a while - sometimes a few days of doing that - I get my mobility back.
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Re: Did alternative treatment...now I’m paying for it - 08/13/18 12:38 PM

lulu 12
Hi. I have had a tremendous amout of pain in my sacroliac, hip,lower back and butt. It happens to me me about every 3 years, at this level. And can lst for wo months Which destroys the quality of life drasticially. Like you I have tried many things. My chiro. was excelent years ago.... but sometimes I think we have to let it settle down??????
I am trying to put in a basement bath and heated tub, and I walk down the isle to be married (public exhcnage of vows)! I am embarrassed in how much I limp...
When nothing seems to help, I do rest at times. But I also go ahead with what ever I can, almost in tears becaue of this pain. But sitting, laying all day, can make it worrse.
When shopping, I lean on a cart andit does help!

I wish you and all other victims the best. We are a society of strong people because we fight the demon until we have done all we can, using intelligence, zelf control, love and faith as our resources! I have choosen to be stronger because of A.S.

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Re: Did alternative treatment...now I’m paying for it - 08/14/18 04:14 AM

Oh Lon - so sorry to hear of this flare - now do you think it could be due to your trundling bath tubs around the place, not to mention a hot tub to boot ! I mean, man, just be careful over there. Do yourself an injury - unless of course, you are trying to keep your reputation on the up smile Please be careful, don't want you in a plaster cast or summat like no

Well, you ole dark horse, getting married. Congrats. That is fab news. So happy for you, and if you have a bit of a limp down the isle, no matter. No one will notice and your lovely lady will be just as happy on your special day.

Go well Lon, please *take care* - love and bless to you and to your bride - we want a pic, OK ?

Molly C - Keeping on, Keeping on, as we all do, innit !
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Re: Did alternative treatment...now I’m paying for it - 10/08/18 12:20 PM

Hello Lulu,

Hope you are doing better. Was chiropractor aware you have AS and did they have x-rays to review prior to working on you?

I would be very hesitant to see chiropractor for my AS, as others pointed out can cause more damage.

At times I have had muscle issues in back related to AS or overdoing it and have had some massages done, but make them aware of my AS condition and I have found they can help the issues I was having.

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Re: Did alternative treatment...now I’m paying for it - 10/10/18 11:05 PM

Chiropractors are hit and miss. Some good ones and some bad ones. Even the good ones make a mistake.

I found an aggressive one (first one I tried) 25 years ago and I've had a neck problem since. It is one of life's regrets. I've also had more good experience than bad. In fact I had only that one terrible and long lasting bad experience. All others are either no effect or a positive one that lasts for months.

I bet that bad chiropractor I had is very good now. He still practices and advertises a "gentle approach." I guess he hurt a few people in the beginning.

Exercise is my best medicine