Baker cyst

Posted by: Oncearunner

Baker cyst - 04/02/15 08:06 AM

HI All
I have been having unrelenting posterior knee pain lately and my MD thinks it is a Baker's Cyst - anyone had one and what did you do for treatment ? Thus far cortisone shots have been offered....I am waiting for an MRI.
Also I am looking for another pain medication - non narcotic ( I am on LDN ) and non NSAID ( had near miss with kidney failure ) Rheumy suggests Lyrica but worried about my kidneys !
Thanks all and Happy Easter Weekend !
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Re: Baker cyst - 04/04/15 05:25 AM

My wife had a large Baker Cyst for over 10 years. The lump behind the knee gave her little problem. Last summer while visiting our son she was running across his lawn, early morning darkness, in a rain storm and tripped over a sprinkler head that had not retracted. The result was a big bump on knee, scraped shin, and sore ribs but the baker cyst broke from the impact and drained. Result no more Baker Cyst.
Posted by: Oncearunner

Re: Baker cyst - 05/15/15 09:49 AM

Hmm not sure I am brave enough to try to rupture it ....did your wife's baker cyst ever come back ? Doc ordered an MRI anyway as she is not certain that is what it is ....
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Re: Baker cyst - 05/15/15 10:40 AM

Has not come back-- Dr told her what it was- the Cyst had been there for many years. I don't recommend breaking it the way hers was broken. The Cyst going away was the only good side effect of the fall. Traded a lump on the back of her Knee for a bump and bruise on the front of the knee. The damage to her knee has now healed.
Posted by: SimonPaul

Re: Baker cyst - 03/30/20 08:41 PM

I have had two baker's cyst for over a year now - one in each knee - variable in sizes, and at times very painful. A surgeon confirmed that the knees had no damage and that ligaments were fine, other than AS there does not seem to be any possible explanation for the problem. When one ruptured and I could barely walk for a few days - and after a few weeks the cyst built up again. As seen on Youtube videos some are fighting the cyst with cold patches and compression. I have experimented with knee stockings - but with mixed results so far. Anyone here having a similar problem ? Thanks.