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NSD and diet-related;
Jump to new posts Re: No/Low Starch Diet Success Stories by jay_bharat @ Yesterday at 06:39 AM

Hi John, I am going to extend Borage oil for another three days. I could not get fresh wheatgrass juice, hence I went for powder. This deliberating disease really makes one to toil to get the relief. I really admire those who are succes
#1 AS Web Support Group
Jump to new posts Kik public group by becca @ 03/26/17 11:22 AM

Hey, I haven't been on here for literally forever. Just wanted to share that I started an AS group on kik. ASwarriors. If anyone is interested, come join. I don't have access to a computer most the time, so forums like this are hard for me to use and
#1 AS Web Support Group
Sporting ASKickers
Jump to new posts Re: "FITNESS" TEAM! - All Physical Activity & Sports by Frederick @ 03/26/17 04:34 AM

[quote=EricaK I've been canvassing for a friend who's running for city council. [/quote] Interested to hear that your friend is running for City Council as my daughter is at present running for our local County Council. Still I suppose the syste
#1 AS Web Support Group
Jump to new posts Re: Sulfasalazine...going retro? by DragonSlayer @ 03/24/17 07:59 PM

Thank You, Jeff: I am always grateful for positive feedback! Quote:What do you think about long term use of borage oil at that quantity? Even in the larger amounts, I doubt it would be a problem but I have never used it for very long, personally
#1 AS Web Support Group
Jump to new posts Re: Astonishing- an old paper about HLA-B27 by MollyC1i @ 03/23/17 01:44 PM

Very interesting KA - good unearth / find -
#1 AS Web Support Group
Several years ago mine was 17 after six months taking vit D it went up to 55- since has been fine.
NSD and diet-related;
Jump to new posts Re: Frustrating relapse - any advice? by DragonSlayer @ 03/21/17 11:29 PM

Hello, Exacta: Yoghurt is one of the offenders and should be eaten to help heal the gut, but not very much should be eaten. I used to consume half a serving (2 ounces) in a day, maximum. That seemed to help avoid the flare, and along with suppleme
#1 AS Web Support Group
Jump to new posts Re: I'm back.... And Blah by Leanne @ 03/21/17 06:59 PM

Thank you!
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03/18/17 02:53 PM
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