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Sporting ASKickers
Jump to new posts Re: "FITNESS" TEAM! - All Physical Activity & Sports by EricaK @ Yesterday at 08:10 AM

AS is so weird. Yesterday I walked 3.7 miles and this morning I feel great. Sometimes I walk two blocks and need to come home and lie down. Thankful for a few days like yesterday and today!
Friends and Family Support Group
Jump to new posts Re: I created an optimistic AS You Tube channel by EricaK @ Yesterday at 07:24 AM

Wonderful thank you!!! Love it!
Helpful Tips
Jump to new posts Re: As Patient You Tube Channel- brand new. all welco by EricaK @ Yesterday at 07:22 AM

Fun channel. Thanks!
#1 RA Web Support Group
Jump to new posts Re: juvenile idiopathic arthritis Enthesitis-related by EricaK @ Yesterday at 07:19 AM

I'm sorry to hear your child is suffering. I was diagnosed with JRA (now called JIA) as a child with identical symptoms as your child. Now I have RA & AS and several SLE markers. What helped me most as a child was being in deep water for at least
#1 AS Web Support Group
While Crohns is more common, inflammatory bowel diseases in general go with AS. That would include ulcerative colitis. I'd say they feel your case is chronic. The have found no kleb.p. connection in my case. Warm hugs,
#1 AS Web Support Group
Jump to new posts Re: How many of us had / have covid? by Inanna @ 09/26/20 01:56 AM

We've managed to avoid it so far. Our dog groomer had it very early on. A friend of ours has lost 12 people. My niece is a PSW in a care home. There was one case there. A staff member who didn't know he was sick yet gave it to one of the patients.
#1 AS Web Support Group
Jump to new posts Re: New member sign up and donations by DragonSlayer @ 09/22/20 12:43 PM

Regret the delay in getting back to You, Selma: We have 20 people in our registration queue who do not check out; either their email is wrong or their url is flagged. On an individual basis, I can approve them and in fact this goes with every perso
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