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NSD and diet-related;
Jump to new posts Re: Unsure what constitutes Low Starch by L33 @ Today at 02:42 PM

Almost forgot what was your pain levels before and after doing NSD....??
Greetings Duncan You are doing a good service to All of us here at KickAS.... I say so because I never before heard of devices which could reverse calsification. From my experiences I believe any thing is possible. I do especially beleive in the pow
#1 AS Web Support Group
My apologies - I just noticed that I duplicated the link for AGMD physicians instead of including the link that I intended. Gastric emptying scans are OFTEN performed outside of the standard recommended
Jump to new posts Re: Free Kindle e-book : A.S The Cure by Robin_H @ Today at 12:15 AM

My "take away" from this photon therapy study is that I need to play in the sunlight a few times a week. In fact, I do notice an improvement when I go for a walk at noon time around the part that surround a lake and I play Jimi Hendrix, Ki
#1 AS Web Support Group
Jump to new posts Re: Fiction authors here? by mulehound @ Yesterday at 10:44 PM

Very good. Your blogs cover a lot of things that are part of the world i live in. Active shooter drills are one. They are intense and overwhelming in many ways, yet the demand that we do them is unrelenting. I remember the fear of dying from a nuclea
#1 AS Web Support Group
Jump to new posts Re: Goldberg Clinic by Robin_H @ Yesterday at 09:03 AM

Frederick, religious groups in China aren't getting in the way of medical research either.
Friends and Family Support Group
Jump to new posts Re: Asking for a friend in the middle east. by Frederick @ Yesterday at 05:55 AM

Originally Posted By abdullahnaeem This is coupled with the fact that I am constantly in manageable pain. Start complaining when your pain becomes unmanageable as manageable is not so bad.
NSD and diet-related;
Jump to new posts Colostrum for gut healing & immune sys regulation by Robin_H @ 04/24/18 10:24 AM

Colostrum contains: antibodiespeptides that act as signalling molecules that balance the TH1 and TH2 branches of the immune systemand many types of growth factors most useful for the gut.I ordered some from New Zealand. I hope it is comparable to me
Jump to new posts Re: How I cured my AS by Duncan @ 04/24/18 02:32 AM

Good news - The High frequency high voltage carrier wave and Phanotron driver have arrived in the country. along with the Phanotron itself . Birmingham seems a long way away - but Its a lot closer than China and at least the box has finally arrived
NSD and diet-related;
Jump to new posts Re: The "fix your gut" protocol by Robin_H @ 04/23/18 05:14 AM

It looks good to me. If you were to select the three most critical components what would they be? I have been looking into colostrum: it has antimicrobial and growth factors I am interested in.
#1 RA Web Support Group
Jump to new posts Re: The Paddison Program for R.A by L33 @ 04/22/18 01:59 PM

Hi All, the above link does not work any more please send me a personal message with your email address and I will e- mail The Paddison program e- book to you....
#1 AS Web Support Group
Jump to new posts Re: anti-depressants to reduce AS symptoms? by Robin_H @ 04/22/18 11:01 AM

When I was first diagnosed with "fibromyalgia" about 25 years ago I was prescribed low dose amitriptyline at 5 mg. It lost its effect and went to 10 mg, then 20 mg the 30 gm. Then I threw it out. Frankly, coffee and exercise makes me fee
#1 AS Web Support Group
I concur with Dragonslayer. I have recently developed symptoms of Sjorgens too. I'm not happy about it. I want to believe I have some other medical disease other than AS, like Lyme since it seems more treatable. But still, Sjorgens isn't unique t
#1 AS Web Support Group
Jump to new posts Re: Vitamin K2 helps Leaky Gut by Robin_H @ 04/22/18 10:51 AM

Yes, I notice a reduction in sacrum pain and other body pains not too long after "evacuating." Stay regular! In another thread I mentioned how I had gut and back pain suddenly grow together VERY FAST. I quickly drank some water to allevi
Anti TNF and other biological medications
Jump to new posts Re: COSENTYX? by rumble @ 04/22/18 12:35 AM

Update to my post above....after speaking with rheumy about the constipation side-effect, he wanted me to take a 3 month break from the Cosentyx and then reevaluate. He was a little incredulous that a med could cause first diarrhea, then constipatio
#1 AS Web Support Group
Jump to new posts Re: Eye Pain, but not inflammatory uveitis by rumble @ 04/22/18 12:11 AM

Never have had uveitis and have no other eye disorders, but a different type of dry eye--eye doc says it's blepharitis which she says irritates like dry eye but has different mechanism. Have to keep the eyelash bases clean so the little Meibomian g
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