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#1 AS Web Support Group
Jump to new posts Re: Where did all the AS kickers go? :) by MollyC1i @ Yesterday at 05:41 PM

Orch good to see you though sorry to learn that yr son has a recent diagnosis for AS. Darn this disease. At least he has you to guide him. Oddly, you were right on the ball - was about to ask about any spondys with a + Dx of MS! I threw a major
Helpful Tips
Jump to new posts Re: Stewed Apples daily for gut health by gypsy @ 10/14/19 05:38 PM

I just whipped up a batch and they are in the freezer now. I couldn't find Bramley, so I used Granny Smith. Will let you know if I feel any difference D.
#1 AS Web Support Group
Jump to new posts Re: Just checking in,.. by gypsy @ 10/14/19 05:34 PM

Hello ! I've stepped back into the forum because I want to get back on the No Starch Diet. I was good for a few years but age and laziness have my health, .. not so good. I've tried a few diets and a few Protocols but I've just decided to come back
NSD and diet-related;
Jump to new posts Re: non-grain flours by mulehound @ 10/12/19 08:17 PM

May not work for you but I have found I can use einkorn flour. This is once in a while would have been a no go years ago but is ok now. ETTE Darr
Jump to new posts Re: A silver bullet for an unwanted guest ? A.S by Duncan @ 10/09/19 08:59 PM

The answers there Jon - I'm sure if you go at it with the same attitude - It'll jump out and punch you on the nose.Its a rough ride for a few weeks but the fact that your effecting and wrestling control from AS is en-powering - best wishes and good l
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