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NSD and diet-related;
Jump to new posts Re: ITS NOT WHAT YOU EAT, ITS WHAT YOU DON'T EAT! by ValsMum @ Today at 10:35 AM

Robin, I read the post above and the diet you had success with sounds like the one I am doing now. I am trying REALLY hard not to fudge and cheat. I had ice cream, like an idiot the other day and paid big time for it the next day. The best I feel is
#1 AS Web Support Group
The herx reaction, it might be real for syphillus patients, but when I eat a food such as wheat and it causes pain the next day , it feels the same as when I take antibiotics.The antibiotics hate me, cause my joints to flare up and swell. I kept try
Jump to new posts Re: I'm having surgery in 7 weeks..... by AnitaC @ Today at 12:35 AM

Bless you Anthony! What an amazing journey you are on!
#1 AS Web Support Group
Jump to new posts Re: Sport related Flare by drone3 @ Yesterday at 11:47 PM

Just an update, I had the fluid drained out of my knee and the Dr gave me a steroid injection. Each day my knee became better and better until i no longer needed crutches. After two days of no crutches the swelling, fluid build up and pain started to
Technical Support
Jump to new posts Re: Searching posts more than 2 years by jay_bharat @ 11/20/17 11:39 PM

Hi mig, Thank you. I have checked. It indeed lists all the posts for all dates. But it does not allow searching for any key word. Allowing searching for any key word will be of use and will save time. Is that possible to incorporate such a search
#1 AS Web Support Group
Jump to new posts Re: connecting tissue disorder by jay_bharat @ 11/20/17 11:33 PM

Hi Janclebro, It appears consulting functional medicine practitioner may be a better decision. I could not get from your post whether AS was confirmed or not. I understand diet will help mainly AS and RA. What is your present condition with r
NSD and diet-related;
I was really excited to try sticky rice but once i tried it, I can definitely say that it effected my gut really badly (extreme gas/bloating). The weird thing is that i have no digestion problems with regular white rice, however the starch in white r
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