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Jump to new posts Re: Radon Therapy Czech Republic by Luigi @ Today at 09:13 AM

The amount of radiation one gets from a 3-week treatment in Jachymov is equivalent to one chest x-ray. It's not the same thing as living in a house with radon where you're living in it and breathing it 12+ hours every day for years and years... tha
#1 AS Web Support Group
Jump to new posts Re: Lon, are you ok? by Lon @ Today at 07:47 AM

Thanks for the concern and for the prayers! You guys are the best! I will live on! I intend to draft a note concerning swallowing and contracting pneumonia! Love you guys! Lon
Anti TNF and other biological medications
Jump to new posts Re: Tried Humira and Remicade and no what by jay_bharat @ Yesterday at 11:19 PM

Hi, Whether the loading dose of 0,1,2,3,4 for cosentyx is required for who were on remicade, humira etc., Whether methotrexate to be taken while on cosentyx. Jay
#1 AS Web Support Group
Jump to new posts Re: Has anyone here had C. diff? by rumble @ 07/21/17 11:44 PM

Looks like this coming Monday is your big day. Enjoy! I've never had it and never knew anyone that had it, though I've worked in a lab for years, plus dealt with the samples that would become the target for a C-diff test. (If ever there was a sa
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07/16/17 02:26 PM
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07/16/17 07:04 AM
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07/12/17 03:46 PM
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07/10/17 03:48 PM
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by rumble
07/09/17 02:05 AM
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