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NSD and diet-related;
Jump to new posts Re: Candida albicans by Janclebro @ Today at 03:15 AM

Hi Rayd, I too have very much felt that candida has played a significant role in my illness, though I'm not sure how. It definitely seems to have been a part of my major flares. I don't know much about such things, but I imagine it has to do with the
NSD and diet-related;
Jump to new posts Re: NSD - Mood swings, irritability, short temper by Robin_H @ Today at 12:31 AM

Drone3: Disregard my suggestion about more fat and protein. Your diet looks very rich. I have not read the whole thread but maybe a supplement might help??? I hope you found a solution already Kevin
NSD and diet-related;
Jump to new posts Re: Early stage AS? by Robin_H @ Today at 12:00 AM

Hello Kiisu! Joint complaints, brain fog, tendon problems, back pain, mild burning all over and gut complaints were all my complaints 25 years ago. It took 20 years from that time on to develop clear AS symptoms. But as of two years ago I still ha
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